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Breathe and Allow
Female - 44
Santa Fe NM -USA

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Hi! I'm Ornesha :) It's a pleasure to meet you and share myself with you. I've learned to adeptly walk in two worlds simultaneously for as long as I can remember. My professional background is widely varied. I have a degree in Business Administration, have owned and operated performing arts and casting companies, restaurants, worked with various NPOs, worked with the Department of Energy to develop and implement new quality standards, and am currently Chief of Operations for a clean tech energy company. But there has also been another side to me that has been the foundation to all of the above. That part of me has two children who have been my most amazing experiments, literally. The experiment was to have these children, raise them by myself (although both dads are very much in the picture and wonderful), help them learn to remove all ingrained belief systems (fears), and teach them to be led by their essence first. And I am grateful every single day for how these two are continually blossoming. I have no background in any one religion or practice (since I was 8 anyway) - and that is because of two reasons: The first is that they all hold something sacred, a difference piece of the pie, a different perspective on the same energetic principal, etc. The other is that I've only been able to find real, true and solid answers from inside and have had to learn to trust in my own particle of god within me. When I finally understood how to methodically and artfully move beyond the encased human condition of pain and suffering, I wrote it down step-by-easy-step and put it in a book, Ornesha's Ascension - A New Age of Enlightenment - and it lives as a part of me and my world every single day as I experience greater and greater vistas while continually riding out the valleys without too much struggle. My Heart is One with Yours, Peace! Ornesha
Spiritual Path

New Energy, Inside and Out

That's a loaded question...every time I go off into the future, I have to re-mind myself to come back to the present!

It feels like a lifetime ago, but I think I was about 25

Usually observation, really, of the human body in its evolution, while at the same time applying these new understandings to our outward expressions of them through technology.
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Ornesha's Ascension ;)
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Occupation:Renewable Energy

We welcome the New Energy!

pleasure to meet you...
Jyothi Melkhio-RA Gaia-RA
The Divine Presence

dear Ornesha : are you aware of the fired clay waterfilters that have coloidal silver with in,high perosity is achieved by mixing saw dust into the clay and when fired burns it all out,the only place i know they are made is in the basement of the library in Braddock,Pa.

Hi Ornesha, your beautiful happy avatar picture caught my eye online,
I haven't seen you before, nice to meet you.
I have been here for well over a year, but have changed my name 3 times.
I think your job sounds fascinating and very well needed on earth,
all joy and love to you, Tara * ~~


just read your "Real Illusion" very nice,I will be reading all your writing and checking your links out.

Comment by Ornesha
Thank you! It's nice to meet you :)

Breathe and Allow ........great double act!

If only we had Bullshit transformers ....I could make a fortune.....can I tell you about my mobile cowass generators?

Perhaps Hello would be easier.........then I would need one of my self inventing transformers!

Comment by Ornesha
Hi! Is there a reason you are so upset with clean energy? And how does bull poop and cow asses fit in? Methane?