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Channelled Messages from the Named Archangel Princes of the Angel Bagua / Healing Trigram to Sean Bradley, the Barefoot Angel Man for Light Workers

Archangels welcome diversity and so are champions of our respective individuality, sexuality, ethnicity, religious beliefs / creeds as well as cultural differences.

When we embrace the angelic realms, particularly when we rediscover our angels of the ‘Nature Wave,’ they transform our oasis or garden into a ‘sacred sanctuary’ where the Creator lives and where the angels of all Four Spheres dwell. This transformation has a knock-on effect in our lives as well as in our relationships with others. Our spirit is reawakened and our love for God and our angels is no longer dormant but now active and creative. I found it hard at first to connect with the angelic realms because of an innate fear and religious superstition handed down from childhood. However, as with any relationship I had to learn how to love and receive their love. It was like being a child in ‘kindergarten, or nursery.’ I had to be shown by them how to be still and not be afraid of them. I had to learn the simple basics of how to communicate with angels as well as discerning their messages and respective angelic voices. This did take time but thankfully having sustained a period in the wilderness due to a mental breakdown, I was surprised to discover that ‘good always triumphs over every adversity.’ I never thought that at the time because I became focussed on my illness and the losses resulting from loosing my job, home and partner of 24 years. Thankfully, I was given the courage to kneel down and humbly ask my guardian angel to help me and the rest is now history! Here I am today sharing with you how to connect, engage and receive angelic guidance and their loving support in your angel peace garden. My knowledge and practical advice is drawn from life’s painful experiences.

During that ‘dark night of the soul experience,’ when I sensed that my life was indeed a failure and that my recent illness coping with severe depression had robbed me unfairly of the ability to nurse and support the sick and dying in my locality I had no alternative but to look upwards instead of feeling so downcast. The future did seem bleak but I sensed that I was being nurtured and supported by the divine and by the presence of angels in and around my garden. I was not a gardener or an expert in angels or even for that matter garden design and horticulture! My tutors were the angels of the Nature Wave and the animal kingdom. What I have learned regarding sacred angel peace gardens was not my doing but theirs. I now sense that throughout my life I have been nurtured to receive the ‘Divine Blueprint,’ known as the angel Bagua – Healing Trigram and Celestial Placement Square. At first I thought that I had lost the plot and was hallucinating. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would be singled out to be a garden designer who specialised in creating and designing as well as empowering clients through workshops, audio-tapes to experience the presence of their divine Creator God and behold the face of angels in their sacred oasis.

Working with our Archangel Princes in the sacred angel peace garden / oasis has transformed my life as well as enriching my spirituality and understanding of angels and a loving Creator God. Through the simple tasks of pruning, weeding and planting new seedlings for the next season’s growth and display I am aware that I am the hands that they use to create and design beauty beyond words. It is the presence and untiring support from the angelic realms that have achieved the Bethany Project here in Manchester. These sacred angel peace gardens have an eclectic feel to them in that they incorporate the sacred influences of major religions and cultures honouring the Creator God within the garden landscapes. I am only the instrument in the Creator’s hands. It is the presence of angels that have achieved the ethereal beauty that one experiences when they first enter the gardens here.

But working with our angels here on Earth is important for the total well-being of the Earth and its inhabitants. Connecting with these angelic servers is paramount as they are the backroom staff of the sacred oasis. To make that first connection we have to approach the angelic realms with reverence, humility, respect and communicate with a ‘simplicity of heart.’ When I first became aware that there are Devas who supervise the trees, plants, flowers, the four elements (air, water, fire, earth) as well as the animal kingdom I was made aware that angels of this realm are hesitant to communicate and work with mankind because of the devastation that man has caused to these kingdoms. I was made aware by the Archangels who supervise these Devas (angels) that I was to stand before them and apologise / repent for man’s inhumanity as shown to one’s fellow man and the Earth and animal kingdom. Over a period of months, I became aware of their angelic presence and often I would see them working alongside me in the garden. When I go abroad to run workshops I have to inform the Deva angels that I would appreciate their support in the garden. On my return, I am never surprised to see that they have carried on as always!

Connecting with the angels of the Earth realms is not difficult. In fact it is made easy for us with the support of our guardian angels and our Archangels. We don’t have to be religious – even a regular church goer to access angelic support. What they look for is a sincere, humble, reverent and committed heart that is loving, inviting and all embracing towards the Creator’s kingdom.

According to the great St. Thomas Aquinas, “ Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy, every creed. In fact, angels have no religion as we know it….their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on Earth.” Angels represent the Divine and spirituality!

The Creator has entrusted Archangels with unique powers - gifts and specialist skills to place at our disposal that will facilitate our relationships with the Creator. Each area of the Angelic Bagua – Trigram and Celestial Magic Placement Square have already been enriched by the divine universal life force energies for our sole benefit and spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing.

When we are faced with fear, trauma, illness, depression, anxiety, we are advised to stop – stand still- reflect- breathe in the breath of the angelic realms and become totally infused by ethereal – angelic life force energy. Angels are indeed ‘Messengers’ of the Divine Creator God who though unseen are there all the same working tirelessly behind the scenes, on our behalf. Angels are perceived by some followers as deities in their own right. When we adopt this attitude we do them a great disservice as they are servants of the divine and not God! They represent the Creator and empower each one of us to make a connection with our spirit and with our personal angel who in turn take us on a personal journey of self discovery. This faith- spirit journey eventually leads us before the throne of the ‘Divine Presence.’

The Angel Bagua – Trigram and Celestial Magic Placement Square are indeed sacred tools that are part of the ‘Divine blueprint.’ To access their sacred energy, or universal life force angelic energy it is important to know a little about the named Archangel Princes – about who Metatron is and what he does on our behalf. Here we shall take an in-depth look at the named Archangels listed in the Celestial Bagua – Trigram and Celestial Magic Placement Square of the Angel Sacred Peace Garden.

