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The Black Pearl Activations.

There is a total of seven activations in the Black Pearl.
These activations activate our higher chakras, eight through twelve.
They activate all your DNA.

The activations will help open and clear your chakras eight through twelve.
And help with integrating these chakras into your physical body.

Every time you reach a new level more DNA will start working immediately.
So every time you reach a new level of frequency inside your physical body, your DNA is ready for it

The activation also helps in rasing the frequency of your physical body and spiritual bodies.

These activations are part of the ascension teachings.

All of you are working toward ascension and while doing that more and more chakras and DNA get activated. It’s a process connected to raising the frequencies.

The Black Pearl was used during the mystery schools to speed up the process of opening and activating the chakras and DNA.
They were done during or before starting the mystery school depending upon the choice of the student.

You can call the Black Pearl a shortcut.

People attending mystery schools would attend several lifetimes before ascending.
They were able to come back every lifetime more conscious but still had to deal with the physical body.
As you know the physical body only has 7 chakras and 2 strands of DNA when you come in.

The Black Pearl started during the time of the Order of the Sphinx in Egypt.
Before that in Lemuria and Atlantis it was not needed since everyone had the chakras and DNA still in their physical body.

After the fall of Atlantis this was brought back to 7 chakras in the body and only 2 strands of DNA.

Since it does take some time to get all these chakras and DNA activated, usually several years, this shortcut was introduced to the more advanced students at first.
Later on also the new students were allowed to take the Black Pearl activations.

These activations work with fear, ego, light and dark energy, masculine and feminine energies, power, twin flames and twin souls and much more.
They were important subjects that were taught in the schools.
Usually a student would go through certain teachings and when the student was ready the activation was done.

Some of you have memories of these activations in the sarcophagus.

You all have connections to one mystery school and most of you have attended more than one.
You have done several of these activation during those times.

So why are we offering it separate from the mystery school teachings?

Many people are interested in the mystery school teachings but don’t have the time or sometimes courage to start.
Mystery schools in the old days meant being in school full-time.
Everyone attending the school would be living in the temples full-time as well.
Fully dedicated to learning the path of ascension.

In these days not many people have that chance. So all we can offer is the classes.

You all have connections to the mystery school and the teachings.

We would like for you to find those connections and bring back the connection into this life.
Bring back what you have learned.
That is why we have the mystery school right now.

To bring back what you have learned and to teach you all that you have not learned yet.

We are already in 2008 and time is going faster and faster.

All of you have different connections, so our job is to bring to you as many different aspects of the mystery schools as possible.

Different connections, different levels, different paces.
All attracted to different teachings.

So different schools, different classes.

The Black Pearl activations can be done at any time, either separate of together with other teachings.

This is what is so important to us, all teachings lead you in the same direction, but since you are all different, there are different ways of learning provided.

It’s all depending upon your choice, your feeling, your connection with the teachings.

All that is important is that you have an open mind and intention to ascend.

And all we can do is offer you the tools to accomplish ascension.


High Priest of the Temple of Isis.
The Blue Lotus.


The lasts stage before enlightment starts when you receive the Blue Lotus.

Last night on April 19th I went to bed late.
It was around 1 after midnight before I went to sleep.

During my sleep I was taken to Buddha’s birthday.

When I was standing in front of him he said:
“Good, you have the Blue Lotus.”

I had no clue what it meant, but could see it inside of me.
It was beautiful.

I asked for an explanation and all Buddha said was:
“Sit down in my chair.”

So I did.

The moment I sat down, the Blue Lotus changed into gold, then into diamond and from there into  pure white light.

I felt like I was inside the lotus and suddenly everything made sense to me.
I knew what was happening.

This was enlighment.

I also knew why I had to stop writing down the activations after the 5th activation of the Black Pearl.

There are two more.

The first one, the connection to Mother Earth and all the beings upon her.

The last one, where you receive the Blue Lotus.

We are so focused on ascension and how to get there, that we forgot about a very important part of the ascension.
One that can be reached for all of us.


There are beings on our planet that we call enlightened.
But did they receive enlightment before or after ascension?
I understand now that we can receive enlightment before ascension.

Reason I say receive is because I feel this is the only way.

We start by receiving the Blue Lotus when we are ready for this path toward enlightment.

Now I know why this trip to California was so important and why we were not allowed to change the date. We wanted to but were told not to change a thing.

I received and went through these activations of the Black Pearl while writing them.
I needed these days to be without interference to experience all this myself.
I had all the time to myself and no obligations during the day.

I would not have been able to do this at home.

And now I know.

I am sitting in Buddha’s chair and from here I understand.
We are able to reach enlightment before we ascend.
And we can ask for this if we are ready.
We can receive the Blue Lotus now.

Love and Light



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