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~~~~~~~~~~~~ OM ~ OM ~ OM ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome  Lightworker  Family ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OM ~ OM ~ OM ~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~Hi everyone.  Some fundamental truths to remember about Mantra  ~~ 

1.  Mantras are energy-based sounds.   Words used in conversation derive their power from the meaning they convey.

Mantra derives its power from the energy effect its sounds produce.   Pronouncing a mantra creates a particualr physical

vibration in the form of sound that in turn produces various "energetic effects" in the physical and subtle body.

2.  Mantras are also chakra-based sounds.  Each of the fifty letters in the Sanskrit alphabet corresponds to one of the

 fifty petals on chakras one through six, from the base of the spine to the brow.  Sanskrit mantra vibrates to the letters

in the words of the mantra, which energizes the petal, and attracts ambient spiritual energy in the atmosphere to the person

pronouncing the mantra.  In this way, mantra affects both our physical bodies and our spiritual consciousness.  We literally

grow, in spirit and in flesh.

3.  Mantra - combined with intention - increases physical and spiritual benefits.  When we combine the physical energy of

mantra, the sound vibration, with the mental energy of intention and attention, we increase, strengthen, and direct the

energetic effect of mantra.  Intention, the reason we are saying the mantra, is carried on the physical vibration, producing an

effect.  This is the essence of Sanskrit mantra.

4.  Mantra energizes prana.  Prana is our basic form of life energy that is capable of being transferred between individuals.

Some healers operate through a conscious transfer of prana;  a skilled massage therapist, for example, can often transfer

prana with beneficial effect.  Self-healing is also possible by concentrating prana in specific organs.  When we pronounce a

particular mantra while visualizing an internal organ bathed in light, the power of the mantra can become concentrated in

that organ with great beneficial effect.  The act of visualization, in this instance, works as intent, focusing and directing

the energy produced by the mantra.

~~~~~~~~~~~  The Celestial  Physician  ~~  in Vedic records there are detailed histories of shamans and medicine people.

One such healer in the Hindu tradition was called DHANVANTRE, "the celestial physician."  His mantra is used to find a path

to the appropriate healing method for any health problem.

~~~~~~~~~~~  OM  SRI  DHANVANTRE  NAMAHA  ~~  pronounced:  Om  Shree  Don-Von-Trey  Nahm-Ah-Ha.

In traditional households in southern India, women chant this mantra as they prepare food to infuse it with the powerful healing

vibrations that ward off disease.  You can chant this mantra while concentrating upon any condition that you would like remedied

or healed.   Remember that healing may be achieved according to traditional medicine, or through some other means altogether.

Be open-minded and do not hold expectations of how the healing will occur.

~~~~~~~~That is all for today.    Shared with infinite love for all, Tara. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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