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i know you guys know all this already, but basically, im just reposting because it's chopped up with information (BUT I KNOW ALL OF YOU KNOW SO PLEASE NO CRITCISM), i make videos for sleepers, i know everyone here is awake and aware already, please save the ridicule, im just posting for fun okay!

youtube description for sleepers:
This is where it gets confusing. The Annunaki are not the Nephilim or the Fallen Angels. This is a common misconception. The Annunaki were Sumerian creation Gods who created the two-stranded double-helix human. The God, Enki, fashioned mankind in his image. Enki was second in command under his brother, Enlil, who was the Lord of Earth and in control of the gods' work here (farming and mining gold). Therefore, the Annunaki were not the only "gods". There was a lower rank of gods known as the Igigi or "Those who watch and see, which were to carry out the labor on behalf of the higher ranked gods, the Annunaki. The Igigi revolted against Enlil, who was in control of the work. The gods panicked and presided to Chief Anu himself. The solution, proposed by Enki, was to create the two-stranded double-helix slave race (mankind) to fulfill the previous role of the Igigi. Hence, the lesser gods (Igigi) revolted against the higher gods (Annunaki). Enlil grew weary of the clammering of man and debated mankinds destruction with the other Annunaki. Enlil's brother, Enki, protested the Great Flood but was ruled against. Man was to be swept away in a Great Flood. Enki, however, secretly spoke to a man named Ziusudra and gave him instructions on how to create an ark and survive the coming flood. This story is retold in the Acadian/Babylonian version of Gilgamesh and also in the Hebrew Torah (Noah's Ark, Abraham was from Babylon). It's no coincidence how this story grew its roots. It is important to understand that the Sumerians were the first people to write the story of the Great Flood. Keeping this in mind, we move onto the Nephilim and the story of the Fallen Angels (Igigi) from the Bible. There was an Angelic Revolt (Igigi Revolt) against "Heaven". The angels were jealous that they had to SERVE mankind. This revolt led to the "Interbreeding with the daughters of men" -Genesis 6:4. These "Fallen Angels" were of the Grigori Order. The term "Grigori" means "The Watchers." These angels were under the rank of the Arch Angels. Therefore, similarly to the much earlier writings from Sumer, the low ranking sect of angels revolted against the highest sect. According to the Bible, the main reason for the Great Flood was because of this Angelic Revolt (Igigi Revolt) and the interbreeding with the daughters of men. This brings us to the Nephilim (the bastard children of the Fallen Angels (Igigi) from the interbreeding). They were half-human and half-Grigori Angel. They were mortal, yet much more powerful than man. They were known to be Giants who were "famous warriors of ancient times" -Genesis 6:4. Most of them were wiped out from the Great Flood and the rest were killed off. Skeleton remains have been found of these Giants, but are kept hidden by the Illuminati in fear that we will discover these truths of who we really are (the original 12-stranded DNA human being that the PRIME CREATOR originally created us to be). The Annunaki played God and manipulated our DNA so that we can serve them, and we are still serving them today. But the Annunaki are not PRIME CREATOR. There is PRIME CREATOR OF ALL THINGS, including all other "gods" so to speak. This is why ASCENSION 2012 DNA AWAKENING CONSCIOUSNESS is CRITICAL at this time. IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP TO WHO WE REALLY ARE.