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Universal Energy Attunement

* Universal Energy Eclectic Attunement

$75 Donation to & 25% Donated to Light worker
Please contact me to arrange attunement details and how to make the two donations to and

Please note this is an attunement is a eclectic"One Off"
NO LEVELS !! And will attune you to the sourse
A Universal and simple way of eclectically practicing Healing with ongoing free support group

This attunement is a Universal Approach and can be quite significant to beginners and "Masters" You will practice the exrecise raising energy up through the Nervous, Muscular, Skeletal and Circulatory systems enabling The Light Body to exercise merridian points gaining clarity and grounding for a Light Body during attunement to the Source.

2 Symbols

The initiating symbol will be given to you from your attuning Practitioner, this will be the practitioners Keepers Symbol. Your own, creative making will become your own 'initiating' symbol.

When you come to attune others your keepers' symbol will be your created initiating symbol and a gift to your attunnee and to encourage them to make their own keepers symbol.

Your Initiators' symbol' will always be kept discreet & personal to you ! And who ever you attune.

You willahve a 6 month minimum period learning partnership with Gaynor AKA W*HolisticUK

An ongoing genuine interest to research Universal Energy Subject matter. At least 6months on going student centered learning on different 'cultural' perspectives and approaches to healing will be expected before you can feel sure enough to know of what it is your dealing with, and to then should you wish to pass the Universal energy and concept along.

Universal energy can bring subtle and/or! irreversible changes to ones life that may seem negative at the time. (A Healing Crisis)


Only folk you 'attune' will have the Knowledge and the Energy to make use of your symbol.

This is a very self attuning process and will allow you to pass on this simple form of universal appraoch to others when your ready ~ preferably 6 months and at least 3 months on from initiation ~ having gotten used to, and understanding your individual kindredship with such energies


UNIVERSAL ENERGY WAS CHANNELED IN THE WEST 13 YEARS AGO over a weekend during a 'Vison Quest' & 'Shamanic' healing situation in Hampshire.
9 MEMBERS OF THE 'VISION QUEST GROUP' all spent 36 hours in a Sussex Forest Faclilitating different directions of energy. supporting Gaynor within a medicine wheel situation for 24 hours. Gaynor did not speak or move out of her circle for 24 hours in the depth of a forest in Sussex - she channeled her vision of a 'Universal Approach' to healing

Of course there are different ways to approach 'Reiki/Healing' However, the Universal appraoch for many is a much more simplistic way of intending healing of any kind. Keeping it simple

Over your course of interaction with Gaynor you will learn a totally natural and neutral skill. W*Holistic healing art which has been channeled in many directions of centuries-old traditions.

This attunement will be based on energy transfer. Internet communicated unless other wise negotiated. Neutral Energy and therapeutic projection will be facilitated whilst balancing the body's energies, thus bringing body, mind, and spirit into more positive alignment and a state of harmony.

The genetic patterning and shift shaping of self , may be initiated as a " by product" of Universal Energy

GLOBAL conscientiousness

PLease Remember

'Rei ki ' is a Japanese word inferring Universal and cosmological matters (Universal Energy )

AS A REIKI "MASTER" & MYSTIC I make use of *Universal Energy and initiate Individuals with Universal Methods of approach

I am "inherited" 7th Generational Mystick and make use of many diviniation tools to 'work' with you over the course of your attunement.

Partnering me is not a 'teacher student' situation..
It is..A Learning Partnership facilittated via
Universal Neutral Energy


Attunement/Initiation can be an individually challenging and a divine process.

The intent of bringing the Learning Partner/Student to a state of fresh and on going spiritual awareness . Metaphysical points of reference are encompased and informed for awareness.

During an Attunement
During the attunement/Initiation, you may feel a cool breeze, heat, or experience feelings and sensations. You may feel "nothing" You may afterwards and during feel the universal and cosmological energy that is on offer that Gaynor can channel for you, bringing significant life enhancing experiences.


After The Attunement/Initiation
Universal Energy is a great supporter and enhancer of PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT and will bring you untold experiences and opportunities to share and harness with all of your significant others
"When using Universal Energy healing

Together we cultivate a Beam of communication as 'Learning partners' guiding you to enterprise your own precious gifts of ~ LIFE SKILLS"

The Universal attunement/initiation will not teach you all you need to know! about healing, as when developing healing skills I feel its a life long process - and can sometimes be a consentrated effort of developing into an authentic way of being wholesome

The Universal Attuenement will initiate a fresh and new learning path, introducing you to an on going level of 'Masterering' your own awareness/level of healing development.

Many forms of self development and divinative tools will be experineced.

*WHolistic Principles can support you during your learning and a Comprehensive online WEBSITE and support message boards are available

* FREE unlimited online active support is available that UV's [Universal Volunteers] community facilitate, and who meet in the Hampshire area

A Universal Certificate will be achieved
Signed by myself as an NHS complementary Practitioner Listed

As a Universal Volunteer I continue to demystify, participants about the pitfalls within the 'magic of the mind'

A certificate can be offered within 21 days ~ And will have a small admin cost.
(All proceeds to keeping the Universals Intergally online)