The named Archangel Princes of the Celestial Baqua / Trigram are:

1. Archangel Michael – Prince of the North.
2. Archangel Uriel - Prince of the East.
3. Archangel Gabriel – Prince of the South.
4. Archangel Raphael – Prince of the West.
5. Archangel Metatron – Prince of the Inner Circle of ‘Universal Life Force Angelic Energy.’

The Named Archangels of the Celestial Magic Placement Square are:

1. Archangel Michael: (North).
2. Archangel Melchizedek: (South West).
3. Archangel Uriel: (East)
4. Archangel Moroni: (South East)
5. Archangel Israfael: (Centre of Sacred Oasis).
6. Archangel Raziel: (North West).
7. Archangel Raphael: (West).
8. Archangel Ariel: (North East).
9. Archangel Gabriel: (South).
10. Archangel Metatron: (Inner Circle).
1. Archangel Michael.

Michael to all intentional purposes appears to be the most well known and seems to be the ‘favourite’ of all the angels. The name Michael means, “Who is like God” and his is known by other different names and titles given to him by God because of his unquestionable loyalty and devotion to God. Names such as ‘Warrior Angel – Angel of Patience – Prince of the Chaldeans.” Despite the many titles given to this high ranking angel, Michael will always be there for us as a powerful spiritual ambassador to help us throughout our faith’s journey. Michael is depicted as a ‘warrior angel’ with sword in hand to fight evil. He represents the marginalized as well as the oppressed in our society. Sacred Scholars have led us to believe that Michael is the angel responsible for the angelic well being of the heanevly realms. It has been recorded that the Archangel Lucifer who attempted a coup, or takeover in the Heavens, was finally overthrown and hurled from the Heavens by this high ranking Archangel. Michael and his angelic helpers finally restored order in the angelic kingdom and by so doing protected the Throne of the Divine Creator God from ‘a take-over-bid’ by Lucifer.

In light of the warfare that existed in the angelic ranks and also within the heavens, the stand that Michael took along with loyal legions of angelic beings, set the world stage for all mankind to decide whether to choose the path of evil or goodness. The incident that did take place between Lucifer and Michael and their followers reminded us not only of this scene, as it was recorded in the sacred books of the Bible, but to make a firm stand whether we choose to follow evil or good. The fight between Michael and Lucifer is said to represent the forces of ‘light and darkness’ which is as evident in our world today as it was then.

Message from Michael:

Open your heart to receive the love of all’Loves.’ I am your helper and want to walk with you each and every step of your journey as well as directing you in your chosen career path. My aim for you is to lead you towards the light. I know this light as it is my inspiration to chose rightfully to obey- to love- to serve my God.

I don’t come to unsettle you but to empower you to believe that what you experience here on Earth is transitory and will not defeat your aspirations. Believe that through all of life’s hurts and disappointments there is hope. My ambitions for you is to connect with you in your sacred space and take you by the hand to meet the divine that is already within you. Yes, it is all around you; even the air that you breathe is filled with angelic life force energy. You may not see me or my angelic helpers, but we are here and we want to assist you in every way possible. But first, you have to ask us to come into your heart – your mind – your thinking. Then we can embrace you lovingly and unconditionally. Our mission is to work for you – with you – and through you!

You are a ‘son and daughter of God.’ You were created as a love child by the Divine Creator God who has always loved you. From the moment of your inception through conception, you were cherished and loved. Believe this and you will hear the sacred voices speak to you spirit / your soul. Open your heart to God’s love and permit me to come and assist you achieve your ‘individual greatness’ that will forever bless you as well as others. Permit me to show you the different ways that you can embrace ‘divine love’ and hear your God speak to you through the elements – the beautiful landscapes and wildlife. My helpers are gathered all around you – listen carefully and attentively and you will hear. Yes, you will also see us and eventually embrace the ‘divine’ within you. Remember, you are an ‘Earth Angel’ and together you and I can change the world and make it a safer place for all mankind to behold the face of their God.

If you have difficulty hearing and receiving my message believe in one thing! You are dearly Loved!” Whatever may or will happen to you, you are surrounded by many unseen helpers of the angelic realms. Don’t wait for a problem to happen – summon my help today!

2. Archangel Melchizedek: or better named the ‘Angel of the Divine Presence.’ He was considered like Michael as a high ranking angel who took the human form to do the work of the Creator God. Sacred Scholars and Angelologists have each accounted in detail that it was Melchizedek who delivered God’s Covenant to Abraham In the Catholic Church, when a priest is being ordained into the priesthood the sacred rites of the priest’s ordination ceremony clearly states, “ You shall be a priest according to the Order of Melchizedek.”

Message from Archangel Melchizedek.
I bring you the healing love and power of all angels! Regardless of what is happening in our troubled world, good (Positive) always triumphs over the evil forces(Negative energy). It is worth remembering that what you throw into the Universe – it will come back to you! If you throw out hate – expect hate to be thrown back at you. Reflect – Pray – Be Still and know that wherever you are you are in the presence of our God and the angels of the Four Spheres.

