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Ascension Symptoms
Hi there. If you're just dropping by while surfing the Internet, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Michael Sharp and this is my website. I'm a mystic, spiritual voyageur, and lightworker and I'm here to help with the transition through ascension, awakening, and into the higher spiritual vibration. If you want to know what ascension is about, read my Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order. It is in the Lightning Path section of this website. If you want to learn more about ascension symptoms, read on.

Now, before we get into a discussion of ascension symptoms , we need to make an important distinction. We need to distinguish between "awakening" (and awakening symptoms) and "ascension" (and ascension symptoms). Writers who write about "ascension symptoms" almost always get these two things confused. It's not their failure. In truth, it is hard to distinguish ascension from awakening. The problem is that the two always occur together. These days, when you begin the process of awakening, you also begin the process of ascension. Conversely, when you begin the process of ascension, you also start to wake up. The two go hand in hand; but, they are different.

So what's the difference? Well, thankfully for me, it is not rocket science. Awakening is essentially about returning your body to the full consciousness of your full spiritual light. When you awaken, your mind expands (think of it like a balloon expanding with light) to allow more of your full spiritual glory in. When this happens it appears that your consciousness is "rising", but that is not the case. What is really happening is your body (or more accurately your mind which is associated with the brain which is part of your body) is overcoming the blockages which prevent full consciousness (your "higher self" in most systems) from entering. When you awaken, your body clear emotions, clears karma, walks through fears, etc. As you do this, your body/mind becomes "purified" of fear and negativity and as this happens, your higher consciousness begins to "seat itself" in the "throne" of consciousness that is your physical body. As this happens, your "view" of things changes dramatically. Awakening is not that hard either. Although the fully awakened mind is to the waking mind as the waking mind is to the unconsciousness mind, it doesn't take that long. Just like waking up in the morning, it takes only a little bit of time to "shake it off" and return to full potential. How long depends entirely on you and your comfort level with the higher consciousness.

Now of course, there are symptoms which go along with this awakening, especially at the early stages, but these "symptoms" are not technically ascension symptoms nor are they difficult to understand or mysterious in any way. If fact, they are quite common sense. Consider that in the early stages of awakening you will probably be experiencing these things as your body and mind clear away the dust and detritus of centuries:

* intense emotional responses like sadness or anger (This is part of the clearing process mentioned above.)
* spontaneous chakra activations. Vibrations and thrumming in the locations of your chakras.
* weird thoughts and visions and the feeling that you might be going crazy.
* psychological disorientation caused by difficulty processing all the additional information you get from enhanced consciousness and awareness of the world

Once you're past the early stages (which can take as long as a few months or as little as a few minutes), then a longer period integration begins. During this period you may experience one or more of the following "symptoms."

* increased awareness of "the problems" in the world.
* increased desire to "know" WTF is going on (in Iran, in America, on Mars, with the weather, with other people friends, etc).
* increased impatience with the "stuckness" of the people around you.
* increased ability to perceive deeper levels of reality. This is as you become adept at using the higher faculties opened up by proper chakra activaton.
* gradual elimination of the "ostrich" phenomenon (i.e., decreased tolerance for wrongs perpetrated against yourself or others).

I would also expect to see (as the intermediate stages progress)

* gentle changes in diet. A slow move away from high caloric intakes and meat-based diets to a greater reliance on fruit, vegetables, etc.
* increased sensitivity to toxins in your environment
* increased sensitivity to clutter and disorganization

Of course, your particular symptomatology of awakening may be slightly different. However, if you keep in mind that this awakening process is really about an expansion of consciousness and awareness, you should be able to fit your peculiar constellation of symptoms in place.

