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The Honey diet is very simple – take two teaspoons of honey before you go to bed.

Honey and The Hibernation Diet.


I am the author of the Hibernation Diet (Souvenir Press London 06), which advocates taking honey prior to bed to optimise recovery biology, which is fat burning biology.

Although this seems counter-intuitive, the science for this is easy to demonstrate.

This means that your patients can benefit, not only from their exercise regime in the gym, but also by optimising their recovery biology during recovery sleep (Slow Wave Sleep).

In western society people are told not to eat late or they will lay down fat.

This is the direct opposite of what actually occurs.

From an early evening meal the liver depletes rapidly and by bedtime will be dangerously low (liver glycogen capacity is 75 grams and depletes at 10 grams per hour during resting metabolism).

This puts brain metabolism at risk during the 8 hours of the night fast, and the brain activates the adrenal hormones.

These hormones degrade muscle and bone, not fat.

If the liver is refuelled prior to bed and blood glucose is stable during the night fast, the brain activates the pituitary gland and recovery hormones are released.

These hormones burn fat.

In the cultures where they eat late (Mediterranean), they go to bed with a fuelled liver and activate recovery (fat burning) biology and not adrenal biology.

This means that they suffer less from the adrenal stress driven diseases than do we:

Hypertension and heart disease - adrenaline.

Osteoporosis, diabetes type 2, infertility, poor immune function, obesity, depression and memory loss - all cortisol driven.

Honey, prior to bed, optimises liver glycogen plenitude via fructose and glucose uptake, honey activates sleep via insulin and melatonin, honey promotes optimal recovery (fat burning ) biology during the night fast and honey promotes good health via prevention of overproduction of the adrenal stress hormones.

The principles are all sourced from the scientific literature, some of them going back many decades, but which up to now have been largely missed.

This is an important new approach to weight control, and will allow your patients of all ages to utilize recovery biology to reduce potential for obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Kind Regards

Mike McInnes MRPS

0131 622 5101

Some simple questions that the hibernation diet expert asks to check if the liver has fuelled up well for the night:

- Do you wake regularly during the night?

- Do you have night sweats?

- Do you experience acid reflux during the night?

- Do you get up to go to the bathroom during the night?

- Do you feel nauseous in the early morning?

- Do you wake up exhausted?

- Do you have a dry throat in the morning?

- Do you get night cramps?

- Do you feel weak in the early morning?

If “yes” is the answer for any of these questions, it could mean that instead of burning fat and repairing muscles, your body has produced a stream of stress hormones while you've slept.

The hibernation diet also goes on to explain how fructose in honey fuels the brain which is the most energy demanding organ, burning up to 20 times the fuel of any other cell in the body. We become exhausted after having to concentrate for a lengthy period. That’s why we often hear that mental exhaustion is worse than physical exhaustion. The brain needs glucose to survive, however glucose occupies a large amount of storage space and there is no room in the brain. And the liver is the only organ that can both store and release glucose into the circulation. This is why looking after your liver glycogen amount by ensuring that the liver and the brain are well provided for both in the day and at night is so critical. Any fall in blood glucose is detrimental for the brain. The adrenal glands to be activated and the adrenal hormones if overproduced can lead to conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, poor immune function, depression and other distressing health problems.

What I find inspiring to read is that we burn an amazing 70% fat during rest, 35% during low level exercise, 20% during moderate exercise, and a low 10% during intense exercise. During sleep we should burn fats. However, if the liver is not fuelled prior to bed, we release stress hormones from the adrenal glands which raise our heart rate and blood pressure. These hormones instead of burning fat, degrade muscle and bone. The liver must deliver 10 grams of glucose every hour -- 6.5 to the brain, 3.5 to the kidneys and red blood cells. As the liver capacity is only 75 grams, most people go to bed with a depleted liver, activating the adrenal glands and do not recover. And if you do not recover you do not burn fats. The hibernation diet essentially aims to encourage people to reap the benefit of your body's own natural recovery system and optimize their recovery biology or fat burning biology, as explicitly termed by the author who believed that this diet is not only to a healthy weight but unlocking energy resources you never know you had. So, if you interested to have a more in-depth account of this honey diet, check out the book "The Hibernation Diet" in which you will find details of the suggested diet plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the different types of resistance exercises described in clear steps.

Shared with Love and Light, Rosalie xo