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My own reality seems like a big mystery at first. I wanted more and more of what many "assumed" they have. I was a "sheep" and I desired to be petted and loved. I needed everyone to around me and loving me and my light. In the end I was even more controlling to make sure that I was noticed and pleased. I wished and hoped others would love me as I am and keep me"safe" from the dangers of the huamn mind. I was a needy friend and they didnt know how much I was lost in the world. I wanted other to love me.

This was the "curse" I put upon myself before I came here. I challeged my Self to discover my true TRUE power without others to carry me...even the angel I decline to be helped. I wished to be like the Others and I want to BE powerful. The problem was still that I followed and I hated my Self even more from doing it. My Self wanted me to follow MY SELF. I discovered my true Higher Self and Godself when i was at home in my room crying from this realization that I am GOD and I have the potentail to change my SELF. I discovered my truest self in that moment but it was only for a moment. I have to BRING this GOD part of me to this world...within my world I AM GOD. I wanted to change my LIFE and others to be inspired. In this world it cannot be enough but at least I AM doing my part. My soul gave the light to the world. Light is endless and that is my truth. My light is endless and I wanted to change the inner world. My life right now is empty and NOW i have a beautiful chance to create the best.

The deal is that I follow my GODself and my Higherself. I desire to understand and love this part of me. I knew that in time I am going to understand that when my life DOES cnage it is because I want that to happen and I changed my SElf I change my WORLD.

I dont seek from new age books and meditations books. Though they are helpful and beautiful, I know that ALL the wonderful power of my Higerself is within me and I change the world. This world is my world too and I can be happy and joyful forever.

Spiritual Path

I say I am a healer and I sing so there is healing in that...

I wan to be a singer because that is my path. I want to create japanimation movies becasue I have talent in mixing human emotion and fantasy. I want to teach and help children in India and Japan. My higher Self wants mt to focus more on them and I will follow. I becoming what I love. Slowly I becoming...


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I love to sing and I love to read alot. These thing arent spiritual but it happens that I LOVE to do them. I say decrees...

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Singing is very spiritual, HI , :):) I am Serge , I like your profile.

much love

wow! I feel so blessed to have been introduced to are so very special

hey sry i took so long to get back to ya. I've been good :). Doin alota meditation lately and been busy nd all. How bout u, hows life treatin ya?.

You shud stop by lightworkers chatroom 1 of these days <3. Neways ttyl peacee

hello :) how have you been ?

Awakening is a flowering of your innermost being.
It is a revelation of your essence,
hidden by long eons of self-delusion,
ignorance, unbounded desires.
Enlightenment is an ending as well as a beginning:
the ending of the old, veiled, dark ego,
its longings, illusions, frustrations;
the beginning of a vast expanse,
an infinite field of the Unknown,
an adventure in consciousness.

It is a revolution:
it represents danger to the old way of life,
to old ways of thinking and living.
It is freedom from the known and the unknown;
from the real and the unreal;
from any appearance of division between you and Truth.

It is the abandoning of beliefs, dis-beliefs,
presumptions and stances,
self, ego,
call it what you will,
or call it nothing,
what it is.

It is the Path of the golden Dawn,
the Path out of the Night of Time
into the Bursting daylight of Eternal Now...
 - Petros


Thank you my sister!! The journey is always full up ups and downs. the secret is in knowing both will and live in each moment...being your highest self!! Love you!:)