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Empathy Exercises
Empaths and Empathy Exercises for Empaths
There are various ways to both shut off and control empathy. Here is
a quick meditation:

1. Close your eyes and imagine being yourself
2. Invoke the name of an ascended master/archangel of choice (or just
connect to the cosmic divine in your own fashion), then take a deep breath
3. Working with #2, set the specific intention to either shut off or
reduce the volume of empathy
4. Take several short breaths to come back to reality.

When shutting off empathy, it gets a lot quieter.
You can also use this meditation to turn empathy back on as well as to
"change the volume." Even setting the "volume" for individual empathic
gifts can be done this way. It all comes down to setting INTENTION.

Ascended masters/archangels include
Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Germaine (Transformation), Merlin, Muhammad,
Krishna, Buddha, Archangel Michael (protection), Archangel Raphael
(healer), Archangel Gabriel (communications), etc.

Immediate cleanup to regain control:
Set the following intention:
"whatever does not belong to me, please leave now!"
Do that anytime you feel overwhelmed. If you've invoked the name of
these higher beings in the process, they will take that burden.

Also, asking your archangel/ascended master "<fill in the blank>,
please take this now!" ("This" can be substituted with more specific
verbiage as you see fit)

Ways of shielding yourself from unwanted stuff:
* Visualize an energy curtain shielding you (can use the same method as
the meditation given earlier). You can also set the intention that
this curtain will shield you from everything except from what YOU have
given explicit permission to experience.

* Wear or carry crystals that have properties for repelling and
shielding from negative energy. Make sure that it is properly cleaned
and programmed (there is information elsewhere in the site that
addresses those areas). That helps with your overall aura which will
help you to remain in control.

My experience: I wore a black tourmaline pendant (cleaned and programmed
to the task) to an emotionally charged meeting and was the only one to
walk out of there who wasn't emotionally drained.

* Focus on yourself. Play the "I like" game... look around, find a
texture you like and focus on it, find a colour you like and focus on
it, etc. basically taking your conscious attention and drawing it to

* Wearing silk (I haven't tried this one, but heard about it in class):
evidently, silk has the property of holding energy inward. I don't own
much silk (too high maintenance for me). If you try this, let me know
how it works.

Remember, shielding yourself will free you to focus on ("hold a space")
for specific people rather than take on everyone. There are times when
shutting off empathy is the best thing for you. In my teacher, Rose
Rosetree's experience, 1 out of 20 people are empaths, so if you don't
have the energy to do something, leave it for another empath.

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