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Dr. Georgi Stankov

Georgi Stankov was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 1951. He finished the local English gram­mar school in 1970. After two years of compulsory military service, he began with the study of infor­ma­tics and electro­nics at the Technical University in Sofia. He had special interests in physics and ma­the­matics. At the same time he was actively involved in dissident activities against the repre­ssi­ve com­mu­nist regime in his country. He organised the first „flying universities“ in Bulgaria and wro­te literary and political essays for the underground press. In 1972 he experienced a deep spiritual catharsis (metamorphosis) and opened for the  higher transcendental dimensions.
In 1973 he was expelled from the Technical University because of his dissident activities, but later on he enrolled in eco­no­mics at So­fia University. During this time he frantically educated himself in philosophy, po­li­tical scien­ces, literature, history and psychology. He paid special attention to the metho­­dology of scien­ce. In 1975, he was again expelled from the university. When the perse­cutions of the au­tho­rities against him and other dissidents culminated in 1975, he was compelled to emi­grate from Bulgaria as to avoid imprisonment.
He settled in West Germany, where he studied medi­­cine at the Universities of Münster and Heidel­berg. In 1983 he graduated from Heidel­berg Uni­versity and completed his doctor thesis. In Heidel­berg he continued his studies on eco­nomics and social sciences.
Stankov was actively involved in the Bulga­rian opposition abroad against the communist regime and worked as a program editor at Radio Free Europe. Subsequently, he worked as hospital physi­cian and head of clinical research in big international pharmaceutical companies. In 1989 he returned to Bulgaria after the fall of the Iron Curtain and was one of the founders of the first opposition democratic party that toppled the communist regime in 1996.
In 1991, he founded the Insti­tute for Drug Investigation, Auditing and Statistics, DIAS Insti­tute, in Munich. DIAS con­ducted clinical trials phase I-IV in most European countries. During this time Stankov ma­naged various large international clinical trials in Europe and oversee in as diverse fields as infectious and cardiovascular diseases, immunology, transplantation, pain research and can­cer. He regularly published in international medical journals.
In 1993 Stankov discovered at his institute that the group of polyenes (macrolids) has remarkable thera­peutic effects in a number of chronic diseases, for which there is no treatment at present (see US-patent). The theo­re­tical explanation of this novel mode of action led to the discovery of the Universal Law in bio-science and me­di­cine and to the development of the General Theory of Biological Re­gu­lation.
In 1995 Stan­kov proved that all physical laws can be mathema­ti­cally derived from this one Law. This allowed the development of the new physical and mathematical axio­ma­tics, which is the basis for the Integration of all human sciences, including philosophy, gnosis and religion (theo­sophy).
In 1996 he founded Stankov’s Universal Law Press in Munich. Since 1997 Stankov has written and published numerous books on the General Theory of the Universal Law in science, philosophy, religion, and gnosis (scientific esotericism).

Since 1999 Stankov has entered the last most intensive phase of the light body process, to which he has dedicated numerous scientific elaborations  based on the new theory of the Universal Law.

Stankov is married and has two daughters. Since 2001 he lives near Freising/Munich, Germany.

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