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Mary Lynn Plaisance


Re-examine all that you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul.
Female - 90
New Orleans -USA

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Mary Lynn Plaisance

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Remembrance Towards The Light *** The journey to peace and enlightenment is within.***

‎"Love is all there is. But ask yourself, would you suffer, if your object of love is taken away from you? In which case, it was desire rather than love. It is the desire that is the root cause of all suffering. And that desire springs from an attachment to 'me'. And that 'me' and mine is bondage to a non-existing or apparent entity. Unfolding this myth is realisation." ~ Nanda Kumar ~

I am a Visionary Soul. I've been told that I have great vision and can be very insightful. I love when I can help someone in any way spiritually possible, to the best of my ability, with what I have learned in my life. I feel deeply that I am connected to all things spiritual. My Universal connections fit in with my like minded friends and family. I am very connected to my soul. I am Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo Rising. I'm still in (( love )) with this life that I have chosen, and I still learn new things each day! I am from Louisiana. The photo on my banner is behind the small house and called "Angels Along the Bayou". I'm a Cajun from Louisiana, born and raised on the bayou. The land down here is truly spiritual and has a mystic feel. I am blessed in so many ways. ~Namaste~

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Spiritual Path

-- Healer-- My spiritual name is Lady Rhiannon

I am a Spiritual Being. I want to assist anyone who needs comfort in any way I am allowed. I don't ask to help anyone. They must ask me if I can assist them. I don't have the right to ask them. They must feel in alingment with my energy or our connection will not be valid. That happens sometimes, and I'm used to this. Sometimes I don't connect with other people's energy. It's the way of the Universe, which simply means that our souls can't connect at this time. If my presence can't add value to your life, my absence will make no difference. I'm working on a blog that I want to title ~Spiritual Soul Gathering~. It will be what it says--- a gathering of like minded souls. ~Namaste~


I began to question matters of faith that didn't make sense to me very early in life. I was told I should not question, so I bought books and magazines to read. I have been reading and learning ever since then. Each day I learn something new. ~Blessings~ ~I am Lady Rhiannon~


Angels- Buddha -Christ Consciousness - God/Goddess - Nature - The Universe -Astrology --

Recommended Reading

The Celestine Prophecy- The Secret- Deepak Chopra Books and Tapes- Wayne Dyer-- Louise Hay - Maya Angelou

Star Sign:Libra


I was told that, I am a Visionary Soul. I'm a curious person, always in a state of awareness. Connected to all things spiritual, I am very connected to my soul. I am wise and bright: able to reason and be reasonable. Occasionally, I get quite depressed and have dark feelings. I have great vision and can be very insightful. In fact, I am often profound in a way that surprises me! Visionary souls like me can be the best type of friend. I am intuitive, understanding, sympathetic, and a good healer. I am Leo rising. I am Libra Sun, Neptune, Mercury 2nd house--- Scorpio Moon, Mars,Jupiter,Venus 3rd house--- Uranus in Gemini 10th house-- Saturn/Pluto conjunction in my 12th house.--- I have learned to get along with myself quite well for having such a bundled up chart. The Sun is my Strength. The Moon is my Soul.



Hi dearest Mary Lynn, just stopping by.
I hope you had a Merry Christmas and wish you a wonderful beginning of a new cycle
with lots of opportunities to do what you can do best, love to do and helps/inspires others.
Each has unique talents and when working together it will bring much joy and inspiration to everyone.
A friend showed me this video that is a wonderful example of this.
There is opportunity, there is the look of a child,
the curiosity of what will happen, and then....
Enjoy the universal language of music and love!!
Love, joy and laughter. xox


Hi dearest Mary Lynn, thanks for your beautiful message.
I wish you and your loved ones Merry Christmas and a magical New Year!
I hope we all travel with self confidence on our journey, called life.
It's like being in a hot air balloon. Not knowing where you will land.
But trusting that you feel when to turn up the heat and rise and when to let go and get down to earth.
To symbolize this and for inspiration I found this video. Enjoy and feel the magic.
Love, Joy and Laughter.

Comment by Mary Lynn Plaisance
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012....and what a glorious year will be coming. It will be all about love. Thank you John~!! !Peace~

Welcome Dear One~
This site is truly a treasure. EnJOY yourself.
BTW...love the energy of your page, and of Louisiana.

Comment by Mary Lynn Plaisance
Thank you so much. I'm still not used to the html, but I'm moving along :)) ~Peace and Love~

Welcome Mary Lynn, glad you found your way to this fabulous site! I don't keep a list of friends as I consider all to be one with me. But know I am here whenever you wish to visit or share! Have a beautiful week...

animated angel Pictures, Images and Photos

Comment by Mary Lynn Plaisance
Thank you starlite. Everyone here is my friend also. Not used to the site yet. I thought one had to be on a list to comment.

Peace and Light, Child of the Divine

I am glad that we can meet and be in community.
I hope all is unfolding in all aspects of your life in ease, abundance, harmony, and joy!!!!!
Feel free to join any of my light groups

Bright Blessings,
Ten nebula

Comment by Mary Lynn Plaisance
Thank you :)

Namaste =}

Comment by Mary Lynn Plaisance
Thank you Naveen. I don't yet know how to add people like Facebook. Namaste~ :)

Hi dearest Mary Lynn,
Welcome to this community and I hope you'll meet many beautiful souls.
Enjoy your stay and have fun.
Love and Light,

Comment by Mary Lynn Plaisance
Thank you. I don't know how to get around the page yet, but I learn quickly :) LOVE the fairy!! How can I change my name?