"Anthony, Remember Our Primary Objective IS LOVE" Guided Quote from Master Dang's Spirit the day after his Passing over .
Male - 54
Ruidoso, -USA

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"The Only Prayer that men need to send to the Father"
Ventrilo Event Recoding 1-11-11 with George K.
Wikipedias definition of Unconditional Love

Human Universal Energy Practitioner for the Past 11 years. I am My Daughter's Father since her Birth. When I was introduced to Dr. Prof. Sir Master Luong Minh Dang, Creator of MEL Healing School in 1998. I knew My Life was on a True Path of Wisdom and Enlightenment that I was created to be on. When I first met Master Dang, I attended the Level 3 100% Chakra Opening by Master Dang. As I sat in the back of this Huge banquet room with more than 1000 student's (all there for the same reason). After a short teaching by Master Dang; He proceeded to perform the 100% chakra opening. I was told to focus on Master's Minds Eye from other student's that had already taken the classes and were there to audit and be with Master Dang. As I did as I was told, this Huge banquet room was filled with Universal Energy. I noticed while focusing on Master's Minds Eye, all the students and workers (being that I was way in the back)had bright white aura's around them. I knew then, my life would never be the same. I AM So Grateful For Hearing Divine Source that led me then and NOW, leading My Soul On a Path of Unconditional Love for Divine Mother Earth and Humanity.
Spiritual Path

Human Universal Energy Practitioner/Teacher, One who request that my minds eye be open so i may be able to know Divine Source's Spiritual Wisdom so I may assist Divines Children on there Spiritual Path

I Am That I Am, Created in His/Her Image..discovering that I Am That I Am in God Design, Creator of my own experience's, the man with his hand's on my own steering wheel. Relaxing into the Allowing of My Well Being and Relaxing into the Allowing of Letting IT BE. Expecting to Feel the Love. Expecting to Feel the Joy. Expecting to Feel the Abundance. Walking in My knowing; that Everything is in Divine and Perfect Order RIGHT NOW.

Before Birth, is what I have been told. I had many year's of coming to the understanding that I Am That I Am! in my NOW, so it Is...lol..My Spiritual Growth has been ongoing and will continue for lives to come until the Divine OR Myself Tells My Soul "Enough already"!!! lol I do Love my Path. Namaste

I am interested in LOVE at it's Best. I am interested in Expecting to Feel this LOVE at it's Best, continually. I am interested in Being ONE with All Like Minded Brother's and Sister's and Divine Source. Also Love and Compassion for Divine Mother Earth!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/homeproject Good One...enjoy
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Hometown:Fort Worth
Star Sign:Virgo
Occupation:Human Universal Energy Practitioner/Teacher

Welcome! It is wonderful to be among billion's of Like Minded Soul's of Divine Creation. Join me along with hundreds in a Live Daily Global Meditation, so we all may again create our Heaven on Earth. Not that Heaven on Earth was ever gone; it's just time to reclaim it and restore it to the Divine Planned Beauty, Peace and Harmony that Divine Source Energy had/has intended it to BE.

I would love to invite you to attend a Daily Global Meditation at http://www.huesa.org/en/universal-energy-tv for the purpose to send Love and Compassion to Mother Earth and to relieve dis ease among All living Beings. Everybody is welcome to join this Meditation, from Anywhere on this planet. Expect to Feel the Love, Expect to Feel the Joy, Expect to Feel the Abundance, Expect to Feel the Peace, Expect to Feel the Healing and most importantly, Expect the Unexpected.
                                                                *************** Notice to ALL **************
Every Two (2) hours after the Daily Global Meditation a Ten minute (10) Mass Silent Meditation for Divine Mother Earth and All Living Beings.  ALL ARE WELCOME TO CONNECT. 
(example:for me in my time zone,  5am is when DGM is done, 7am is the Mass Silent Med. then again 9am and so on.)

"All began in love, all seeks to return in love. Love is the law, the teacher of wisdom, and the great revealer of mysteries."
— Starhawk

Thank-you so much! I really enjoyed reading your page, LOVE your interests part :-)!
I will definitely check out your meditations!
Lot's of love, light and happiness my friend!
Lucy x

Dear Anthony
You (& others keep popping on & off my friends list, not sure why except it's too big for
the space afforded it) offer some great wisdom, and I wanted to thank you for today's jewel in ACIM:
"You are the Creator of Your Experience"

I keep wanting to write something about Androgyny. You know I think it's a higher life form. lol
And I really, truly think it's what we're evolving into. I've been androgynous most of my life,
as have most of my many many first cousins [there are more than 70 of us]because we were raised
in a family where there were very few gender references...we all worked together, we all loved &
accepted one another and still do. It was only when I went out into the world that I found so many
men took offense to me. I learned that whatever came out of my mouth came from my male/female brain.
And only when it landed on someone who had gender definitions of what I should or shouldn't Be,
did I become aware there was a problem. It wasn't what I said. It was that a womanBeing said the
words, or delivered the information in an authoritarian way that seemed to offend, not the merit
in the meaning. Anyway, as you may well understand, it's been a struggle.

I am who I am. I feel like a 3rd species in my Androgyny, tho' I think it's a place of real Divinity.
So, I work on my delivery. I attribute my harshness to a mother who was meaner than a dragon lol, and
the fact that I read a book by Vince Lombardi on coaching when I needed to coach children in soccer
and I knew so little, so I consulted an expert. I realize I sometimes sound so Tough.

You are who you are. I admire your parenting, your daughter's words to us, saying you were the best
father anyone could ask for says it all. That task is the hardest job any of us could ever do, and
to recall that tribute from this beautiful young goddess...well, no higher praise can be heard in this
lifetime. Not in my book.

Celebrate yourself. That's what I try to do. May it be enough. Never mind the naysayers, they will always
be around. As Emmanuel told me, never dim your Light for any reason. For in the presence of those who
would diminish you, that is when you need to shine the Brightest. For they are the ones in need most
of your Light.

Love your kindness.

your friend,
the androgynous one lol

PS BE the sky--"no gender", it says as clouds walk over it, "have I."

Comment by healingnow4u
Namaste Sister, Thank You for your kind Soul.

much love and light to you

Comment by healingnow4u
Welcome and Thank You. I enjoyied your profile. Enjoy the Awakening. Namaste

Just open up.

Comment by healingnow4u
Namaste, congrats on becoming a "Aunty" lol

Hi Anthony, here is the meditation we did today that you enjoyed so much. To download it to your computer click on the downward arrow on the right. Namaste :D

Energy Body Revitalization - Chakra Healing Meditation by Dazza2

Comment by healingnow4u
Namaste...Thank You so much for the meditation... Sincerely Yours in Love, Light and Healing Happiness, Anthony

Hi Healing,
I just wanted to stop by and say hello.. I would also be interested in a Daily Global meditation. Good to connect with you here...

Much Light and Blessings to You and Yours

Comment by healingnow4u
Namaste ...the time of the next DGMeditation is located on right top just above the TV screen. Hope you enjoy the flow .

love to you xxx

fancy getting 'listen to your mother'!!! lol  Thank you for the fun and laughter and fab energy last night.
Peace, love and blessings to you :D xxxx

Hey Anthony,
Crazy days, Must be some divine somewhere in the chaos. Computer stolen yesterday, while I was in the bathroom Sunday morning 6 am. Poof. Waiting for med. Drank some tea, Went to bathroom and no computer. someone needed it more than I do, I guess. Wont be on vent for a while, just office connection to LW. NO Skype ect.. How about that? Mysterious ways indeed