"The people who are making the world worse aren't taking a day off, so why should I?" - Bob Marley
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5 Tips for Living a Spiritually Simplistic Life

I'm a twenty-one year old awakening spiritual writer/blogger who seeks to serve the planetary awakening.
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Healer, Channel, Writer, Blogger, Seeker

A world ruled in a fair and just way by the people, and a harmonious collective experience of the purer states of consciousness we're believed to be growing into.

In 2009, through learning about meditation and reading channeled messages and the works of David Wilcock.

Writing about spirituality, music, enjoying life
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The Source Field Investigations
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hello dear friend
how are you doing,hope great,it is,
nice meeting you today over here.
please i want you to write me back on my email,
address,i want to have a private talk with you,
is very important dear write me on here.
(adalinedajima@hotmail.com )

You are a positive force in the community, thank you for staying around. Blessings and Love.

 photo animated_neon_pulsing_heart - Copy_zpsnk2vghta.gif

Blessings to you... Keep the Spirit Flowing:)

Shine Bright, young man - I may not share your philosophy, Wes, but I recognise your free-will choice to follow the Path that you find most genuinely appealing...

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule.
May you always feel God's Grace each and every day as you wake and rest.
Blessings of Divine Light and Love

hi there I am impressed by your writings
amazing whats in them WoW
I funny enough have in fact access to unlimited knowledge
but kind of shy back at writing any thing down !
sort of wondering if any one cares
but you do ! you write !
this is perhaps strange to say or ask but
do you have any questions or wishes ?
I usually catch them if an other reads a message like this
from me and stuff comes together as consciousness links direct
and can be expressed later in writing :-)
oeps that's about it , sounds good yes :-)
how things work yes :-)
love and light to you

Blessings to you Wes1 I really liked your Universal Family rivers of energy are pouring into our chakras! Getting the same thing <3
Love and blessings to you, Ray Dawn

Thank you for your message on Bob Marley channeling. For some reason I can barely reply on my posts it redirects me to a different page.
Any how always lovely to hear words of wisdom.



Keep sharing your messages Wes and pay no heed to the negativity of the same old few.I enjoy the messages and the wisdom.......Blessings........john