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The Holy Grail, Sacred sex the divine feminine and the Twin flame energi

 Now that the energy of the divine feminine has been gloriously released unto the world; We can finally come out of our sexual closets and merge the supreme Mother /Father God/ Goddess and really start to feel this incredibly powerful balancing energy in our hearts and bodies and ground this energy into the new earth.

 The merging and equilibrium of the Divine masculine and feminine energies are essential in bringing about the peace and harmony on planet earth we all so profoundly desire. These energies are embodied in the Holy Grail mythos.
If anyone had told me a few months ago that this Divine Feminine energy, or the Magdalena energy, coming in now would allow me to experience the most intense sexual energy I have ever experiences I would not have believe it, in fact I would have guessed the exact opposite, you know the demure, compassionate, gentle feminine energies we associate with the Mary in the St James Bible. I thought Oh it will come in gently and land warmly on my shoulder like a soft little blue bird. Not
Now I’m a passionate person but I’m not a nymphomaniac. But this past week I’ve been acting like one. I think this is the most surprising element for me. After asking my guides why I was feeling such an intense energy related to this new energy. They came back with.
    Beloved, This is your twin flame energy merging. Wow I said can we do that again? I mean,
But what am I to learn from this experience? I asked.
 They said, Dearest, The gift of this experience lies in realizing that both supreme Mother/ Father God /Goddess energies are inside of you. You don’t have to look outside of yourself for the unconditional love and wholeness that you seek. They have always been in you and have become strengthened and balanced because of this new energy.
When you were searching life time after life time, longing for your twin flame you were searching for your wholeness, The supreme w-holiness that lies with each individual. This new energy awakens you to your full potential as divine beings, your whole divine being, your supreme masculine /feminine energies.

 When everyone’s energies are balanced people can start to see that the wars and suffering that have plagued this planet for eons was due to the lack of balance of these masculine /feminine energies within each individual. When things are unbalanced one becomes either the victim or the victimizer, the giver or the taker, which perpetuates the imbalance and the illusion of separation. The new energy combines the wise, beautiful heart centered nurturing, compassion energies of the divine female with the, judicious, grounded, action oriented, analytical mind of the divine male energies. They are not separate they work together now and are supported in balance and harmony. Compassion coupled with wisdom and action.
  You are wholly perfect within the temple you call your body mind and soul.
Beloved, Realize this and use this complete divine energy to walk in grace and love and confidently co create the new world with your soul family.