I was so sure i knew what was going on ! Then i sneazed and realized i didnt even know where that came from ? Wisdom isnt about knowing anything
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Heart rant
The Star-seed dance
Truth Japa(Power of simplicity)
AUM simply
Seed (japa,to be done as thought) Mantra for deepening and empowering the present moment.(adding sound to the Power of NOW)
Darkest before the dawn
Sunlight and Willpower
Mantra song for the NEW Lemuria
Poem for The White Light Wizards

NOW is all i need !And thankfully its all ive got !
Spiritual Path


I am OM because all is AUM and for this truth i am eternaly greatful! GOD is Love ! And if im wrong i have no use for God

When my ignorance broke my heart ,its been breaking ever since . Wide open

Recommended Reading

Anything Tolle,Seth,Gangaji,Auto biog of a yogi,This house is on fire,The Bob Monroe series,Pretty much anything that leads me from the mind into the heart of NOW.My favorite quote is from one of Tolles public talks . " you are the NOW "
Hometown:Wherever i find peace
Star Sign:Sag
Occupation:Human.... Being....

Hello fellow peacefull warriors.I am a life long student and adept of several things.First and formost i integrated Okinawan Karate(sanchin) with yoga.I love the AUM mantra and cant express its power to change ones inner and outer realitys enough.Anyone wondering what kind of tool could help with absorbing light .I will tell them simply breath and AUM. Namaste

No darling I do not use facebook. You can find me here, on skype or yahoo mess...or in your heart ;)

Love you so much precious soul!

divine blessings of love and light

Comment by seesthroughu
I will be getting the internet where i live in the next little while. At that time il start skyping. Be well brightness !

Hey darling! How are you? How is your universal unfolding? I have faith that everything is good :)
Anyway I was just passing here to reinforce my love and nurturing toward you dear precious soul :)

one love and warm hugs with the heat of the sun

Hi there, just read your blog about pot (yea it was the title that caught me), didnt leave a reply there as I realised it was quite old & probably wouldn't see it. Very interesting perspective you put on pot & I did enjoy reading it so thank you for sharing your thoughts & deeds.

Many Blessings

Oh you make me blush :)
I thank you from the bottom of my you so much

Comment by seesthroughu
So beautiful : )Thankyou

Thank you sir for your visit to Serapis Bey's message. It definately was a nice surprise.

Brightest Blessings,


Glad to meet you Danny.

we all are in love and light

in the name of the universe I thank you for spreading you light

one love and divine blessings toward all things,

Comment by seesthroughu
Anca ! what a nice message to find :) thank you and same to you bright one !

Thanks for taking a look... I value your opinion on it :) I hear you about being in nature and stuff, at the moment I am living practically in the woods so I'm able to do that alot too.... good old mama Gaia ;) Take care and much love, Kel xx

I started my blog project that i have wanted to do for aaaages :) Thought i'd post you the link incase you'd like a peek!! It's for awakening souls **excited**

much love xx

Comment by seesthroughu
I will check it out , and if i have any feed back il message you :)