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In every moment of your world there are clues embedded in every part of your reality. These clues point to what is real. If you pay attention to these “signs and symbols,” they will teach you how to see through that which is illusory. When you are able to see through the illusion, you are ready to enter the Portal of Clear-Seeing.

Inside this portal, your vision "burns through" the illusion, enabling you to make choices and decisions based on inner truths rather than the shifting sands of physical reality. Understand, we do not ask you to disregard physical reality, but rather to learn to read it correctly, observing the deeper truths represented within it.

Part of clear seeing is holding in awareness that "linear reality" is only part of the complete picture and as such, points to deeper "unseen realities. Inner "seeing" is the ability to take information from the physical senses and distill its true essence and meaning. When you distill the true meaning of the world around you and your relationship to it, you gain access to these deeper realities within your self. So it is, when you learn to observe and interpret your physical reality, your awareness and spiritual understanding expands. Through the lens of awareness, symbols and their meaning unlock the door to the deeper meanings of your existence.

Seeing through the Illusion

You can begin to "see through" the illusion by examining each image and experience in your physical reality. If there is a person who "rubs you the wrong way," consider what it is about this person you find troublesome. Once you determine the attribute of this person that is disturbing to you, you have a clue to something within yourself that you find disturbing. If there is a person in your life who you observe to have an underlying anger, consider how you may have some underlying anger as well. This is one of the true gifts of inner seeing, to be able to draw from your outer perceptions kernels of truth that reveal the atmosphere of your inner landscape.

Each Experience Unlocks Deeper Levels of Understanding

In the case of an illness, you can look at the symptoms to understand its meaning. If you experience blockages of flow in your heart area, this is a sign you need to open your heart. Cancer at its root has to do with inadequate amounts of oxygen to the cells, representing a need for greater flow of life force energy in the life. Unresolved emotional issues, particularly aged anger and a lack of self-love, are often instrumental in shutting down the flow of life force energy to the physical system. Accidents generally have to do with a lack of attention to details. The specific area that needs attention is represented by the part of the body affected.

Other life circumstances can be read to understand their meaning. The ending of a relationship can occur when one or both people undergo an internal (energetic) change. It can also signify the completion of a spiritual contract. The loss of a job can signal it is time to begin a new phase of one's life and discover a livelihood more closely aligned with one's spiritual purpose.

Learning to Read the Symbols of Your Nightly Dreams

Another way to see through the illusion is to interpret the symbols of your nightly dreams. Every part of a dream is symbolic and can be understand at several levels.

A dream where you are in your car trying to outrun someone is symbolic of trying to deny and escape parts of yourself. (Everyone and everything in your dream symbolizes some aspect or characteristic of your self). If you crash your car during this escape, this indicates that denying some part of yourself is negatively impacting your health. (A car or other personal vehicle represents the physical body). Learning to understand the symbols of your dreams can help you become fluent in the language of your spirit and offers many insights to your spiritual progression and your life experience.

By learning to interpret the signs and symbols of your waking and dreaming worlds, you are able to enter the Portal of Clear-Seeing. Inside this portal, you are able to see through the illusion to the still clarity of your inner world.


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