Living in the modern world has its rewards as well as its failures. My presence in the ‘Angel Peace Garden’ or sacred oasis, is to assist you in achieving wholeness and completeness in your relationships with others. If you are searching for a partner who is of like mind, then know that I am here and believe in what I share with you that when you ask for my help I will come to your rescue immediately. However, unless you ask specifically for my help I cannot intervene of interfere in your life’s journey.
It is not good for man/woman to be alone and isolated here on Earth. We need the support love and friendship from soul-mates who will accept us unconditionally and unreservedly regardless of our sexuality, disabilities, or even our religious beliefs. I see you not as a stranger but as a soul-mate seeking the integrity of the divine within you. One of my main responsibilities in the Celestial Magic Placement Square is to support those who are married – who are seeking a life partner – those who may have separated from their partner. I aim to empower the discouraged to receive encouragement and solace during those times when all may seem lost! Modern man/woman have created a new set of values where they can inadvertently create problems in their relationships that would seem on the surface to be insurmountable. There is a disregard for the sanctity of life – of love commitments – of sharing in absolute togetherness with trust, respect, dignity and loyalty for the partners. There is a swing towards being unfaithful in marriage. If we make a commitment to live in a loving partnership with another, regardless of sexual orientation we must be aware that the honeymoon period is not meant to last the entire lifespan of that relationship. When serious problems raise their ugly heads, instead of leaving one’s partner and seeking solace in the arms of another we should reflect on what ‘marriage’ actually means for the survival of that relationship. It is so easy to walk away and forfeit the responsibilities and duties of one’s sacred promises to love, respect, support, nurture, encourage and commit one’s life to another! These and other associated marital, relationship problems can be resolved without destroying the dignity and self respect of one’s partner. I am here to assist you achieve harmony and unity in that commitment. It is so easy to blame another for one’s own mistakes and perpetuate the cycle of hate. It takes a mature person to stop and seek stillness and listen to the sacred voices in the quietness of the moment. It takes divine intervention to empower you to safeguard and protect as well as nurture and sustain one’s marriage / partnerships with one’s soul-mate. You are not an ‘island.’ You are a member of the human race and a brother /sister of the divine. You are the presence of something richer and greater than the problems that seek to destroy and overthrow the divine life within you!

3. Archangel Uriel: Means “The Fire of God”. Uriel is ranked as a Seraph, an Angel of high rank. Angelologists have given a clear description of what Uriel’s other titles and names that best describe his favour in the heavenly realms. They are,‘Regent of the Sun- Flame of God – Archangel of Salvation.’ Uriel is perceived by Sacred Scholars and Angelologists as being the ‘sharpest sighted angelic spirit of all angels in Heaven.

Message from Archangel Uriel.
I am your support when all may seem hopeless!
My role and assigned angelic responsibility in the ‘sacred angel peace garden,’ is to open doors for those who feel prisoners in their oasis. I come with many gifts that will liberate your spirit. Up until now, you haven’t asked for my angelic wisdom or assistance! I am here just waiting on your invitation to seek you out and deliver the Love of the angels and our God.

One specific concern of my involvement in the heavenly realms is to support all families, particularly those who are in turmoil – those searching for missing members of their family – family members who have been deeply hurt by either sexual abuse, violence, physical, mental and psychological cruelty.

In the heavens I belong to the family of the ‘angelic realm,’ serving our Creator God on your behalf! I come to you and all families in love and wish for your personal happiness to be complete at every level of your existence. I am not referring to passing happiness that is world accepts as ‘real happiness.’ What I am referring to is inner peace and joy that makes you fully complete and joyous in your relationships within your family network. Family means shared togetherness of the joys as well as the sorrows that make us who we are as people. The happiness that I refer to is eternal happiness the kind that this world cannot fully understand or comprehend. True, lasting happiness is achieved when we are in unison with our selves and with the members of our family. Our society today is geared to following the every whim and fancy that takes one! Some of you are led by the nose, just like a bull with a ring attached to its nose. We are unable to make positive choices that will generate inner happiness and fulfilment. Could the reason for this be because you are sometimes weak and lacking real conviction befitting a child of the Creator God? Don’t fret! All is not lost. You are not alone in your search for fellowship, freedom, contentment and belonging.

I hope to open the eyes of your spirit by unlocking the chains that are around your tired, weary heart. Thee chains have stifled your very being and have prevented you from being “You.” Let me help you right now to experience the real inner joys of spirit! This unique joy will saturate your very soul – spirit life and empower you to be who you are meant to be! You are not to be a slave to the trends of the modern world! Forget about the fashions and trends that may set you above your neighbour and leave you feeling a sense of false insecurity. You may well find that you have already become arrogant, complacent, self sufficient, self-indulgent and unbearable to live with within a family. Let me help you escape from these false gods. Gods that rob you of your dignity as a fellow human being that is worthy of respect and kindness; warmth, love and inner beauty that we can see. What does it matter what the world, or society thinks of you! Why loose out and be abandoned by those who are inwardly jealous of what you have achieved. Are they more worthy of your affection? No!

Come with me and let me share with you the real joys of life and love. Let me show you a different way that has stood the test of time. This way is easy to follow and getting there doesn’t involve hardship or financial insecurity. Just ask me to come and assist you in your quest for inner fulfilment and spiritual contentment that will generate a positive response from within and around your sacred oasis.

I am here to enable those of you who have no ‘earth family’(brothers and sisters) to encourage and motivate you achieve your full potential! I will lead you to your new family of soul seekers searching out the divine and angelic life force energy that fulfils and satisfies us at every level of our etheric being . Though you may seem alone in this world, yet, you are never alone when you embrace the divine in your sacred oasis. You are surrounded by a myriad of angels and divine beings. You only have to connect to the angelic realm through our frequency. We are accessible twenty four hours a day, seven days a week; fifty two weeks of eternity. When you ask me to help you I am already in your ‘master plan.’ Remember, that I cannot help you un less you first ask! I respect your free will and because of this, I can only come when summoned. When I do come to you I assure you that you will experience a joy this world cannot or will not understand, even comprehend! My promise to you today is that I will take you by the hand and lead you to places that will satisfy your spirit to the point of ecstasy. I will lead you into the presence of the Divine God who made you in his/her image and likeness! You will know what it is to be a valued member of a loving family.

