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2014 A year Seven.
As we move toward the end of 2013 and the Winter Solstice we can begin to look forward to a new year, A fresh start.2013 was a year six which brought us to a return to the Divine feminine, the mother of all that is. It enabled us to re connect to the Goddess and to feminine energy. The Mayans predicted this time as the end of the masculine cycle and the beginning of the feminine. Astrologically this year has seen many unusual alignments and super moons and an increase of sun spot activity as well as a weakening of the earth magnetic field(which is apparently a part of the natural cycle of our planet).
On a deeper level the effect this has had on many people is to bring to the surface old energy patterns which need to be changed. Many of us have been exposed to betrayal, emotional hurts, shame and a whole host of old energy patterns. Some of these patterns are inherited or are ancestral and have been passed from generation to generation. Often these fears need to be cleared on a Karmic level. We are often born into families with groups of souls whose mission it is to clear these old blockages and energy patterns and to heal the damage. We may not always understand why these things are occurring in our life or why? Often that is because is it not our personal energy we are clearing. Often once the energy has been dealt with we find ourselves no longer resonating at the same level of energy as our birth families and so may find ourselves being pulled away from them for a while. This can be an emotionally distressing experience and yet it is a necessary part of our own healing. This healing needs to take place so that when we are ready to return the relationships will be on a different level. Many of those who are experiencing the most difficult traumatic problems are those who will become the teachers, the way showers, here to guide us into a new way of being.
Many of us have chosen to be here now at this time in order to help to raise the vibrational energy of humanity and of the planet. I have recently worked on Numerology charts for young adults in their early twenties and without exception these young people had one thing in common. All of the charts were different to work on and forced me to explore other aspects of Numerology that I had not studied. So in order to complete their readings I had to learn and grow myself. All of these young people have been finding it difficult recently and yet despite being tired and finding life itself a bit of a struggle all of them have been learning and studying and walking their own path steadily and continuing to stay as positive as possible, even if this meant retreating slightly from the world. Whilst the older generations struggle with the overwhelming tidal wave of fear, despair, anger, confusion as the old energy patterns are broken and dispersed ,these younger people are Holding The Light and keeping it bright for us to see our way through the storm. Purely by example they are teaching us how to move through the shifting energies at this time so that we can raise our own awareness in order to move on. We can learn a lot from these beautiful keepers of the light and should love them and consciously send them energy when they need it.
As we move into 2014 we move into a year seven which brings opportunities to embrace our spirituality and to develop and learn to work with our own spiritual gifts. Seven teaches us to look within for the answers we seek instead of placing our trust and hopes in outside entities. It enables us to learn and to expand the mind and to be more open to the psychic/spiritual world. When we are open to this world and fully begin to understand just how we are all connected it becomes impossible to live a lie and so this year brings the energy needed to truly begin to walk our truth. It helps us to realise that it is ok to allow our inner light to shine. To feed the inner spark of the divine essence of all that is until it becomes a bright shining flame which lights the way for others to see. We were born to create and to shine and to be bright shining beings of light. Throughout history within the stories of many people's there are stories about shining ones, people who shone with a radiance that made them seem like gods.
Think for a moment about people who are here now who glow with an inner light that radiates out into the world. People who have found their true calling and have become great at what they do. People who love their work and live lives that fulfil them on all levels. It doesn't matter whether their work creates an abundance of monetary wealth(although often if we love our work we become successful) or if they are working as a volunteer. When the spirit, the soul of the person is in harmony with its work people glow. We are all capable of this .We have simply been programmed to fear our own power. Seven enables us to continue to break through the veils of illusion and to be real. It is the number of the intellect and so it brings opportunities to connect with the new higher vibrational energy and to work with it in an intelligent way. Instead of stumbling around and feeling over whelmed by it all we will begin to see how to use this energy and how to incorporate it into our own life.
Seven is also the number of Music and so I feel that there will be more breakthroughs this year relating to the use of music in changing energy and releasing old blockages. Recently scientists have discovered the musical element of the Blue stones at Stonehenge and I feel this knowledge will bring a new understanding of how these incredible sacred sites were designed to be used. Seven is also the number of science and so we will begin to see more integration between the scientific and spiritual. Again this is already underway and I feel that this new year will see breakthroughs in this area.
For the mere mortals among us it brings opportunities to truly begin to feel comfortable within our own skin, to know that it is ok to stand alone, that we do not always need to be a part of a group. Sometimes we need those moments of solitude in order to connect with nature and with who we are. It is important to recognise and embrace our individuality and to be proud of it. So 2014 is a year of growth and development within the self. We need to trust our own feelings, our intuitive thoughts and to be strong in who we are. It is important to also make time to try to help and empower those who are finding it difficult to "let go" of old fears so that they can raise their own vibration.

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