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Early in my spiritual search I had an inner vision that I was on a Twin Flame path. I walked through a New Age book store one day, and a book about it almost fell on my head, adding the conviction that the Universe had something for me, to my visionary feeling. I immediately thought I was very special and that I was rare and had been singled out for something very lofty.

I still think my feeling that I was special was correct, but have come to view it from a completely different angle as I did that day of my special twin flame message. Now I see I am special as we all are and that I had so many inner turmoils and emotional troubles to heal was because I had never been able to accept my own specialness. I have discarded, slowly, the feeling that I have something unique that makes me actually better than other people even if I am the only one who knows about it. It was painful to realize over at least the last years that I am not singled out at all for the purpose of being better than the rest. I am not that special, indeed all other human beings are at the same level of specialness as I am. Once I gave up, decided to live with the pain of my imperfections and allowed myself to feel down, unaccomplished, unsuccessful and whatever else my emotional body could think up, I found myself on a path of true healing.

I gave up my twin flame dream as well, once I became aware that the magnificence of everything is within me, because sometimes I could really connect to it and feel it and it was stronger than any vision of my twin flame had ever been. Those moments of sometimes, have become more frequent. Now I realize the twin flame is another trapping of the ego self, and in giving it up I feel freedom from a great force that used to dominate my entire life. A force that says something is out there, someone will complete me and if I am good enough one day, I will find that someone...pipe dream!

When your ego self is conquered and you become in total surrender to your real true self, your twin flame image vanishes to be replaced by the much more brilliant form or yourself as complete within yourself. You and what you perceive as your twin flame out there somewhere, are one and the same. Then you will really be in a position to attract the mirror image of yourself in the form of another person. Ultimately all other people are your twin flames as we are all one. The dichotomy is that we feel we need a twin and cannot live with the idea no such thing exists outside of ourselves, yet once we become one with our own selves to the exclusion of all others, we can have the most powerful experience of the twin flame. In fact, the twin flame will seem silly, boring and very 3D. Twin flame is merely a new age adaptation of a fairy tale romance, and is born and maintained from the ego.

However, I found true value in my vision of my twin flame and my subsequent dedication to finding my twin. It led me to myself, maybe the only thing that could accomplish that. My goal is good relationships and this is what makes me happy. Money comes in second, recognition third. So ironically my twin flame, or search thereof has brought me deep awareness of who I am and what I want to accomplish and how to do being me! How simple can it get...twin flame seems so complex in comparison!

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