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Cyndarion has a B.S in Social Sciences and have been traveling and teaching over the past 20 years in many countries to those that seek Self-realization, Enlightenment and God Realization.. He has written over 10 books in Spanish and recently his first spiritual novel “El AIniu”. Cyndarion is a Visionary artist and creator of many Multidimensional ascension tools. He has written many songs and written hundreds of spiritual poems. Cyndarion also have design the most incredible ascension jewelry to create great quantum shifts of consciousness in those that where them. He is Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master and teacher of over 200 different energy healing and ascension systems. His main background teachings are from the Bible, Shamanism, Kabala, Hermetism, the Toltec Path, Advaita Vedanta and New Age thought.. Under his guidance dozens of students have attain what in the non-dual Advaita Vedanta path is term as Self Realization. For the first time he is offering his teachings in the USA for those that want to Realize their True condition and understand the nature of reality even beyond the teachings on non-duality towards Ascension.

• Cyndarion's is a fully Enlighten Teacher living in Non-Dual awareness experiencing unity with all life what the Vedas terms Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Enlightenment.
• Cyndarion is a Fully Conscious channel for the Ascended Masters.
• Cyndarion is can bestow Shaktipath initiation to awake the Kundalini something that only a few teachers in the world can perform.
• Cyndarion is a potion floral master creating incredible shifts of consciousness with his essences. He also creates custom tailor herbal formulas to help you in all areas of your life.
• Cyndarion can channel a Complete and Unique energy Meditation and Healing system tailor to your own Soul’s Signature.
• Cyndarion is a Conscious Lucid dreamer and has the Gift of prophesy
• Cyndarion has the ability to call upon Spiritual Beings from the Highest dimension that volunteer to help humanity and magically bind them in jewelry or objects so the can assist the individual.
• Cyndarion can Break Curses, Evil eye, Demonic sorcery and more that may be affecting your life. Cyndarion is an expert teacher in Psychic Protection and also can channel Spiritual Interdimensional Symbols for this purpose.

Galitica, had a profound life changing experience while having a delicate surgery, where she had a Near Death Experience so transcendental that her whole life change forever. After her direct experience with God the original Being that was in that body/mind was replaced by a Higher Level Being under God's Will. The new Being return back with the mission to work along side with Cyndarion, while maintaining unbroken communion with God to this day. This phenomema is what many term "Walk-in" and others Soul rotation. After that hundreds have seek her assistance feeling an inner calling from God to heal and purify.

• Galitica is an amazing Fully Clairvoyant Energy Healer and gem master
• Galitica is a Fully Conscious Channel for the Ascended Masters
• Galitica is in a Permanent state of Blissful God-Communion
• Galitica is a Visionary able to perceive all dimensions and contact the guides of any person
• Galitica can read all the layers of your aura from your etheric body all the way to the innermost soul levels and give incredible details to promote your Spiritual Growth and Healing
• Galitica can remove Negative Entities, Demonic Beings, Psychic parasites, Vampirism energies, Negative Et implants from your energy fields and perform exorcisms.
• Galitica is an amazing Soul Healer that can restore perfect balance in your life by assisting you to overcome Limiting karma in your life
• Galitica is Master of Astral travel and Dimensional travel.
• Galitica is Harmonic Space balancer beyond Fen-Shui, and can remove Negative Objects, close demonic and negative spiritual Vortex and Portals, purify the environment and help you created the most Sacred Space in your Home.

Together there are creating incredible personal and groups seminars to catapult the spiritual evolution of any being and help them reach God Realization and Ascension.