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Hi Everyone,
I'm new here, but have had my account for sometime.. Before I get started I'd like to send LOVE & LIGHT to all! ~Namaste

I decided tonight to write my first entry ever about guidance & understanding..being that I'm feeling overwhelmed lately! I'd pefer if I was in the position to be offering guidance but here I am seeking it..

First, I'll introduce myself as birth name but I have this strong connection to 'mystical' so I've used it as a user name on myspace & other sites. However, it's not because 'I' think 'I'm' mystical but more because of the perception I have. About me: I'm 35, 3 children & married. Everything is spiritual to me..I think it always has been. As a child, I was different..I could levitate! lol Seriously, I remember doing it..I didn't know how but I did it! That's not something I tell every soul I I had & still have the ability to know things beforehand or without knowing how.. I have strong connections to certain people so that I feel like I experience their life if that makes sense? Today, I'm a very busy & confused woman.. I love working with crystals, I am attuned to reiki, different kinds. I read books like it's fun! LOL it is!! ;-) I had people make suggestions that you eventually stop reading & that is not the case with me..not yet! And..I'm one of the 11:11 'STARSEEDS' I suppose, I see numbers daily! I use the angel numbers as a reference, but I feel like something is missing? I also communicate with angels, and my life has transformed a lot! I'm grateful!

I do feel like things just unfold as I go and I'm not sure if I'm just being impatient but lately I've been feeling confused. I homeschool my daughter so I'm very busy & I have 2 boys in public schools.. I'm just not making the best of my time I suppose!

Am I the only one feeling this way? Probably not but that's why I'm writing this.. I know I am a starseed, but I feel like I'm doing something I'm missing something concerning my guidance. Like today I was suppose to meditate & I completely was so scattered today that I let it slip by and I cannot help but feel like I let myself down..

My spiritual work which is just spreading love & light to others feels like I'm stuck! I'm hoping & I do have faith that this journey will unfold as it should.. However, I done things lately that I don't understand & maybe I'm not suppose to but maybe others can relate..?

For instance..a certain crystal appeared to me & I KNEW I had to purchase one to work with which was sugilite which I know nothing about..besides the little I've read online. I do believe whatever the purpose will manifest even if it's behind the scenes. Another thing was intuitively, I was guided by the angels to use crystals in another way which had to be done before September 15, 2012... I did what I was ask, I still don't know what all of this means.. Does anyone else do things like this? I hope so!

I guess I'm just hoping for some guidance & reassurance that this will pass & others go through this as well.. Also, anyone have any ideas why my 3rd eye has so much pressure sometimes and none at other times?

What about starseed activations? Do I NEED to do that? I've been learning about the Merkaba & feel an INTENSE connection to the teachings..

btw..everyone I'm in Louisiana, anyone in my location I'd love to meet kindred spirits!

I'm sorry for babbling, I feel like I'm searching for something here, in reading, and I'm confused right now...besides thinking to much! lol

I'd love to talk to some of you & maybe hear some of your stories.. <3

Sincerely, Ruthie