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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

19 August 2012

Magandang umaga sa inyo! Good morning to you all!

A generally nice sun meets my day as I write this piece. Being messenger & forthcoming Guardian, I am duty-bound to release heraldries about the world building measures that will be done after the calming of the geo-atmospheric conditions in the New Earth.

The preparations for the habituation of both the 4th and 5th densities have been going on for couples of years now. The wonder cities of the 5th Density world I already saw in visions way back in 2008 through 2009 yet. See: GLASS-ENCASED CITIES: UPPER DIMENSION VISION, in BRIGHTWORLD:

Between the two, it will be 5th Density where world building will be much easier, as development works will be smoother. There won’t be much barriers to encounter there, as it is largely a non-habituated world since Terra fell from that level down to 3rd Density.

As the scale models for the 5Density cities are already in place, the cities can be installed one city after another by the Divine Hierarchs, notably the Ascended Beings with level of awareness of Dhyan Chohan (planetary spirit, or those who can aid in bringing Life to planets). All the Hierarchs need to do is to focus on the scale models and then manifest the cities down the surface of the target world (5D Terra).

Settling of cities in the 5th Density will immediately take place as soon as the turbulence would cease and shift to relative stability. Rest assured, when the next global turbulences will hap, they will be manageable, such as the 2017 Event and the 2030 Event (heavenly bodies will rub themselves in the atmosphere of the New Earth during the said events.)

5th Density is the world being prepared for the Lightworkers and most evolved among the Service-For-Others. Those undergoing chelaship with the White Robe gurus are on top of the list to be settled here. Many of the very fine bhakthas of the mahavatars (e.g. Krishna, Sai Baba, Babaji) as well as their teachers will be brought here, though they may be least aware of the reward awaiting them. There may be a maximum of only 30 millions in the 5th Density at its inception for the ascendants from the surface of our planet.

Let us not forget the Underground Peoples or ‘Telosians’ who are far more balanced then their 3D counterparts, will also produce fine souls who will habituate this Density. I will not be surprised if around 40 millions of them will make it to 5Density, as they’ve refined themselves within their psyche and are more merged to their Souls (merged their soul fragments) than even the Lightworkers of the surface who have to undergo Initiation in order to move up quickly in the Path.

Which means that, if 30 millions of 3D surface peoples will move up to 5th Density, and then there’d be 40 millions more of UG peoples to merge with them, then we should expect a size of 70 millions maximum for the 5th Density. Such a size is already fairly good enough to start a planet. However, the possibility that all UG peoples will move up to 5D within a short time-frame is also there, which will thus raise the population projection to a max of 150 millions of ‘early bird’ residency.

As to the Special Regions apportioned for the Indigenous Peoples or IPs, this may take on hold for sometime. IPs who didn’t undergo personal initiation, but rather who chose the mass initiation of their respective tribes, will be niched largely in the 4th Density. That is where Gaia is bringing the IPs as a reward for the latter’s care for the natural ecology.

The cities that will be installed in 5th Density may be less populous than the ones in 4Density. Albeit, following a planetary policy of maximum capacity for a city, the population can swell at some time in the future so as to accommodate a maximum of a million indeed, more so when the 4th Density will be merged with 5th Density.

Rest assured, the city designs do vary, so that seeing one city won’t make one conclude that s/he has seen the rest of the other cities. Such a process we call Isomorphism, which characterizes the Big Cities of today, where commonalities in infra spread, space usage, and ecology problems are more marked than the differences.

The timeline for the occupation of the 5th Density cities will be as early as late 2013. The debris from the turbulence and the site development will be done first, which won’t take too long an effort. 2013 through 2015 will be the period for the rise of the cities one after another. This is the good news awaiting those Initiated Ones and highest evolved Service-For-Others.


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