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Is the Number 666 a Bad Number?
(A little Lesson in Numerology)

This Awareness indicates this does not have to be considered as good or bad. This Awareness considers this as what is. This Awareness indicates that the series of number --666-- is a matter of the creation of certain symbols by the human mind, not necessarily by the earth human, but by humanoid consciousness. This Awareness indicates this as an ancient numerical system which came not from the earth plane.
This Awareness indicates that you look at the number 9. That the number 9 when written, begins at the central point and moves clockwise and out, away from the that point: this as a symbol of evolution. Moving from one point outward is a symbol of radiant energies going out in a form of generation.
This Awareness indicates that the number 6 is the opposite, drawing energies into the central point-this in a counter-clockwise direction. This Awareness indicates that 6 stands for self-interest, 9 stands for expansion of self.
This Awareness suggests that if you were to draw a circle, dividing that circle into 12 parts of the zodiac, the 6th sign would be Virgo. This Awareness indicates that the Virgo sign relates to order and classification as well as diet, health, work, filing and certain types of regulatory behaviors.
This Awareness indicates that the 7th sign, Libra, relates to balance, harmony and business or balanced relationship. This Awareness suggests that if you were to look at the 9th sign of Sagittarius, you would notice this as being related to expansion and extension, foreign affairs and things away from personal pursuits, higher mind.
This Awareness suggests going back to the Virgo sign: if you were to divide this sign into 12 general aspects, you would create another zodiac dividing the zodiacal qualities of Virgo. And in that 6th section of this new zodiac, you would have the 6-6, or the Virgo part of the Virgo sign. This Awareness indicates that a good astrologer would classify that area as being likened unto a file cabinet or classification action, whereas the 4th section of Virgo might refer to nutrition, and the seventh section of that Virgo sign referring to a kind of consultation regarding health or some other form of classification.
This Awareness suggests that were you divide that 6-6 section into Virgo classification, you would come to a situation whereby the filing system was even further classified and brought into great regimentation. This Awareness indicates that the filing system being classified under a Virgo set of qualities, relating unto 12 types of human affairs in terms of the classification system, you would discover that the 666 is a computerized classification of systems.
This Awareness suggests that you look now back to the Libra sign of harmony and balance, or business, or partnership, contracts and agreements, and likewise classify that Libra sign into a series of 12 zodiacs. You will discover that the 7-7, or the 7th part of the Libra sign, having a zodiac dividing its qualities of partnership, harmony and agreement, would result in a very clear harmonious agreement-- a 7-7 classification, the harmonious agreement of partners. This may be a contract or a marriage or the place whereby the agreement is consummated. This Awareness indicates that further breakdown into a third set of Zodiacs around that section would bring about the 7-7-7, which is the number of Christ, which is the absolute harmonious agreement, the bond of freedom between entities and the partner in love.
This Awareness indicates that this is but as a brief look at the symbology and implications behind certain numbers, based on ancient metaphysical teachings and systems. This Awareness indicates this could go on in other levels in other signs, yielding other information, but this is satisfactory for the symbology of the number system just given.
This Awareness indicates that the 666 also has reference to the level of consciousness of individuals: the 7-7-7 being the Christ Consciousness--the 666 being the power consciousness or the level of consciousness for entities seeking power through their development of spiritual growth. That there are many entities who believe that opening the third eye, the pineal, as the ultimate level of development: this as being equivalent to the 666 or the Anti-Christ level.
This Awareness suggests that the 777 value being equated to the opening of the pituitary, whereby the pituitary in conjunction with the pineal begins to serve as a mystical marriage. That the 666 is the heightening of the animal astral body of the human, whereas the 777 opens the doorway to the spiritual realm: and this in harmony with one another begins the growth, the mystical marriage, the flowering of consciousness which relates to the 144 or the 12 times 12. This Awareness indicates that much of the ancient technology relating to the 666 message is based on Masonic numerological system. This Awareness suggests that there are various types of interpretation for this numerological system; that essentially entities can explore these and find interrelations and various types of correlations.
This Awareness indicates that as far as the computer in Brussels is concerned, this as simply working in connection with ancient witchcraft forces which are being used in direct affront with Christian teachings. Therefore this was like an action of defiance, numbering, to inform others as to the role which is being played by the computer. This Awareness indicates this being done with the cooperation and full understanding of those who are behind the action.


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