What Does It Mean To Be Grounded?

What Does It Mean To Be Grounded?

by violette2moon

September 8, 2010, Comments(1)
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As I studied my solar chart for the new year I noticed a strong emphasis on the second house. What comes to mind? Security, Stability, basic needs and desires such as Money and Food. Being grounded, deeply in touch with the Earth. Settling down?


Back to basics. 


Earlier this year, I parted with most of my material possessions. I gave up my spacious three bedroom apartment; I quit my well paid 9-5 job and moved to a small island in the Atlantic. Just me, my son and 4 suitcases. Embracing the simple life.  

My days now are quiet; I stay in most of the time. Sometimes I go for a walk, I really love walking.  Sometimes we go to the beach or to town. I love the Ocean, yet surprisingly I do not spend that much time at the beach. I spend time with myself. What DO I need? Turns out I can comfortably live without my waffle iron, my DVD collection and I do not need 20 pairs of shoes. I have yet to miss any of the things I’ve left behind.


As for my connection with Earth, I’ve been told that I’m not very grounded. That I need to learn to be more present in my body. Yet what does that mean?  

Does it mean that I should eat regularly? Does it mean that I should take better care of my health? Does it mean to spend lots of time outside in nature? Does it mean I am steady and reliable?


 I don’t feel that I am from Earth. My memories of other places are just too vivid…so I am not going to pretend…


But I do love Earth; I love the sweet taste of ripe, red strawberries on my tongue. I love looking at the clouds and listening to their stories.  I am indeed a child of the Heavens and the Stars; I came to Earth to love Her, deeply.


For Love is what I am; sometimes clouded, sometimes bright, all-encompassing and strong.


But I am not exactly reliable or steady. My diet is not exactly healthy. My body could do with a little more exercise, but should I?


I know this:

Every day will be different. Every day will feel different.

I cannot guarantee that I will do the same thing I did yesterday, because I will not. I am living on the brim, on the verge of a new me that is yet unknown to my mind yet deeply familiar with my heart. I love intensity.  I am a true and loyal follower of my heart’s desire.  I’m allowing my heart to set the rhythm for my life here on Earth.


And there are these sweet quiet moments, when my heart is brimming with joy und subtle ecstasy, an overwhelming sense of gratitude washing over me for this experience: Life. It is in these moments, that I feel alive. It is in these moments that I feel deeply connected to Earth.


A witch, they say, is someone who lives on the fence, not quite from this world, not quite from another world. Balancing the inner and outer, she acts as a radiating center point between the Heavens and Earth. I can identify with that.


 Sometimes I get caught up in my mind, in the world of “should and would and could”. But then again this is not so bad at all. Because inevitably these thoughts are always followed by this precious moment, when I remember; “I am alive…” My hands touching, feeling, exploring, it’s all here, right now…

 That's my definition of grounding for now.

You Have A Good Start On

Fun Art

September 8, 2010, 8:25 pm
You have a good start on grounding hen you walk in the woods or go in the ocean, etc. Grounded is like a tree, who has roots in the ground and leaves in the air. You can do this by pretenting you have roots growing from the bottoms of your feet (bare feet at first) and let them grow deep in to Beloved Earth. Feel what that feels like. that is gounded.
Just like some eelectical appliances need to be grounded, a wire connected to something going in to the ground....so do we. We are electrical and magnectic in nature.

need convincing...??? Get a friend and take turns being ungrounded, think this, ungrounded... then have your friend try to push you over a bit. You will wobble. Now grow the roots and be grounded... now have the friend push you...more solid, eh?? That is grounded.

When things get too busy and all your attention is in your brain, stop and ground...


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