4. Archangel Moroni: Known as the ‘Angel of Light’. Angelologists have said that Moroni appeared to John Smith in 1823 in the USA and known as the Angel of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons). According to several experts, it has been said of Moroni that when he appeared to John Smith, the face of Moroni was as a “Being of Light with a face resembling lightening.”

Message from Archangel Moroni.
“Blessed are those who are poor in spirit, for theirs is indeed the kingdom of heaven.” I want you to listen very carefully to what I am telling you now- that will hopefully benefit your entire life and those around you.
My assigned areas of responsibility within the Angel Bagua – Magic Placement Square is concerned with ‘wealth.’ Modern man say you are what you eat and known by what you wear! I say to you that you are none of these in the eyes of the angelic realms or before the Creator God who made you! You are a ‘Child of the Divine God’ whose father is a millionaire! Do you believe this? Possibly not, or maybe you are feeling somewhat threatened by the statement that your ‘Father is a millionaire.’ I am not referring to your natural father. I am referring only to your Heavenly Father – the loving God who created you as a unique individual representing divine ethereal love here on Earth.
Wealth is usually perceived by most as that referring to cash – money – dollars – riches! I perceive wealth not as any of these but as that rare and precious gift that has not price tag. It is like a rare and precious pearl and when found you take it home and value it by caring for it and restoring it to its former glory and beauty. You don’t squander it or abuse it by being careless and foolish. Your spirit / soul is just like that precious pearl but much more valuable.

I want you to enter your sacred angel peace garden and be aware that you are in the presence of the angelic realms and standing before your God. The earth you are standing on is no ordinary earth. Believe me when I share with you that you are standing on sacred ground. It is a sad And disturbing fact that too often man disregards the sanctity of life.Poverty is man inflicted and not God created! Those who are poor and devoid of sufficient means to live on for their survival are the unfortunate victims of ‘man’s in humanity to man.’ It is not the Creator’s wish to see his children die of starvation and poverty. There is a sufficient amount of food and grain to feed the entire world twice over! The inequalities are as a direct result of greed and the power to control. We can correct these injustices and inequalities through a more honest distribution and supply of the Earth’s food stores.It is the will of the Creator that all mankind access the universal wealth that is there in abundance for one and all! Your needs are already known to us but you do not ask – or you don’t know how to access the wealth of the angels and your God. It is not evil to be rich or to have acquired your financial wealth honourably. However, if you have acquired your wealth dishonourably through unlawful means or on the backs of the ‘poor,’ then do have engaged in such practices is evil! You will never inherit the ‘wealth’ of eternity until you amend or change your ways.
As on Earth, you have Banks and financial institutions that invest your savings. So it is here in the Heavenly city. We have ‘angel bankers’ who invest the talents and skills of the Creator’s work-force and generate positive results through these wise and prudent investments. I ask you to be aware of the angel bankers and ask them to assist you to benefit from their heavenly administrations. They won’t give you the numbers for a lottery win, but they will certainly give to you a percentage of your low income to help you stay healthy and live a meaningful life. All you have to do is to ask – believe- trust- and accept in love. Remember, your heavenly Father who is the supreme God of all life force energies on Earth is a beneficent God who wants to share the wealth of the heavenly kingdoms with you today.

6. Archangel Israfael: Known as the ‘Burning One’. According to Angelologists, Israfael is said to have paved the way for Gabriel by serving for three years as a companion to Mohammed, whom he had originally initiated as a prophet.

In the Islamic version of the story of Genesis account of Adam’s creation, Allah sends Israfael, Gabriel, Michael and Azrael – the Angel of Death – out on a mission to fetch the seven handfuls of dust needed to make humanity’s progenitor. According to legend, only Azrael returned successful.

Israfael is described as the ‘four-winged angel’. Israfael is reported in sightings whose ‘heart strings are a lute, and who has the sweetest voice of all God’s creatures.’ It is said that this wonderful Archangel sings God’s praises in a thousand different tongues.

Israfael is the Patron of entertainers and Artists.
Again it has been said of Israfael, that when the end of the world finally arrives, he will descend to Earth and stand on the Holy Rock in Jerusalem and blow the sacred trumpet that will awaken all the dead from their slumber and summon all who have ever lived to come and meet their judgement. Angelologists have said of Israfael that he looks into Hell three times during each day and night he is stricken with great grief that makes him weep to the point of flooding the Earth with his tears. The torment that he sees in Hell is said to be so great that it leaves him sad for all mankind who choose to ignore the love of God.
Message from Archangel Israfael.

Enlightenment comes from knowledge and knowledge comes through being wise. Wisdom is the result of listening to the inner voices of the divine speaking ‘words of wisdom and instruction’ through the elements and the angelic servers in and around you.
My assignment in the angel peace garden as depicted in the ‘Magic Placement Square,’ is to help you achieve positive or ‘Chi’ energy in your sacred angel peace oasis.

Silence is the sister of the Divine! It is only in the silence and stillness of our sacred oais that we can engage with the divine. Noise, upheaval, restlessness, inner disquiet are antagonists to acquiring chi energy in our lives. To live the ‘spiritual life’ and nurture our spirit we are encouraged to take time out to reflect and listen to the sacred inner voices of spirit.

We live in a wonderful and beautiful world that was created by the Creator for our enjoyment as well as pleasure. There is excitement and great expectations in the faces of everyone! However, the pull of the world usually saps our energy and at best, we are left isolated and feeling bereft of spiritual nourishment. We become the victims of our own undoing! Our exposure to excess pleasure and excitement, late nights and inadequate respite leaves us impoverished in every sense of the word! We become victims of our own undoing / greed and survival is for the fittest with the weak falling in their droves. You end up being led by the nose through the ‘flesh-pots of Egypt,’ and instead of rejoicing in what is beautiful and glorious you become sad and dispirited people like ‘aliens’ from another planet. You are like a house built on sand – it collapses when the storms come and blast its very foundations into oblivion! Why do you allow this?

