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Male - 51
Stockport, England -Great Britain

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To find the truth of oneself is a gift given by the Creator to everyone; He has guided me to enlighten the world about the current events and help people spiritually grow to reach perfection in God's image and likeness.
Spiritual Path

The teachings of my HIGHER SELF, who I share with you all.

My spiritual path was closely with my mother Ascended Master Saida Khatoon (http://www.signposttothesource.co.uk/content/index.php/introduction), who was truly a gifted woman. At a young age I realised her potential; I decided to stay with her all my adult life until her death in 2003. It was an incredible experience growing around her, when every question was answered with incredible detail. Often I would be confused because I was not spiritually aware, but she was adamant that my time would come. She would often say to me that you are spiritual and not to forget that. It was much later when she gave me all her life time teachings. Only now I am able to find my way and hope to inspire others too. How can I forget my dad who put everything together in order, even now I go to him for words of wisdom and inspiration. You are not forgotten but elevated even more within my heart.

Back in March 2010 I too wondered and was confused about what was going on around the world, I sat down and decided to make a change for myself, I had to admit that what I knew was not enough and there was something missing in my life. My mind was telling me constantly that I had to change my ideas. Over a period of several months I sat in silence wondering what the missing thing was, then one day as I was teaching my class, an overwhelming pain erupted in my chest, a moment later I was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack, but deep inside I knew that something had opened up inside of me. That night my deceased mother came to me in a dream and said “you need to start channelling.” As I awoke I had no idea what that word meant. A week later as I sat down in silence in front of my computer, I listened to my higher conscience and then all of a sudden my mother started talking to me. This journal, on my website http://www.signposttothesource.co.uk, is about my channelling and conversations with my mother who is an enlightened Master herself originating from a density higher than this realm we exist in. The conversations cover a wide range of topics that mankind has struggled to understand over the years. This has inspired me in my journey of awakening. Slowly but surely I am discovering who I am and hopefully you will too. It will serve as a foundation of spiritual awakening for those who are seeking the truth and wishing to awaken themselves. I Shazi would like you to go through this journey with me to full enlightenment and awakening.

Walk the Path with Others)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) There are many who have found a new sense of purpose to their lives and have come to terms with everything good or bad around them. A new sense of knowing and an insight that has changed their perception. They can relax and finally see a goal being fulfilled.))))))))))))))))))))) The wise ones have realised that walking the path alone is only lonely, but with others, it becomes exciting. A new purpose has been found when you share and teach others.))))))))))))))))))))))) You are beginning to learn with other millions of people as the collective consciousness multiplies daily. You feel invigorated as you know that others share the same beliefs and truth as you do. You are not alone and you can see that victory is only a moment away.))))))))))))))))))))))) The path does seem a burden but easier than you first thought; as you know that many people are too walking the same path from every religion and belief system around the world.))))))))))))))))))))))) You can see through the veils of the skin of people as you realise that they too need your support and you step forward to help. Compassion is replacing the selfishness and competition you once had. You are waking up further and, you know.)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) There is a spring in each step as you read and seek further insights to enrich your thirsty mind. It needs input to wake up the side that has been asleep for so long. It urges you to find what you are looking for and it prompts; sending messages and words to your mind, hoping you will see and make sense.))))))))))))))))))))))) You are making sense as you tell your higher consciousness, and at the same time, challenging your own belief system to wake up to the truth.))))))))))))))))))))) You are awake and continue to wake up others by your presence. Where you step is not a worry but a new adventure for the discovery of the mind. It is like a beauty never discovered before and soon you will begin to love the silence and make meaning and sense to this.))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Every day brings a new dimensional thinking and no day will be the same as others around you are changing too. They awaken further with you as you lighten their burden by giving insights and pictures to their mind.))))))))))))))))))) They know you follow the truth and have ended their doubt. They see the truth with a different pair of eyes as they smile from the false images shown around the world.)))))))))))))))))))))))) There is no fooling you as you know that you are loved by the Creator, and you feel the special nature of yourself.)))))))))))))))))))))))) Greed, selfishness, competition, hatred, anger, this "must have" mentality is left behind and replaced with love, sharing and more sharing. For you know that the past was only a stepping stone for something big that is to come.)))))))))))))))))))) You begin to laugh more and more and realise that misery was nothing to partake in. Smiling is slowly replacing the challenging memories and you know because you know the truth.))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) You realise going back to the old days of ignorance; it is a thing of the past, as you praise yourself from the darkness you have left behind. You have found the path as many are saying and you deserve the credit to discover the truth of the words.)))))))))))))))))))))))))) Banished for good is doubt and hesitation, as you continued to realise that it got you nowhere, but a confused outlook to life. You cry and embrace the love that multiplies again and again.))))))))))))))))))))))))) You know and you continue to distinguish false words from the truth.)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Your mother; you are loved from the distant lands and seas, as you have enriched the minds of the few that needed it most. These few are now multiplying into a team of light souls bursting with a new found insight.)))))))))))))))))))))))))))0 •
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The inner santuary of the mind and the portal of the higher consciousness , that we all possess.
Hometown:Stockport. England
Star Sign:Pisces


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