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Thank you for visiting my bio page. I offer here credentials, background and other information you may find interesting as well as answer some of the questions I am frequently asked.

One question I am frequently asked is the significance of my name. The name White Dove represents what is often referred to as the Holy Spirit, which I call the unknowable and the void. The unknowable is like a womb; it is a place of pure potential in which anything is possible, hence the association of the dove with hope, peace and healing.

Another question I am frequently asked is the meaning of somatic dakini, which I use as my e mail address. Somatic, as I use it, refers to an awareness of myself (and all of creation) as consciousness embodied. Consciousness is always in motion creating multidimensional patterns that are the foundation of everyone and everything from physical form and thought processes to abstract concepts, belief systems, interpersonal interactions and social structures. I can sense these patterns and instinctually know how to work with them to evolve physical form.

The word dakini as I use it has two meanings. A dakini is a sacred sexuality adept, and in the Buddhist tradition it is a manifestation of the divine feminine whose path of loving service is helping humanity move past illusion and limitation of form, into awakening and infinite possibility. Although I am not Buddhist, I identify strongly with this path.

I have been intuitively open since I was very young. I remember knowing people’s fears and motivations, long before I was able to understand that most people did not sense these same things with the depth and precision that I did. I was three years old. On my first day of kindergarten, I had the sudden realization I was a messenger with important information for humanity, and I was trapped in the body of a six year old. Shortly after this experience, the memory of the realization faded, but the intuitive awareness remained, along with a strong drive to fulfill a purpose I no longer remembered. Ironically, I lived my childhood, adolescence and early adulthood in a constant state of intuitive, spiritual openness without realizing it, and as a skeptic of all things spiritual and metaphysical.

I led a seemingly conventional life, receiving a BA in Business Management and MA in Adult Education. I completed an extensive facilitator training program, which led to many years facilitating encounter groups, and a lot of growth for me! I worked in non-profit and mental health care environments where I held positions in training/development and management. Over time the burning drive to fulfill my purpose led me to learn Reiki and other healing modalities. I offered healing sessions and instruction to individuals and groups, including at the Whole Health Expo and the New England Reiki Conference. In addition to energy healing, I offered sessions and instruction in intuitive development, and sacred sexuality.

I am often asked how I learned the things I write about and the work I offer. I am also asked about my sacred sexuality training. The message of my six year old self was that we are each infinite beings with our mastery sourced from within. In accordance with this message, I have learned primarily by awakening to my inner mastery, allowing my infinite nature to teach and lead me. My path of remembering as training may be untraditional, but it has taught me something extremely important: whether you want to be enlightened, a sacred sexuality adept, in good health, financially abundant, or experience fulfillment in any other form, it all originates from the inside out. Other people can help facilitate the process, but the person with the ultimate empowerment and innate ability to transform your life is you.

To assist you on your path, I offer the Life Mastery and Sexual Empowerment attunements. I also intend to resume offering somatic-oriented workshops on spiritual awakening and sacred sexuality (join my mailing list at to keep informed). In addition to offering attunements and workshops I am a writer with articles in Sedona Journal of Emergence, Many Hands, Loving More and many other print and online publications. I have recently completed my first book manuscript (a somatic approach for improving health, personal growth, relationships, sexuality, finances and global change) and am working towards its publication. A second book on sacred sexuality is in the very beginning stages.

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