We are made of three key elements, mind-body-spirit. We cannot ignore one at the sole expense of the other element. We are obliged to safeguard each key component by ensuring a daily diet that will sustain our spirit and help us maintain an ‘even balance.’ When you ignore the spirit in favour of the mind or body, you incur the wrath of nature and the elements of spirit. Your lives are not meant to live in chaos or disharmony but in unison of spirit in close fellowship with the elements and alive to your surroundings.

Acquiring ‘chi’ is achievable and accessible! You must make time and do a ‘stock check’ so as to replenish your spiritual life with the essential ingredients that will empower you to connect with your divinity as well as your spirit. When you involve a garden designer to come and plan your sacred oasis you listen carefully to their advice and despite the financial outlay, you are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve your ‘dream garden.’ So it is with accessing inner peace and harmony within yourself. Spiritual values are essential for your survival in the modern world. To be successful in the market place and hold onto that creative job of yours you must make sacrifices for your personal success! So it is with your interior life of spirit. You have to set aside time each and every day to make that all important connection between you and your God; you and the angelic realms. It is not as difficult as you might imagine! It involves time and effort of equal proportions. Because you live in a busy world that makes demands upon your physical as well as your spiritual-life, you have to be aware that you will have to prioritise and avoid the fast lane if you are to succeed in the spiritual –interior life. What you put into your spiritual life will return dividends that will take you to a higher plane of spiritual enlightenment or ‘nirvana.’

Nirvana is not out there! It is here in the present and by adopting changes to your present lifestyle, you will access the benefits of ‘chi’ positive energy in yourself. I walk beside you daily and I am in the whisper of unspoken words that inspire you to reach out and touch the divine in creation. You are divine and because you are made up of spirit-energies you need to spend time each day alone with me and with your God. Rejoice and be glad because you are almost there! Now, walk the rest of the journey with me and experience the real lasting joys of inner-bliss in the presence of the divine

7. Archangel Raziel: The name literally means, “Secret of the Creator God,” and belongs to the Celestial Choir of the Cherubim. It is said that Raziel is an angel of the secret regions and Chief of the ‘Supreme Mysteries.’(1.500 keys to the mysteries of Heaven). He is the patron of the first human – Adam and it is said that he stands at the veil separating God from creation and records everything said at the Throne of God. Raziel is the author of the Book called the Tome where Noah gained his information to build the Ark.

Raziel is recognised by a yellow aura surrounding his angelic appearance. It is said that if you were to see him he would appear tall showing his large wings that are sky blue in colour. He is the guardian of originality, pure ideas and dreams. Known to be exceptionally helpful and supportive in clarification of certain truths surrounding confusion as well as certain myths relating to the occult in the universe. Raziel understands the power, speed and flow of electrical energy systems in the universe.

Raziel is seen as a high ranking angel and is perceived within the angelic realm as being a senior angel we would call today as a ‘Boss Angel.’

Messages from Archangel Raziel.

I am the Archangel Raziel and my role is to empower you to walk humbly in reverence with us and thereby access the ethereal benefits and divine riches freely available to those who seek divine enlightenment. I am your advocate and messenger sent to you from our Creator God who is keen that you make contact and benefit from life here on Earth. Your angel sacred peace garden / sacred oasis is no ordinary place! Here in our sacred garden you will embrace the divine and benefit from that connectedness. All you have to do is be still – be aware – rejoice and know that in the secret recesses of this sacred oasis we are present waiting for you to come and join us. Yes, we may be unseen to the naked eye, but please don’t fear! We are all around you working tirelessly and effortlessly on your behalf.

My specific area of support that I can offer you is to share with you what I do for you and others. My job description is to safeguard ‘benefactors’ and help you benefit from the blessings given freely by benefactors to those who are in need of support. The word benefactor should not be merely perceived as someone who gives ‘charity’ to the less fortunate. There are different types of benefactors who wait to give generously of their gifts to enhance your faith-spiritual journey. In most cases, our benefactors remain ‘silent-sleeping-partners.’ They respond when I summon their help on your behalf.

Situated in the North West section of the Placement Square Benefactors range from support from our angels, members of your family; distant relations now in spirit, or soul light seekers who have heard or seen your plight and have volunteered to help you in your time of disquiet or trouble! When you approach me personally I already know your thoughts and have already prepared an ‘action-plan’ to remedy your plight. Seek and you will find the healing beneficial support from your God through the angelic realms and spirit world. Unless you come and ask you will never know what surprises are in store for you.

As a servant messenger of the most High-God, I know no obstacles or agenda that could separate my love for you right now. Regardless of where you have travelled to seek enlightenment be aware of those who profess to be agents of the Divine God! The world is filled with many ‘false prophets’ who claim to know the answer to your situation. I ask that you exercise caution and seek the gift of discernment that will help you recognise these false prophets and steer clear of them!

8. Archangel Raphael: The name means, “God Has Healed.” Raphael is a senior archangel and one who is given the sole responsibility for the healing of all God’s people and of the entire Universe. There are many examples of Raphael’s healing ministry recorded in the sacred books of all major world religions. Angelologists have said that Raphael is said to be one of the most loved of all the angels in the heavens. Images of Raphael are still being painted by artists today.

There is a legend that when Solomon prayed to God for aid in building the temple in Jerusalem, Raphael personally delivered the gift of a magic ring that had sacred powers to overcome demon spirits.

