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Luis Antonio Gasparetto..Empowered Human;)

One of the more intriguing examples of psychic art is produced through a psychologist presently living in Brazil, Luis Antonio Gasparetto. By his twentieth birthday he had produced some 2,400 canvases by forty-eight well-known artists of the past. These are not works of undistinguished court painters, but the likes of Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Toulouse-Lautrec, Modigliani, and Degas. Each painting has the undeniable markings, colors and signature of the famous artist. Of course, one could claim these paintings are “spiritual” forgeries masterminded by incorrigible spirits. That in itself would be fantastic enough, like the talking dog who orders the wrong brand of beer. But the art masters state the contrary claiming that they are working on their and our spiritual development by providing proof of their ongoing existence, emphasizing the continuity of life.

Gasparetto creates his works of art in a dimly lit room where it is impossible to discern one color from another, at such a speed that he completes each work in less than ten minutes. He says he enters an altered state during which he feels the spirit artist’s emotions, sensing what he is going to paint long before he begins the painting. His mind is fixed on the thoughts the spirit is generating and experiencing, often with the impression of four or five personalities rushing forward at once. They come close, holding his shoulders, controlling the movement of his arms, just as if they were doing the paintings themselves, and his arms flail about immediately, responding to their thoughts.

Confounding the mind yet more, Gasparetto developed the ability to create two paintings simultaneously, one with the left hand and one with the right, both of which are signed by different famous masters. In 1974 Gasparetto’s spirit guides insisted that he begin ballet lessons. He was a bit disconcerted, as he had displayed no interest in or talent for dance. But he complied, and the following year, during one of his trance paintings, he rolled up his pants legs and began painting with his feet. Within minutes, he produced a wonderful painting of a young woman signed by Renoir. With this newly developed talent he could now paint three canvases simultaneously.

Gasparetto claims he paints with such fervor because the paintings have already been completed in the spirit world—his movements are driven by the thoughts of a master painter as he reproduces the original by following the template design. Some might suggest that Gasparetto’s strange gift is just a queer phenomenon having no more significance than the autistic behavior of the idiot savant. But Gasparetto says that during a painting session, a window opens between the two worlds through which spiritual healing energy flows, bringing physical and spiritual healing to those present. To Gasparettto this process alone justifies the phenomenon no matter what its true source.