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I AM a Universal Spirit, I AM a Light Divine, I AM Pure Love of Sacred Universal Design. I AM in Perfect Balance and Harmony with Universal Will, Flow and Synchronicity. Awakened to Our True Godself Nature in Divinity. I AM the Eternal Presence of ALL THAT IS. I AM!!!
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I want to return to my Light Body and be in Service to ALL


Helping to bring balance and harmony, love and light with compassion and wisdom for ALL...
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Thanks For Stopping By... Love&Light to ALL...

I hope you had a wonderful day Charlie filled with much bliss and freedom...

Love and light Dear One, Kathy

Tonight this song popped in my mind as I was typing your message~

i truly hope so, i miss my friend so much, and its heart to keep the tears from flowing when i imagine what kind of pain hes going through....but i thank you for your positive message and energy, im sure with enough prayer and divine light, my friend will truly be free.
thank you again,

I was nudged to send you this after reading your message to me!! My heart is smiling after listening to it!!

Comment by lightwalker
Let US ALL Shine Bright... Thanks Kathy for Making My Day!!!

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goodnight Charlie! i am up far too late!its 4 a.m. here
Off to the land of Nod but i saw you were online
so got sidetracked!

I come to you in this great time of need, not for myself but for a dear friend of mine, Derek Martin.
Yesterday Derek was charged with murder in the 1st degree for a murder he DID NOT commit. All dna tests matched his friends, yet Derek was charged just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. My friend doesnt deserve this punishment, he is only 19 with an enormous heart and his whole life ahead of him. Please help me pray for a miracle and an appeal! Also, I hope this story affects you like it affected me. Never take anything in your life for granted, especially your freedom. Imagine living in a cell the size of your shower, not being able to dress how you want, wake up when you want, eat what you want, and see who you want. Life is precious, and so is this Earth. Thank you my Light friends, and please dont forget to send Derek some light.
I Love You All!


I hope you are feeling wonderful today in this magical Now we find ourSelves in...

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Charlie it was such a nice surprise to see you had ventured into the Global Circles territory!! Hopefully you'll get a chance to connect with us soon. It is not too late to connect with last week's meditation if you so choose as the experience is there waiting for you...

Have yourself a most wondrous day!

Love in all ways, Kathy

Hi Charlie! "The End" from Abbey Road,was composed by McCartney
(credited to Lennon/McCartney)...the last song recorded collectively
by all four Beatles.Its said that the disintegrating band called a
ceasefire on hostilities to record Abbey Road,and it concludes with
epic 16 minute medley of songsnatches,concluding 'and in the end,
the love you take, is equal to the love you make.’ Someone called Abbey Road
''the beatles last love song to the world''..its my favourite of all the beatles albums! XX

This aspect of mySelf is felt very deeply...I share deeply the love of wolves with you from my Native American days...



The Wolf as a totem~

Intuition, Learning, Spirit

This totem brings faithfulness, inner strength
and intuition when he enters our lives.
But he also brings learning to live with one's self.
The wolf teaches us to learn about our inner self
and to find our inner power and strength.
But to achieve this, we must take risks
and face our deepest fears.
A wolf totem demands sincerity.

This totem demands a lot of us
but gives us much in return;
a spirit helper that is always there to help
and gives us extraordinary powers of endurance.
He reminds us to listen to our inner thoughts
and trust our insights.

They remind us not to waste resources and
to learn how to avoid trouble and confrontations.
People with Wolf totems have the capacity to make quick and firm emotional attachments.
Trust your insights about these attachments. Wolf will guide you.
Take control of your life with Wolf’s help and do so with harmony and discipline.

Have a beautiful week Charlie...waves of love and light, Kathy

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