Messages from Archangel Raphael

I am the Archangel Raphael and I represent the healing power of the living God who desires that you be free of all ills that separate your spirit from the divine! I am a servant of the Creator God of all the living and I am here to be your servant in those times of anxiety. I bring you the love from the God who made you in love and I share with you the energy of all here in the angelic realms of the Fourth Spheres of angelic servers.

My specific role in the Angel Placement Square and Bagua is Archangel Prince of the West with a responsibility for all children of the Universe. You are called to be ‘childlike’ and not childish! Children have a rare quality of seeing through the mind-games and agendas that adults use to get there own way. Regrettably, children have been exploited and abused by adults over the centuries and it is my responsibility to ensure that they are protected. My angelic helpers work best when they have you and the adult population of the world on board. Sadly, man’s inhumanity to children has greatly saddened me and I now need your support to challenge society to rethink their beliefs and values towards all children.

I come in love and with the healing energy of a loving, generous God. You too are loved and accepted as a valued member of the human family. When you call on me I will come and assist you in whatever circumstances that you may be in right now. Your worries, fears and battles are mine too! Know that I am with you even in your darkest hours and am there walking close beside you through it all.

Healing comes in many different ways. Yes, there is immediate healing known as ‘ a miracle.’ There is healing that is a slow, gradual process that appears to take forever. Often when you ask for a specific healing for a physical problem and there appears to be no direct answer to your requests, the healing may have been directed to another area that is in need of divine healing! Healing can come to you in many different ways and through a variety of practitioners. Divine healing touches the lives of many souls that desperately need healing. For example, divine healing often comes through the expertise of the surgeon; the Palliative care nurse specialist; the Dentist; the healing group in your local church. There is direct healing and there is indirect healing that releases us from the negative energies that cripple your mind – your physical body – your emotional and spiritual life.

In the complexities of life, often we are not meant to know the answers to everything but seek inner calm through quiet reflective stillness and prayer in our sacred oasis. When you raise your mind and heart towards the divine God who made you angels are immediately sent to comfort you in your trials. If there is a serious health problem then I am told of this and am ready to assist you through the pitfalls. Remember, prayers said either to God the Healer, or directed to one of the angels is never ignored! Your prayers for divine assistance are heard and answered in the ways that are best for you. We can see the whole picture whereas you can only see the immediate problem which often blinds you to the real truth of life’s great mystery, Always be assured that whenever you summon the support of the angelic realms help is given immediately. Remember the poem about the ‘Footprints’ in the sand? Be of good courage and never despair when the trials of life hit home causing you to waver. I am here with you through it all! You are not alone! Though you may feel that you are alone – rest awhile and believe that here in the calling out in your distress – I am right beside you. I am in the air that you breathe; the warmth of the sun’s rays are the embodiment of my wings surrounding you. Please do not become discouraged if you don’t experience immediately! There is a genuine reason and through quiet stillness in your sacred space you will be told everything you need to know.

9. The Archangel Ariel: Whose name means ‘Lion of God,’ and according to Angelologists as one of the seven princes who rule the waters of the Earth. Ariel is one of the overlighting angels that is recorded in several of the world’s ‘Holy Books’.

The Archangel Ariel is a high ranking angel and a member of the Thrones who are associated with the nine choirs of angels. The Archangel Raphael and angel Ariel have been recorded as being a healing partnership by in curing disease and helping alleviate the sufferings of all mankind.

Messages from Archangel Ariel:
I am the Archangel Ariel and my presence is everywhere but more so in the North Eastern area of your angel peace garden. I am assigned with a specific responsibility to raise awareness about developing and nurturing your personal relationships with your Creator God – your higher-self – your destiny and about the meaning and purpose of why you are here on Earth.

I represent the spirit of knowledge and how you as an individual can acquire knowledge about yourself – your relationships with the divine and others. Knowledge is essential if you are to succeed in this life’s plane. Without having developed a common sensed approach to knowledge and all matters appertaining to its inner riches and spiritual values you will loose out on life’s destiny for your own achievements. To go through life with limited knowledge of survival you will surely fail miserably in your life’s work and achievements. Ignorance is not acceptable and you cannot use the ‘excuse card’ to avoid accessing knowledge.

Yes, there are different types of knowledge and here I shall concentrate not on academic knowledge but on a ‘common sensed’ approach to understanding why you were born and what purposes we have for you as a child of God on this Earth plane. You have to take time out from your hectic schedules and listen to the still voice in silence. It is unfashionable to pray, or is it? You are made of up different parts that make you what you really are! If you deny your physical body food it will die from starvation. This is not good but foolish. If you eat sensibly you will live a long and healthy life and hopefully you will be content and happy! However, if you fail to satisfy your interior life – spirit- then you will stagnate and drift aimlessly throughout life. You will not life but only exist as an unfulfilled human being that has lost sight of your goal and purpose of being here. Your interior life of spirit is as important for your survival in the rat race we call modern society. Society is forever pointing the finger at God as to why he permits disasters to strike the family of man. It is not God who is guilty of the gross miscarriages of justices but the human race. What can you expect when mankind shuts the door to divine love and says we don’t want to know!

Society says no to the Creator’s love. Governments say no to God’s healing and protective love. Most business say no to divine love. Do you say no to this all embracing, unconditional love too? The reason why you and the rest of mankind are unfulfilled and satisfied with life is because you find it ‘unfashionable’ to pray and deny yourself the pleasures of experiencing the real riches and joys of living a spirit-filled life of love. The reason mankind is disillusioned with living life on Earth today is because of a lack of knowledge about all matters divine. Desolate is the world right now because you fail to comprehend or understand the real meaning of love- God’s Love – the Creator’s love – angels love for you where you are at right now. Open you heart and your mind to receive love and thereby acquire knowledge that will transform your life for all eternity. Let your interior spirit experience this wonderful sacred experience of connecting the two spirits – yours with the Divine Creator God. If and when you decide to embrace angelic love you will fly like a bird and experience real joy that is selfless, forgiving, enduring for all time.

