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i would say that I'm positive and open minded...i have good intentions towards others...i believe in surrounding my self with others of good intention...
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Connecting with the Observer

i will continue to assist in the anchoring of light to this planet.i will continue to assist in the manifestation of prosperity , abundance and enlightenment that will spread like wildfire across all countries and nations. i am witnessing the ascension of Earth. I will be reunited with my family from the stars. i will return to the higher vibrations.

2006 ish

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Recommended Reading

Talking to Extraterrestrials: Communicating With Enlightened Beings,..... Life with a COSMOS Clearance by Daniel Morris Salter
Star Sign:Tarus


much love and light to you brother

hi LIGHT ☼ :))

Imani wishes you abundance in all
the things that make your heart rejoice!
smile for you!

Thank you for your visit.
And, yes, angels are all around me.
I am bathed in their light and love.
Blessings and may your day unfold
like a flower to the sun!
Imani smiles

Comment by Light_In_Your_Mind
and what a smile it is...thnx

absolutely love it!

love and light with you this wonderful day dear friend and very glad to meet you. hope you have shed for you now and always
love and light

Just a quick hello :)

Blessed be,

I am glad that we can meet and be in community.
I hope all is unfolding in all aspects of your life in ease, abundance, harmony, and joy!!!!!

Stay well,
Ten Nebula

Namaste :)

I love your music selections! I really do believe that music is the closest thing to seeing, feeling and sensing our higherselves.

Comment by Light_In_Your_Mind
alex coiller who is in in contact with the Andromedians said they are in awww of our ability to create music...they cannot