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Elevation of the Spirit, Elevation of the mind, Elevation of the soul; So Let us Elevate.
Female - 36

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TheMoonGoddess`s Blog

I am a lightworker. I have helped many find there path. I am a lightworker. I have mastered reiki and use energy to send healing. I aslo have intuitive abilities as i am indigo. I just say gifts there are many. I here to make a difference and help if possible. Aslo to be among others like me. Thanks
Spiritual Path

Healer pscychic/medium indigo starchild innergoddess.

I want to be a guide for those who are searching for answers to guide them on their path.

I have noticed my spiritual growth since the age of 5 mostly through visions and precognitive dreams. Then It increased in my teens became more and more in my life. I went through some confusion if i was normal for a while. Then after I realized what gifts and potential I had my path was lit. So from my 20's on i have been on my journey i suppose i will continuously be until time stops. But Im enjoying the path im on and i know it is from a divine source.

Crystals, Healing, Meditations, Psychic awareness and growth, Shanmanism, angel healings and readings, cryptozoology, paranormal interests etc.
Recommended Reading

Anything on John Holland. Angela Mcgerr is also good 100 angels from a-z has been an inspiration. Those too really stand out. I am also a fan of Slyvia Browne.
Star Sign:Aquarius

I am an Indigo Starchild.
Hello Dear Friend Am Miss joy,and i view your profile today at and i was interesting in getting to know you more for us to build a relationship from,And i will like you to write me back through my email address for more about me and my picture as well,( know that distant or language those not matter,but true love those,Await your lovely respond soon. Best Regards Miss joy