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Joyana Suwati


Female - 75
Hidden Valley Lake -USA

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Joyana Suwati`s Blog

grandmother born in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1935. following the teachings and spiritual path of Pantanjali since age 16. constantly having to stay vigilant and in the light while being stalked by darkness and difficulties with other humans who are on lower frequencies. hope to join with lightworkers and Christ consciousness...feeling tired and weakened and need to connect at this time.
Spiritual Path

Subud Spiritual Helper

Staying in Light and Unconditional Love. To Pray For all of Humanity and other beings Created by God to be Mindful and Caring of all that is Beautiful and from Christ Consciousness to cleanse and purify our souls of darkness and negativity. Connect with as many other loving souls living and breathing only the most pure, authentic and true way to the Higher Dimensions of Peace~

opened on January 5th, 1964 in NYC by international spiritual organization (non-religious) to receive contact and make commitment to spiritual growth.

Breathing Prana, Praying and Meditation, Serving my family as a good mother and grandmother and gaining more love and respect for myself to begin with...then to help others the Universe connects me with as my spiritual extended family.
Recommended Reading

the writings from Pantanjali Yoga Philosophy...Beginning Course, Advanced Course, Raja Psychic Healing, Science of Spiritual Breathing and Visualising, and mainly receiving Sacred Guidance to evolve to be a Loving, Authentic, Natural & True Human Being.
Hometown:Brooklyn, NYC
Star Sign:Pisces
Occupation:retired...now occupied w/fine art painting/drawing/music/poetry/prayer/meditation

sharing of other lightworkers to raise my frequency, awareness and consciousness. feel helpless and alone and need to connect
in order to succeed.

dearest Light Sister :: I anticipate your glorious creational spirit :: infinite love your way ...

Hello dear friend,
Wishing you a very warm welcome at Lightworkers.
Have a wonderful time over here and thanks for being part of it.


" Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds
The harvest can be either flowers or weeds"

warm welcome to Lightworkers
sending love, peace, light & delight
on the wings of a snow white dove
Lady J :)

Hi, Welcome to this community and I hope you'll meet many beautiful souls.
Enjoy your stay and have fun.
Love and Light,

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