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You Are Everything, Every Being, Every Motion, Every Situation, You Are Unity, You Are Infinity, You Are Love, You are Light, You Are!
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We are all One! We are here to spread frequencies of love and light. In order to know who we truly are, we have had to learn our lessons the hard way by experiencing that which we are not and thus deciding to create a new definition for ourselves. Everything in our outside world that we have labeled as being a problem has been a creation of our unhealed spiritual wounds. Therefore the answer lies within our selves, in spirit. We have begun to weed out, eliminate, and forgive all of those labels that we have brought upon ourselves. These limitations have separated and divided us long enough! By us, simply learning to vibrate at a higher level of awareness, we are like beacons of light that are spreading like a wildfire throughout the planet. Once we learn to love everyone unconditionally, releasing the need to judge others and self, and learn to use the Light of the Creator, we will then be able to manifest everything we need to live in harmony and in the New World. We then become Masters, helping others in their spiritual ascension process. The Ascension is Now!
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I would like to raise the collective vibration of humanity by mainly being the love that I am. As we integrate the light within and radiate the light throughout, we ourselves are transformed and in turn, our outer existence is transformed as well.

My spiritual journey began as a teenager. In the midst of having to go through major anxiety and depression, one day I realized that we all must go through the dark night of the soul in order to see the light. After that, I focused on living life in forgiveness, gratitude, and most importantly unconditional love for all.

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Portal to Ascension has been created to assist in the awakening process. We are involved with in person and online events worldwide exploring consciousness, ET disclosure, ascension, conscious living and ancient civilizations. We serve as facilitators of awareness.

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