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Dear Lightworkers!

I'm excited today to have been inspired to share some of my knowledge on connecting with your higher self.
We ALL have guides but, THE REAL YOU (or THE REAL ME, what I call my higher self) knows your past history best and will help you solve any problem, help inspire you, help you find what you seek, be the light on your path and so much more!

I would like to keep this simple so that everyone can understand these simple daily things that can be done to live a much more fulfilling NOW!

1. Meditating. Meditation have been practised for thousands of years for a reason. It has been proven to increase your life span, improve your immune system, improve your clarity of thought and calm your nervous system. This is a very important daily habit to get into. Even 3 minutes of meditation can be beneficial. Try to meditate twice a day for about 15-30mins. I usually just meditate until I feel cleared and full of light, which normally takes me 20mins. If you want to go even further, I suggest learning about chakra clearing.

2. Healthy Lifestyle. Having a healthy body is SO important if you want to establish a good mind/body/spirit connection. Your spirit is alreay pure but your body can become tainted(for lack of a better word). You MUST try in everyway you can everyday to make healthy choices when choosing what to eat. Instead of buying a pop, pour a glass of water! Also do not whatever you do smoke ciggarettes. They are more harmful for your now than most realize. They block all of your chakras and mess with the chemicals in your brain. Upon quiting smoking this year, I have literally become 10x more psychic and feel THE REAL ME by my side 24/7. Obviously do not do drugs or drink alcohol. Yep thats right, no alcohol either. Included in this category is exercise as well. I don't suggest going to a gym or anything like that but just to use you entire body to PLAY at least once a day for 30mins or more. It could be running outside with your dogs, playing soccer with your kids. I normally go swimming, I just LOVE being in water.

3. Being Present. This is much easier said than done. For those who live in their heads most of the time, it can be hard to bring yourself back into the moment, if your one of those people, MEDITATE! it will help. A good way to bring yourself into the moment is to focus on your breath. If you are replaying an episode in your mind that happened yesterday, you aren't living in the moment. You must let go of your worries and anything that is not positively impacting your present state of being. PAY ATTENTION to everything, higher dimensional beings use the subtle energies to communicate.

4. Gratitude. Without THE REAL YOU, there would be no moments of joy and laughter. Make a point a least once a day to list things you are grateful for. And FEEL how good it feels to be grateful. Send love to all of your guides whether you channel them or not, as they are always looking for ways to help you. Sometimes you may speak to your guides and you may not hear a reply right away but later realize that they responding perfectly to what you had asked in a different way than you were expecting.

The most important thing to remember is for you to do what feels right for you! If you feel like staying in and watching a funny show, that is fine! but just make sure that in any given moment, you are exercising your free will and CHOOOSING what THE REAL YOU knows is best. If you look at that burger and think 'it looks tasty but it will make me sick later' then choose what is best, which is to skip the burger. If you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts, bring your attention to your breath. If you think about how much your husband/wife does for you, go tell them how grateful you are for having them in your life.

We hear these things on my list often but dismiss such simple things as not working.
Well my friend, they really do, studies show this.
Just try a little bit everyday, and see how your world changes.

I am a starseed and I definitely suggest that if you are a starseed that you follow these simple steps as well! You will be VERY surprised at what you can accomplish or discover! such as no longer needing caller ID because you already know who is calling! and randomly predicting events in your day as well as others thoughts! :)

Please message me if you have any questions!! I'm always happy to talk and help.

Love and Light