10. The Archangel Gabriel: Whose name means, “God is my strength,” as well as know as the ‘heavenly awakener.’It was Gabriel who appeared to Mary at her Annunciation, to announce that she would conceive and bear a son – the Son of God. It has also been recorded by Sacred Scholars that Gabriel appeared to Mary’s cousin Elizabeth to inform her that she, too, would bear a son who would be called, ‘John The Baptist.’

Muslims believe that Gabriel is the Spirit of Truth who dictated the Koran to the Prophet Mohammed. In Jewish traditions, it is believed that it was Gabriel who parted the waters of the Red Sea so that the Hebrews could escape from the soldiers of the infamous Pharaoh.

Messages from Archangel Gabriel:
I am Gabriel the Archangel of the South and I greet you in the name of all loves – the divine God who loves me with the very same love that God loves you! My sharing with you now is fuelled by my interest in you and your future destiny as a co creator of the same divine God who love everything that was created in love.
I am assigned to protect and nurture you and empower you to benefit from your regular contacts with the angelic realms in your sacred angel peace garden / oasis. Part of my remit is to assist you reach your full potential and thereby use your talents to glorify the spirit of living love within you before men.

I have been identified as a go-between in difficult situations as well as being made Patron of communications globally. My task in the sacred angel peace garden is to show you how you too can be recognised as a unique individual especially chosen and loved. Your needs and want check-list can go on forever and a day! However, there is one particular area of your life that is still unfulfilled and this has left you feeling empty and at times lonely. We are all famous before the Creator God who made us in their image and likeness. Through my daily involvement in the Angel Bagua and Healing Trigram I am responsible for facilitating changes in your life that will open doors for your happiness.
Fame when it comes can cost us our life’s work even our dignity if we are not prepared for its successes. Recognition for our hard-earned achievements in either the work place or in our personal lives is laudable and commendable before men. But we are to be on our guard against the sinister forces of man’s pride and arrogance for fear we get too ‘big-headed,’ and loose everything we have worked hard for in this life. You know what I am trying to share with you regarding the downside to fame. It is sad when one minute a famous person who has commanded the applause and respect of the world stage and suddenly falls from grace in the public eye. It is equally disturbing to read about certain members of society who achieve their greatness on the back’s of the poor!

Because you live in a modern world that at best has lost sight of the spiritual values that make you what you are today it is disturbing to receive notice of the lengths that man will go to so as to keep his fame, or good reputation intact. If you dabble with evil forces be assured that what you through at others the same will inevitably come back on you and take your reputation leaving you in tatters. Many a great person has courted the world’s stage and fallen flat on their faces only to discover to their detriment that their friends were not really genuine but ‘fair weather friends.’ What brings fame to you is an open trusting nature that recognises the self-worth of each and every individual regardless of their material wealth or fame. If you can see the face of your Creator God in the faces of ordinary men and women then and only then have you become famous before your God. Then you will experience the real friendship of the angels and know what it is to have genuine fame in your life.
Are you ready to forfeit the spiritual values for earthly values and loose out altogether? You are indeed a wise person who can see through the folly of courting false Gods and false hopes and dreams that will come to nothing. Be wise and seek first the kingdom of your God and the angels and all else will be given to you in abundance. Knowing such a treasure is there for the asking is indeed fame without the hardships of having to loose your spirit – your soul in the race.

Ø The Archangel Metatron: Whose name means “One who occupies the throne next to the Throne of God.” He is seen as the Liberating Angel who wrestled with Jacob. According to several Jewish mystics, Metatron came to hold the highest rank of angels despite no reference to this in Sacred Scriptures! Another of his titles are, Chancellor of Heaven, King of the Angels, Highest Power of Abundance, the Supreme Angel of Death, the Twin Brother of Angel Sandalphan; Keeper of the Sacred Scrolls and is overseer of the Planet Uranus.
According to Angelologists, Metatron is said to have lived on Earth as the Prophet Enoch, who was taken up into Heaven and transformed into an ‘angel of fire,’ with thirty six pairs of wings. Metatron is said to have been the angel who stopped Abraham sacrificing his son Isaac. It is also mentioned in Jewish folklore that it was Metatron who led the Hebrews through the wilderness for some forty years.

Messages from Metatron:
I am the Archangel Metatron who speaks to your higher-self in love and with the blessings of the most high Creator God who has assigned the duties and responsibilities of the Angel Bagua, Healing Trigram and Celestial Placement Square. These sacred tools are no ordinary tools that you can pick up and drop whenever the fancy takes you. They are not disposable like surgical instruments that a surgeon disposes of after a surgical procedure. They are the tools that will facilitate a connection with your Creator through angelic involvement in your sacred oasis. You can use these tools anywhere…they don’t have to be used specially in the garden. Yes, they were designed for creating an angel sacred peace garden but you can equally apply the principles of the angel Bagua in your home.

My main role in all of this is to act as an overseer who knows when to involve not just the services of one Archangel but when appropriate involve the services of many angels who are available to help you achieve spiritual enlightenment and achieve your goals.

Although I have been portrayed as the greatest angel that has ever existed yet I am afforded the same love and spiritual blessings that are now freely available to you today. The Creator God who loves me also loves you as an equal to me. In our kingdom God has no favourites but accepts and loves all of his angels with the same intensity as God loves you where you are at right now. This is worth some reflection and you need to fully comprehend what this means for you.

