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Paul Marwood


To be in service to my Soul
Male - 45
Escondido -USA

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From his early years growing up in Zimbabwe and Australia, to his current life in the United States, Paul Marwood has embodied the clarity of vision for his life and followed his heart to pursue his passion. Even as a teenager, Paul was clear about his career path and entered the world of engineering with an unwavering focus and success. Beginning as a control systems engineer, he worked many years before branching out to launch his own company. Paul’s clarity and focus in his career brought him great personal and professional success until one day he had a near fatal car accident that brought about rapid changes in his perspective on life. After his body healed he began the next phase of his life, which he would describe as one of a spiritual seeker and his personal spiritual development became his priority. His spiritual quest allowed him to experience many forms of alternative healing including Reiki, Shamanic teachings, exploration of past lives, and more. Eventually, he was drawn to Reconnective Healing® and became a certified practitioner with the same level of vision and clarity that he had with all other endeavors in his life. As a successful practitioner in this modality, Paul was brought to the United States where he met his wife, Holly. With “Love at first sight”, they soon married, joined spiritual paths, and together created Soul Genesis. Paul has fully integrated his background in Engineering with this passion for delivering Soul Genesis programs through the latest technology and modes of delivery. He is also a teacher, practicing healer and guide offering his vision, clarity and heart through a variety of Soul Genesis transformational processes: 111 Activation, the Universal Sphere, the Tree of Life Activation, the Golden Light Activation and Reconnective Healing. Additionally, he is a Certified Akashic Records Reader offering Soul level guidance and answers through the Akashic Records for his clients.
Spiritual Path

Spiritual Mentor and Transformational Coach

My Adam Kadmon.

1992 was the major turning point. Post a serious car accident. This caused my Kundalini awakening. I was guided me to make the changes necessary in my life. A spiritual, "personal growth advisor" came into my life. Integrating Tai Chi, Yoga, & meditation into my life. Daily learning and lessons in connecting more deeply with myself. Past life experiences, lessons & clearing. Multiple OBE events as well as the before mentioned items opened my "Left Brained Engineering" eyes to a much larger reality. The growth still and I feel will always continue.

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Star Sign:Leo/Cancer
Occupation:Spiritual mentor and personal transformation coach

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Thank you for all that you do and post. So appreciated! Here's to a fabulous 2013 :>

Comment by Paul Marwood
Dear Whimsey Nimble, you make it all worthwhile. Love and Blessings to You and may 2013 bring you so much love and light.