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I've had some time to sit back and reflect recently. For the most part I've thought about past events. My life, people who I've known that have passed away. Family that fought in the World Wars. My own life and what few experiences I've had. I find myself alot like I was as a kid lately. I look up at the moon each morning thinking... "Mmm, you're a territory now. Aren't you?" It's like looking across a body of water and thinking, "That little green speck... that's Japan over there." Except I'm looking at the moon, and it's a territory. Maybe it always was though? I can't seem to think of a time when it wasn't. Then my thoughts wonder on into that vague zone of pondering the question, "Who's territory?"

A few years ago I was walking along a hiking trail near dusk. Strangely enough, I wasn't alone. I found this very strange because as I was a good mile from anywhere. Still more, the person I was looking at had to be a child. I went to approach them, to ask where their parents where and supply help if I could only to realize when I got closer this was an adult. A very small adult. Let's just say, I'm convinced we're not alone on this planet. We never have been. The moon's a territory and so is everything else out there.

Now, ask yourselves this question. "What animal on the planet is the only animal with no sense to hide itself?" If you come around to the answer "humans" you'd be correct. Every other creature on this rock has the sense to keep its head down. Even the ETs or what have you are pretty illusive. There's an old saying Japanese death poem I really like, "The tallest tree is the first to meet the axe." Never under estimate the inherent cruelty of the universe.

We live on a planet with a population of nearly 7 Billion people. We've been chattering like a bunch of primates up into the stars ever since we discovered we could. And, some people had the sense not that long ago to think maybe that isn't the best idea in the world. If nature is any example about the fairness and decency of the rest of the universe, then rest assured democracy and inalienable rights might just be a very innocence fancy best secured by persistent defensive innovation. Contact didn't work out very well for the Native Americans when they met our oh so noble ancestors.

All that said, here we are. The United States has a government which is utterly removed from troubles of economic disaster. So it is also safe from environmental disaster. The Europeans are embracing tolerance for Islam about as fast as legality can 'democratically' piss away a thousand years of socio-cultural progress out of such barbarity. And China rush embrace a technological dark age along with the rest of the world.

We have every ability to produce limitless fuel, vehicles which have 'anti-gravity' and the rest of the wonders we were thinking about by 1890 but since then haven't just gone to the shelf, they've gone to the sledge hammer.

I'm not sure where anyone is getting their information about the "illuminati" falling apart but if they have it's only because whoever has replaced them is more efficient at what they were doing. If the wonderful power elite of this fair world were really crashing to their knees then we would know who shot shot who, we'd know why some buildings fell down and from whom our daughters have to hide in our homes because they have a price tag on their heads equal to their age and virginity-status (add several zeros at the right of those numbers arbitrarily to get an idea). This planet isn't merely sick, this whole universe is. It's utterly vicious, appalling, and words like evil don't even come close to describing everything.

The only way to overcome the decline into being the possession of another is to exert free will toward the protection of just that while securing the sovereignty of each and every single person. Short of just such a continuous, relentless, sustained action we are NOT in any way a race that is itself liberated. Nor are we approaching it. In such a state, even if the Illuminati does fall or some organization like it, the energies, intentions, and ideologies that construct such a condition will nevertheless persist.

As to the point of UFO contact, help from 'others' etc... What sort of help exactly? A great flood? Maybe some critic warnings about a grave disaster in the near future? Maybe it's for hints at who controls what in the politic power structures? Honestly... I'm disappointed. If this is the best 'they' are willing to do then you can accept that they really don't give a d*mn. That or they so completely do not understand human needs and motivations that their entire approach is at best a casual sort of cough on occasion. When they aren't distracted. Comfort yourselves how you like with your feelings about the benevolence of the ET, but let me make this point abundantly clear. If you have the ability to swoop in before a disaster and save 15,000 people but instead sit by doing nothing... well. I can say what I like here. You be the judge.

I'm also saying this because I'd like point out that this kind of activity isn't leading to anything more than we have seen in the past. Some people have enough sense to think that the whole story behind the monotheistic faiths is just alien manipulation. For them, I have to give a nod. For the larger mass of humanity, I begin to think this race is one giant failed experiment which is utterly amusing to some power(s) that has the luxury of time to be amused by whatever it is about us that is so fulfilling. We are, otherwise, to be kept.

Simple experience can give you all that you need to understand just how little progress we are making. "Be deliberate, ...for five minutes. Fifteen. Twenty... your life." Did you succeed? You're still trapped. Take a moment to let that sink in.

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