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Female - 38
Auckland -New Zealand

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Hi, I am Kathrin, I am a Reiki Master/teacher and clairvoyant. I am originally swiss live now in New Zealand. I was born with a severe heart condition tetra fallot with a septum defect. I learned Reiki mainly to heal myself but now I like to heal other Lightworkers as well. I hope I am successful with healing others with Reiki.
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I hope I get a lot of clients to heal or to tune in for all Lightworkers. I am hopping I am successful with what I am doing. I am also a artist I could draw your spirit guides if you like.

Since I had a near death experience and even before that when I was a child I always had spirit guides around me. Through my near death experience I have made contact with my twin guardian. My twin was born inside my body and from that moment on I knew then that I wasn't alone anymore. I have started to talk to my twin and I have since then ongoing conversations. He has no name so I don't know how I should call my twin. I call him a he because I think he is more male then female. I am looking for like minded people who has made similar experiences like me. If you like to stay in contact then please contact me at: katgirl@hotmail.co.nz ...

Readings, healings.
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Hands of Light, I came from Venus (Omnec Onec).
Hometown:Switzerland (Zurich)
Star Sign:Capricorn
Occupation:Reiki Master/Teacher, Clairvoyant, Artist

Hello Kathy

That's so mice of you to help others! I have passed your mssg to my one friend, she may mail you..pls do needful.Hope everything is going at your side is in tune with earth's accession :-)

Love Light and Peace


Hello dear one ! Im sorry for the delay in replying.
I will do my best to help you. I believe anything is able to heal with positive energy and prayer. Also, vitamins! i love them. lol.
Have you ever taken fish oil supplements? they help your heart to be healthy and also relieve mental disturbances such as anxiety, depression, etc. does anxiety have anything to do with your condition?
I am goin to send you my prayers and +energy very shortly! I wish you the best.
LOVE, Ariel.

Kia Ora Kathrin
Just stopping by to say hello and wish you well in your connections with likeminded souls here on LW.

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