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Author and moderator of Blue Dragon Journal, http://bluedragonjournal.com , I have been writing about and sharing my inner journey for the past year or so, with other Light workers throughout the world. I'm a work in process, just opening up to my own multidimensionality. I've always had the capacity to adapt to new knowledge and this has served me well on becoming aware that I am more than I seem in daily life. I have been on a journey of self-discovery throughout this lifetime and many others spent on this planet and other worlds and dimensions. I have links, of which I am currently aware, with Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian and Lyran sources. I am learning not to limit myself, but to ever reach into an expanding state of self-awareness.
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Long, long ago. I was reading Edgar Cayce books before I was in high school. The journey just continued from there. A psychic advised me a while back, that I've been on my spiritual journey all my life.

Many and varied.
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Hometown:I live in Washington State, USA
Star Sign:Libra Rising / Sun - Aries Moon

Thank you for the beautiful messages of love and wisdom.

radiant blessings


Comment by Tazjima
Thank you, Whimsey. I apologize for late reply. I don't often look at these comments.

I really resonate with your messages, Thank you! Kay A.K.A. Whimsey Nimble

Elizabeth, I just wanted to say that I always enjoy reading your channeled messages. You come through very clearly and your messages always seem to resonate with me. Perhaps it's our shared love of nature that makes the difference. I too love the outdoors and spend time every day with nature and with contacting my higher nature for answers.

Blessings to you.

hello and welcome to this place of love and light...namaste