I can empathise with you in your plight and daily struggles to regain control of your life in the midst of so much adversity and conflict. The world is so confused and its inhabitants are mostly chasing their tails or fighting against the winds of change. I once lived among God’s people as a responsible citizen but like you I was misunderstood for standing up for integrity and justice including ‘fair play’ for all of God’s people. I lived many centuries ago but believe me when I tell you that life on Earth is no different now as it was in my time. Man is still searching for the impossible dreams and continually frustrated by his meaningless existence.

I bring you an offer of eternal life through making the necessary changes that are relevant in your faith – spiritual journey towards the divine. I am here to show you how you can access that divine life by doing ordinary things extraordinarily well with the support of myself by your side. I am drawn to you to empower you to ‘rise up’ and go free from the ravages of a wasted life. Seek inner peace and joy here right now. Open your lives to receive the breath of the angel’s breath. Open your eyes of spirit and behold the greatest love story ever told about you and the God who loved you from the beginning of infinite time.

The ‘Divine Blueprint’ as outlined in the angel Bagua is about making peace with your higher-self and experiencing the inner completeness that this brings to you. This transformation won’t cost you a penny! To experience a complete change of image costs the earth! Look at those who cannot accept themselves and live like ‘peter pans’ forever trying this new face lift and that tuck of excess fat….. it costs and they pay dearly for within the false smiles there is a longing to be loved and accepted as they were before they had radical surgery! Here in this city of eternal love and angelic-light energy we don’t know fear, hate, guilt, shame, despair as you do on Earth. In fact we don’t fully understand why on Earth you cannot understand that life there is momentary.

If you are experiencing deep despair or that inner peace and joy is beyond your physical grasp – fear not! I am there along side you in your present plight. I was assigned to help you achieve all that you ever dreamed and hoped for in this life. But first, you have to take time out and reflect on where you are going and what it is that you actually wish for yourself. When you sense that all around you seems hopeless and you are feeling helpless, fear not!

I come not as a thief in the night but as a messenger of the Divine Creator God who loves you and I as equals. Remember that when you hear others say that we have no need of God but we will engage with the angels be aware that they represent not the ‘Light’ but the dark side! From the beginning of time there have always been false prophets who convincingly try to confuse God’s chosen people. I use the word chosen not to reflect on the Jewish nation but to state that those who embrace the “Universal Life / Light force angelic energy” embrace the divine God who created you and me! I ask you to discern the words and instructions from those who say they represent the light. Put them to the test! Never accept their words as gospel but reflect on them and what they, the false prophets, are telling you to do. Be aware and be on your guard for the thief of God is alive and active and will use every despicable means to confuse you and lead you from the real truth. Seek out the wisdom of all holy men and women and reflect on their teachings in your heart. I am Metatron, servant of the most high God who loves you with a love this world does not fully understand or comprehend. Rejoice and know that I am here together with the entire angelic host at your disposal so that you will never feel alone or rejected.

Remember that all we ask of you is that you will walk humbly before your God and seek only the universal life / light force angelic energies that are in abundance in your sacred oasis /angel peace garden.

Firstly, I would like to share my personal thoughts about the ‘Boss’ Archangel who is the overseer of all that transpires within the angel sacred peace garden. This angel is no ordinary angel! He is the Archangel Metatron and it is alleged that unlike ordinary angels who have one pair of wings, Metatron has 36 pairs of angelic wings with a wingspan of several hundred feet in diameter.

Metatron is referred to as ‘ the Chancellor of Heaven.’ He is considered to be of considerable importance in the angelic realms. Angelologists are in agreement that Metatron is considered greater than Michael and Gabriel.

Metatron, whose name means ‘God in Man.’ Angelologists believe that Metatron is the tallest angel, whose face is described as resembling the blazing sun with a dazzling appearance that prevents man looking into his eyes. Metatron radiates the divine presence wherever he goes and when we encounter his presence we sense a rekindling of the divine within our souls / spirit. Metatron’s key responsibilities as Chancellor of Heaven involves supporting and sustaining all mankind regardless of our diversity. He holds the key to the eternal kingdom linking man with everything that is associated with the divine! In essence, this worthy Archangel is always one step ahead of mankind by facilitating and empowering each of us to connect with our God. He breathes the divine life force energy into our very souls encouraging us to respond in triumphant praise by accepting and recognising that we are sons and daughters of the ‘Divine God/dess.’

Metatron is the ‘hound of heaven’ searching out the lost souls so that they can behold the face of the creator. When we call on him we are never disappointed with the results!

In March 2003 I received a beautiful painting of the Archangel Metatron with a simple message. His message to me on 17th March 2003 still holds true for me. It reads: “ Given to Sean Jude Bradley to heal souls broken by man in ignorance and pain.”

Messages from the Archangels arrived on 29th September 2000 (Feast of the Archangel Princes).

About the Author
Sean is an intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Teacher & Author of several books and perceived by his clients as a ‘Physician of Souls.’ Born in Glasgow, Sean was brought up in Dublin. He felt that throughout his life he was being guided and that his life was mapped out. At the age of 16, he entered a monastic community and qualified as a nursing monk. He continued nursing for a further 30 years until a major breakdown became his breakthrough in doing this work. In 2002, Sean was guided by Sananda Jesus and Mary Magdalene to establish the Sean Bradley Academy and reach out to carers and therapists-empowering them to embrace the ancient teachings of the Nazarene Essenes, the Angel (Feng Shui) Healing Bagua, and Mother Mary.
In 2006, Sean established The Tau Tree of Life Healing Community providing support for therapists, empowering them ‘self heal’ and reclaim their inner divinity as co creators of Source.
Sean now lives in Storth, in the beautiful South Lakes, Cumbria. From here he operates his consultancy providing Therapeutic Counselling /Therapies and Residential Retreats, supporting many clients from overseas.

Contact details:
Sean Bradley
The Barefoot Angel Man™
Tel: +0044-1524-762292.


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