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What is more important, the earth, everything upon earth, or you?

You have had many incarnations upon earth, you have lived along with the natural cycle of earth for a long time.

But now you have reached a time where many of you have lost the natural connection to earth.

As you know that all is one, you know that you are one with the earth as well, you treat the earth like you treat yourself.

This is where you see the disjunction happening as the earth is being treated just as you would treat a garbage bag at times.

Now there might be a reason for this and I think we explained that within this moment in time where so many are incarnated upon earth, the earth has stepped up and has tolerated much of this upon her.

Even though many think and know this is somehow an illusion, you are here within the experience of a physical body, and so is the earth.

So, to think of the reason you are here is something that keeps you all wondering still, even though you have already found some greater truths within.

With many waking up to the fact they are more than a physical body, many are also waking up to the fact the earth is not what they want it to be.

Many of you at this moment also know there is sometimes a connection between energies within the energy bodies influencing the health of the physical body.

As this is happening, for you as humans, you can understand that the same principle applies to the earth.

As you are all one, all that is happening for you is not just happening for you, it is happening for everything as you are one with everything.

This is the reason you are here, as you are all one, we are all one, many seem to focus a bit more on their own personal reality than the reality that includes all that is one with you.

Even though you have all come in separate bodies, the oneness is there in every aspect.

At this moment you are all connected to the illusion or reality that is upon earth and you can call it illusion and say that the only part that matters is that you see the illusion, this does not take away from the physical reality that is always present within your physical body and the earth.

Now as you came to earth you came in a body that is more separate within your experience and this is some ways true as the energies making up the physical body are separated in the reality from others.

Each of you has their own set of energy bodies upon earth, and you can see this manifested in the fact that when you are close to certain people you get affected by their energies.

Within the deeper parts of your being there is oneness.

Let me explain a bit more about this, each of you is within source, your deepest part of your being vibrates in the source energy/frequency.

To move into the earth reality you created your own set of lightbodies all the way down including in the 3rd dimensional vibration/frequencies.

The oneness is there as everything is created from source energy, the difference is there as each one of you has their own specific energy signature.

It is like when  you look at the ocean, the ocean is one big pool of water, within it however different streams are present, some, colder, some warmer, some moving in opposite directions, they are still part of the ocean as every little bit of it is created from the same source, the water.
This is how you can explain the reality upon earth was well.

All souls upon earth are the big ocean, groups are working together, and some cold, and some warm, or as you might call it, light or dark.

Some going with the natural flow, others going against the natural flow.

But still each soul is made up of the same source, each having their own expression and taking part in their own way, experiencing in their own way. Making choices in their own way. Sometimes changing those choices as outside influences are affecting the flow, like hurricanes, the ice on the north pole, freezing at times, melting at times, warm water mixing with cold water, etc..

The earth is one big melting pot of souls, each having their own expression within the ocean of experiences and choices.

Now you can take this image even further as the earth is within your universe and you can see the universe as the ocean, and even further, every universe out there, all of creation is the ocean, with every part in it following its own path of choices and experiences, yes at the deepest level they are all one, as their origin is the source energy that created the ocean, that is the ocean.

Now as you take this understanding, what do you see, what do you think of reality, illusion, your own being, your own experiences and choices?

As you change your choices and experiences, there is an effect that takes place within the ocean.

The effect can be small or larger depending upon the choice you make.

If there is a large group making the same choice the effect is even greater.

Let’s take for example the colder flow within the ocean, and a group thinks it needs to be a warmer flow.

The decision is how warm?

What is warm, what is cold and how do you find the perfect warmth?

The perfect balance would be found if there were equal amounts of cold and warm.

Both warm and cold in equal amounts brings in the merging into the source frequencies as the source frequencies are vibration within the center, the balance point.

You see the source energy is being used to either represent cold or warm, so according to that they vibrate at a certain speed and you experience that vibration as either cold or warm.

So lower speed would be cold, a higher speed would be warm.

The center, or the actual point where the original vibration or speed is, is right in the middle between the cold and warm vibration/frequency, or in fact the zero point where you will find every frequency or no frequency, everything and nothing. This is metaphorically speaking as the energies actually move from the center of a circle outward in every direction, but we are using the linear directions to give you a more physical understanding.

If you can find that center, the original vibration or frequency, that is where your origins/source are.

At this moment you can see or feel the hurricane moving in, whirling around amongst all of you on earth, clearing the debris that is within the ocean of all the experiences that were negative in the past.

All that has fallen to the bottom of the ocean is being stirred up by this hurricane of energy and all are feeling the effects of the debris moving through them.

It might get stuck at certain levels as some are not ready to move and let go.

Others are willingly letting it move through to be released at the surface.

This doesn’t mean that there is no need for you to move to the center, as the hurricane is only stirring the pot so to speak, assisting in releasing the debris, the movement to the center is done by you.

The release of the debris is making the movement easier as you are not being held down by the debris, or actually stuck because of all the debris within you.

Where you move is still your choice.

Now as we relate this back to your light bodies, your energy, see yourself as the ocean. All the parts within your own being, all vibrating in different frequencies as you took on the physical reality of a physical body.

Choices and experiences turned the energies you used into an ocean of many different flows on all levels, within many different frequencies or vibrations.

A lot of debris is stored within those flows as experiences and the negative/positive imprints of the past are being stored within you within many levels.

There are the influences of others around you, as sometimes you were pushed out of the warm flow into the cold flow and the other way around.

When you vibrate at the source frequency you cannot be pushed one way or the other.

This is knowledge you have, the knowing of that is within you.

The facts are however that you are within the physical body and you have many light bodies/energy structures that you created to actually move into this physical reality, and they all flow within different vibrations or frequencies and sometimes different directions within you.

As you moved to the lowest point within your own ocean, you cannot even see most of that because your sight is clouded by the debris that is within those energies above you.

Now as we have related this to the human body, the same process can be followed relating to your connection and separateness/oneness with all around you and the earth.

The choice is are you going to move yourself, or are you going to let anyone else move you.

As well, as where are you going to move?

See yourself as a small ocean, changes are going to be easier then changes within the larger ocean, as the large ocean involves others making their own movements.

As you become more confident in making changes within your own reality, bringing yourself back into balance is the first step to become a part of creation within the larger ocean.


Through Petra Margolis
March 1, 2012


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