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Male - 19
Boston -USA

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Currently residing Salt Lake City, Utah, I am a musician and an artist who enjoys time in nature and my canine friends. Recently have felt the call the further the development of my spirituality and to express it through my craft. Namaste
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Have had various experiences over the years, but seriously started opening up to it last year after a particularly intense experience.

Meditation, Peak experiences through music
Recommended Reading

The Alchemist, Be Here Now, Hafiz, Tao of pooh, Law of One, Pleiadian Workbook : Awakening your divine ka.
Hometown:Salt Lake City
Star Sign:Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Virgo

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Comment by Stubeeee
uhum...... sure......... well I hope you find peace. You seem rather desperate. Not sure why you feel the need to scam people

thank you for visiting Kali's message

Brightest Blessings dear sir

Welcome to our wonderful community, Stubeeee. Love and light to you!

Blessings and Namaste,