I should let you know that the awakening process (what I like to call The Great Awakening) can be halted at any time, usually as the result of disorientation, fear, and/or lack of understanding. Awakening can also be accelerated through intent. Simply say "I wish to awaken as fast as possible" and your process will accelerate. You can also ask for help with the process by simply asking your guides, your angels, the universe, or God for assistance. If you do require additional assistance, I recommend you spend some time browsing this website. The entire corpus of writing here is dedicated to assisting you with both the ascension and the awakening process.

So, what about ascension? What are the ascension symptoms that we are so concerned about here? Well, ascension symptoms (or rather "ascension symptom" is a bit more subtle and hard to identify than awakening symptoms. Importantly, there's really only one ascension symptom of importance.

And what's that, you ask? Well, it is the fact that your ability to manifest in the world becomes more powerful as this planet ascends. You are the creator of your world. That is, there is a direct correspondence between what is in your consciousness and what you find in your lived world. I like to express this basic spiritual truth with the following pithy aphorism.

As above in consciousness,
So below in matter

Now, up until recently, as I explain in The Book of Life, we have all been cut off from our full spiritual power. The bottom line is, you haven't been "manifesting" (a.k.a. creating) at full efficiency. So, "things" happened in your life at a relatively slow pace. However now, as the planet ascends (and as you ascend along with it), that is changing. With ascension comes a more direct influence over the physical world. You are becoming more powerful and as that happens, "things" are starting to occur at an accelerated pace around you?

What kind of things?

Well, that really depends on the state of your consciousness, which is (as I explain in my Book of Light) the source of everything around you. If your consciousness is all mucked up with fears, you'll find those fears manifesting around you faster and faster. If you're consciousness is all dark and confused, you'll find the world becoming more confusing all the time. If you're consciousness is full of hatred and spite, you'll find yourself hurting others more often and with greater force. Yuck.

You'll see this in your life. Even now you will notice that shit is happening more and more around you, to you, and to others in your life. Scary thought. This is just the beginning. As the ascension proceeds, as "the shift" happens, manifestation will continue to accelerate. Very soon creating on this world will be like using a hot carving knife to slice through butter. It won't take much effort at all.

Thus, as you see, the ascension symptom is basically evidence of our collective increase in power. You'll become aware of it as either a perceived acceleration of time, or as the result of a growing chaos in your life or the life of those around you. If you see that, you'll know ascension is occurring.

Now there is a couple of things that I should say before closing this article. First of all, and this is most important, you don't have to do anything to ascend. Ascension is not a personal thing. Ascension is not a moral thing. Ascension is not a question of your personal worthiness (or karma, or whatever). The bottom line is, ascension is not something that happens to the individual. Ascension is something that happens to the world and you are going to get taken along for the ride whether you like it or not.

Second thing, as you begin the involuntary ascension process, you really need to get control of your consciousness and this involves not only purging any negative emotions, fear, or heavy heart blackness that you might be carrying around deep inside you (because you really don't want that stuff exploding in your face), but you've also got to clear away any erroneous notions you have about life, the universe, and everything (because you don't want erroneous and damaging notions corrupting the manifestation of your world). I mean, if you believe God is vengeful and judgmental, or that your government is out to get you under ascending energetic conditions, you just might manifest the conditions in heavily salient ways. And if you ask me, you really want to avoid that. With a few million people thinking the same way, it could get very ugly indeed.

So my advice to you? Well, you will find that navigating The Ascension is easier if you also go through the awakening process. It might seem all mysterious and magical to you now, but once you remember who you are (i.e., once you awaken from your 30,000 year sleep), it will all make perfect sense to you. You have my word.

So, if you're feeling an "ascension symptom" or any of the multiple symptoms of awakening, take a deep breath, clear your mind, and step onto The Lightning Path of spiritual awakening. It is a short hop, skip, and jump from the increasing agitation and uneasiness caused by the early stages of awakening and your dramatically increasing power over the world, with the peace of mind knowing

1. who you are
2. where you come from
3. what you're doing on this planet
4. where we're all going to next.

Till next time,

Michael Sharp

© 2007 Michael Sharp


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