2012 - Spirit Of All Life Becomes Consciously Present And Alive - God Awakens From The Dream

2012 - Spirit Of All Life Becomes Consciously Present And Alive - God Awakens From The Dream

by Flying Hawk

January 3, 2012
Spiritual development



Dear mystical beings welcome to this Year of change 2012

Pope Gregory studied Mayan calendars and changed the calendar time by 7 years so the world could possibly survive apocalyptic visions.


Atlantis fallen 12997 years ago

and the Lord of the Dark saved the Solar system ( upon a request of the Light Lords who could not repair the damage done by some humans to the whole Galaxy ) together with

12297 immortal human beings who gave their immortality

Upon an altar of survival of Mother Earth and her human children


Something has changed forever and the darkness become misunderstood and misused by the Lords of the Ignorance dressed in the uniforms of Governments, Churches, Businesses, Bankers


The Lords of Ignorance opened the unthinkable system and enslaved humans by its teeth. The vampiric nature of sucking someone else’s blood and energy became the law. Whoever wanted to be free and live of own energy was found, ridiculed, imprisoned, tortured and if you did not open your veins for the suckers they put you on the Cross like they did to Jeshua and after he died, the same people who wanted him to die they called him Jesus Christ the Saviour. 3 days after his ‘’death’’ he appeared in his Lightbody to his wife Mary Magdalene, so she could stop crying.

Yet masters of ignorance used the power of lies and declared her to be a prostitute.


Now in the first hour of 2012 I am calling on you brothers and sisters. God lives inside your heart and not on faraway cloud as the churches keep telling you. To wake the God inside your heart all you have to do is to listen to your heart and not to anything starting with the word church.

If you don’t know how to hear your heart, advice is pretty simple one. Any thought, any idea that comes from fear or generates fear is not from God living / sleeping inside your Heart. So say good bye to fear and feel its presence but do everything you would do if the fear was not stopping you.

Do it anyway. The end of Slavery depends on you, especially on you and on you. It’s in your hands. Whatever you fear, do it anyway,

Do it, brothers and sister, Do it as One, Do it soon you and you and we all will become one with all living things, One with our Planet, One with Our Solar System, One with our galaxy and with our galactic neighbours, One with God, The Creator of All that Exist.

Remember all the time. One is All and All is One.


Happy Awakening, Happy Awakening…


Happy 2012


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