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Frixos Christodoulou


Male - 26
Athens -Greece

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Frixos Christodoulou is a spiritual coordinator and a Galactic Healer, who has a deeply personal and evolving relation, dating long back into time, with the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Council and the Angelic beings of light and infinity. His spiritual roots are anchored in the Angel's community and he holds the Diamond of Shamballa’s Light as well as the Angelic energies of Unconditional Love. It is through all this that he channels those powerful and rare Galactic healing energies into Angels House University workshops bringing in the energy of Unconditional Love enabling this way everyone to experience it. "His mission is to empower people" Frixos is a Human Angel and his work is unique, being one of the few with the ability and the knowledge to assist at this delicate ascension project. He attended many workshops of Spiritual Development and Seminars of Alternative Healing, in Greece, Cyprus and Abroad. In summer 2006 he started manifesting his work at Angels House University, that is when he joined forces with Paschalis, and ever since they have been working together to complete Angels House University mission. Paschalis is a part of the “first wave” of Indigo beings, whose work was to launch the process of transmutation which is what our planet goes through now. Frixos, on the other hand, belongs to the “second wave”. Their cooperation is exceptionally good because the project of Paschalis’ wave is to raise spiritual consciousness, while the project of Frixos’ wave is part of the empowerment of people. Therefore, being together within the Project, they form a perfect couple and bring people a powerful combination of energies.
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Hello dear friend,
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Hi, Welcome to this community and I hope you'll meet many beautiful souls.
Enjoy your stay and have fun.
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