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MIZPAH meaning hope and light in more than one language of old.

Through the ages people drew courage and strength from the wonderful MIZPAH blessing.

According to a secret legend an angel conveyed the MIZPAH message to mankind as a gift from heaven, touching hearts and souls so deeply that MIZPAH also signified as a symbol of romance, love and fidelity.MIZPAH goes back thousands of years, symbolizing a sanctuary and place of hopeful anticipation, a place where seemingly impossible may happen as of divine intervention or an inspiration.

MIZPAH is mentioned for the first time in the Bible ( Genesis 31, around 1800 BC) as a powerful watchword, when Jacob and Laban agree at Gilead to a godsent peace. They built a memento of stone and named it like their wise covenant MIZPAH, saying: The Lord watch between me and thee when we are absent one from another". Mizpah of Gilead became the "blueprint" for more places called MIZPAH in the Scriptures.

Building MIZPAH monuments was an ancient tradition in the promised land. MIZPAH signified a striking humane, tolerant and solution orientated approach to human issues, (a thought and act more than becoming to certain corners of the globe today).

Before MIZPAH, and sadly until today too everything was about material possessions, hatred, power - the holy scriptures alone are full of it, let alone history. MIZPAH introduced the clearly defined moral qualities of GOODNESS, KINDNESS and the courage to UNDERSTANDING to a time so very tough that we can hardly imagine it now. Yet everything, any obstacle can be overcome with good will and determination. That was, is and always will be the heart of the true meaning of MIZPAH.People through the ages were fascinated by the mysterious word and the message alike. As not everone could just set up a MIZPAH monument wherever they pleased, however good the reason, MIZPAH began to develop beyond the wise benediction.

Serving as protective and endearing expression, written in letters, engraved on to lucky charms and protective amulets, the wearing and giving of MIZPAH talismans became a heartwarming tradition in the anglophone world and ultimate gift to beloved, friends and family alike.

In time MIZPAH matured into the universal symbol of affection, trust and human(e) values.In today's world, yet again and especially now MIZPAH, the legendary "Bodyguard" and Reminder on our core strengths has a lot to offer, even besides the fact of it being the ideal gift.
"MIZPAH is the blue thread of hope through the labyrinth of our modern world, the confident awareness of what really is important in life, a gentle yet resilliant shield against the growing emptiness." Helena Lind

The mystical word MIZPAH bears many messages, e.g. :
I am thinking of you
Take good care
Forgive me
I like you a lot
All will turn out well
Do not give in
There is hope
You mean so much to me
You are a wonderful person
God's speed
You are so special
etc. , etc. ...

MIZPAH says all in one single word.

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