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How Pleiadians Make Contact With Earthlings. ( Channeled info.)

Pleiadians seeking to contact humans use a different approach: they
communicate through telepathy first. After a certain amount of
telepathic communication, they make themselves visible, and then by
visible means, show that they recognize the entity much in the way they
danced their space ships before Billy Meier's cameras.

Then, after a period of recognition maneuvers, they telepathically
communicate further in regards to a direct meeting, and they meet
directly with the entity. This Awareness indicates if there had been
Pleiadians use of crop circles it would likely have occurred in the area
where Billy Meier had his contacts also.

This Awareness indicates that the British Isles have long been a center
for communication from Draco, or that which is called the Dragon people.
There are what are termed Dragon Holes in the countryside and stories
relating to the Dragon People. It is likely that this area is visited by
entities from Draco or their allies and associates.

This Awareness indicates that this is easily researched in UFO lore
pertaining to the area and there even existed the secret society of the
Pendragon clan, which was basically a secret religious order centered
around the Dragon, which John Adams and his family were part of; this in
reference to the second president of the United States.

This Awareness indicates that the dragon also was associated with the
story of King Arthur, which in turn was related to the society known as

This Awareness indicates it appears the Pleiadians had much of their
contact in earlier times in the Middle East; also in certain areas of
Europe, Asia and South America. The Pleiadians being associated also
with the Caucasus mountains and down through the Middle East and into
Egypt, in later times. They also had certain influences in Atlantis.

This Awareness indicates that these entities appear to have followed
after some of the earlier visits by the Draconians and the Greys of
Orion are seen as having come later. However, there was yet an earlier
visit by the Orion Greys dating back to a period in Atlantis. This
Awareness indicates there was also a time in the pre-Christian era of
the Middle East wherein these Orion influences were expressed,
particularly in the time prior to the life of Alexander the Great.

This Awareness indicates that it appears that the more recent crop
circles are mostly from the Orion Greys and some relating to the
Draconians, those of Draco.

They are also sometimes referred to as
Lizard People.

This Awareness indicates that It suggests there is something beyond the
so-called normal reality, and of course it will have an effect of
changing that normal reality if entities accept this as valid, which is
why so many entities would prefer to think of it as a hoax and why many
entities will simply ignore it altogether.

Some entities would prefer to leave it a mystery and pretend it can't be
solved than to admit there are beings outside of their limited view of