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each Moment, every Moment...of Your Life, Your very existence ,,,RIGHT Your Soul UNFOLDING precisely as YOU designed, YOU desired, YOU BECAME ... YOU ARE ~
this Moment where you stand...where you look...where you live, where you sit, where you share, where you are...RIGHT NOW...
YOU have decisively, scrupulously, believingly, SOULFULLY ... Created this the very point of reading This BLOG, these VERY WORDS ... in this Knowingness ... do you see the Power of your MOMENTS ... do you see the Power of Living in the NOW ... reading these words ~
if you can recognize this Power and desire a difference in what you are creating ... do it NOW ... each Moment created is the Song, the Story of Your Soul ... so with this knowledge ... what is the next chapter, next chorus ... what is the unfolding of Your Soul?
are you   *Living   with ~ Love, Joy, Gratitude, Blessings, Peace, Strength, Kindness, Honesty, Happiness, Abundance, Power, Purpose, Grace, Charm...Magic and most of All...Miracles?
are you   *Experiencing   turmoils? trials? weakness? tribulations? mountains? pains? molehills? angst?
reading these words ... RIGHT NOW ... if you are *LIVING any of the aforementioned ... SMILE ...
reading these words ... RIGHT NOW ...This my Friend, is a DIVINE MOMENT ...RIGHT NOW... if you are *EXPERIENCING any of the aforementioned ... SMILE ... turn that which is NOT working around...create what it is that you want ... RIGHT NOW...ONLY YOU, ONLY  YOUR THOUGHTS can CHANGE or CREATE the DESIRES of what it is YOU Dream, Wish, Desire...ONLY YOU can BRING IT TO YOU...ONLY YOU CAN AUTHOR the STORY...ONLY YOU CAN Draw the Picture...Create the Masterpiece...KNOWN AS YOU ~
ALL Souls...GENUINE...EACH Path is ONLY up to US as Genuine our authenticity to BE that of which we were Created ~ LOVE create that which was our Soul Agreements ~ fulfilled ... to BE HERE read these words to BRING our Souls into alignment with that of Our Great Spirit!  You my Brothers and Sisters are reading these words right now, for a reason ...You were led to this BLOG for a reason ... take what is rightfully, SOULFULLY YOURS...leave the is given with LOVE from My Heart to Your Heart and Soul!
remember ... only if you allow others to control, manipulate, intimidate your path, can this be... and in that KNOWINGNESS....nor are we here to control, manipulate or intimidate another Soul ...   ALL SOULS shall BE HONOURED...ALL SOULS DIVINE ... Allowance given to every Soul to complete their Journey as agreed  ~ the Divine Contract of BEingness ~ Beautifully Sacred!
WE each have a SOUL GIVEN Say NO to any of these controls, manipulations and intimidations...BE THE SOUL that was CREATED as the ONE AND ONLY   Y O U   ...  Stand up for YOU...Take care of YOU... BE YOU!!
YOUR LIGHT BEAMS with ONLY YOU...YOUR DIVINE SIGNATURE...YOUR DIVINE LOVE...YOUR DIVINE SOUL!  TAKE BACK YOUR POWER ~ BE the SOUL that was Created In, With and From LOVE ~ the UNIVERSE ... Awaits your Beckoned Beacon!   ** S * H * I * N * E **
Love is YOU ~
Light is the Love
that is YOU!
I share the Love of My Soul with Your Soul!

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