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By ZaKaiRan

We have an extremely delicate and sensitive electrical system, which is easily affected by the many electromagnetic frequencies we are surrounded by and which penetrate our bodies daily. Most people don’t think about this fact, they somehow think that these frequencies that are being sent all around the planet, somehow magically find their way to our phones, TVs and radios without even touching us. And because we are so sensitive, our natural electromagnetic energies can easily get out of balance with these high frequencies that we are bombarded with daily. Is there any wonder that most people’s bodies are stressed, have impaired immune systems and develop cancer and other diseases.

The mineralized water within our bodies is an excellent conductor of electrical energy. It is supposed to be, because we are electromagnetic beings. We are an embodiment of the masculine (electric) and feminine (magnetic) energies. So we are very efficient conductors of electrical frequencies. You can see this fact by unplugging your antenna from your TV and using yourself to complete the connection, the reception will improve as the TV uses you as a wire.

So we have a tendency to not only conduct, but absorb these frequencies, which in the short term, affects us by stressing our delicate energy fields and internal electromagnetic wiring, keeping us vibrating at unhealthy imbalanced frequencies, which keeps us from being able to elevate ourselves above a basic survival orientation. This can create long term and life threatening physical as well as spiritual problems because of the inability to stabilize one’s vibration, energy fields and maintain a healthy, compassionate and loving, heart & brain wave state.

The most common forms of energies that we are affected by are electromagnetic in nature, they are: EMF (Electromagnetic Fields), EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation), Geopathic energies, non-ionizing (non-lethal) radiation and ionizing (lethal) radiation. All of which are potentially harmful to our physical and energetic health. Especially debilitating is Ionizing radiation (X-rays, Gamma rays…), which can be strong enough to break down the atoms in your body.

EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) are low frequency electric and magnetic fields radiating from alternating electrical current (AC) wiring and electrical appliances.

EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) is high frequency waves of electrical and magnetic energy moving through space, from radar, radio and TV towers, cell/mobile phone towers (microwaves), high tension powerlines…

EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) & Electricity

Prior to 1980, the Schumann Resonance or pulse (heartbeat) of the Earth typically vibrated at 7.83 Hertz (cycles per second). Since then, this heart rate has been slowly rising and is now at 16 Hz (2006). So bearing this range in mind, if we want to vibrate in tune with the earth, then we must do our best to stay around 16 Hz. Our normal functioning brain wave cycle is Beta 13-22 Hz. Meditative brain wave cycle is Alpha 8-12 Hz. Advanced meditative brain wave cycle is Theta 4.8 Hz. Sleep state is Delta .4 Hz. The Alpha brain wave state should be sought periodically during the day for balance and de-stressification, 8-12 Hz is a more calm and serene state. Anything above the normal functional state of 13-22 Hz, is progressively stressful and more debilitating to our energy fields and dangerous to our health. The higher the frequency, the more dangerous its effects upon our auto-immune systems and central nervous systems.

The alternating current (AC) electricity that we use today is highly chaotic in nature. Standard AC vibrates at 50 cycles per second. So you can see that 50 Hz electricity is not in synchrony with the frequency of the earth and our bodies. It is especially debilitating to our hearts. And geopathic stress can peak as high as 250 Hz.

Nicola Tesla, who invented alternating current, later apologized with huge regret, when he realized the debilitating nature of 50 cycles per second electrical current, and wanted the entire operation scrapped. Nikola Tesla invented countless inventions and technologies, many of which the secret governments have abused. Regardless, Nikola Tesla’s sole/soul interest was the liberation of humanity, which included the provision of “free energies”, that were not transported through wires.

With the proper funding and research, we could have had, and can have, an electrical frequency that is more conducive to optimum health, and doesn’t cost us anything. But certain powers did not want Tesla to release this type of technology, (because you can’t make money from free energy), and they certainly did not want him to notify the president and the people that 50 Hz alternating current was harmful to our health, so he was killed for it. But luckily, just prior to his death, Tesla passed on the technology to counteract the biological effects of alternating current to Ralph Bergstressor, a young physicist in the Air Force, which was later developed into “Tesla’s Innovational Technologies” (

Electrical and Magnetic Fields

Electric power is created by the push and pull of tiny particles, which have electrical charges. Negatively charged particles are called ‘electrons’; positively charged particles are called ‘protons’. Voltage is the potential energy of charged atoms called ‘ions’. An electrical generator separates ions into positive and negative groups, then combines them via an electrical (copper) wire. When the two groups mingle, the movement of opposite charges seeking each other produces electrical current along the wire (this current is measured in amps). The flow of electricity along the wire can be likened to the flow of water surging through a garden hose. The voltage is the pressure & the current is the flow. Voltage multiplied by current equals power which is measured in watts.

Whenever an appliance is switched on or electric current flows through a wire, both electric & magnetic fields emanate, called electromagnetic fields (EMF). These fields radiate out at right angles from either the electrical wire or appliance. Magnetic fields are measured in milliGauss (Mg). Magnetic fields are strongest in appliances that are turned on, and of course in high tension power lines.

Magnetic fields can penetrate practically anything, including concrete, brick… and of course, the human body, including our cell walls, which disrupts our fine electrical system. The stronger the current being carried through wiring, or at substations, transformers…, the stronger the radiation. This is why high tension powerlines, which are typically un-insulated wiring, (because it’s cheaper to have live exposed wires rather than insulate them), radiate massive EM Fields. The high degree of these fields is easily seen by standing below high tension power lines with a fluorescent tube at night, and seeing it light up as brightly as if it was connected to a light fixture. It can also be experienced easily by parking your car under high tension power lines and noticing the high amount of static electricity your car builds up. Not to mention, if you are sensitive enough, to just experience the effect upon your body.

The EM fields emanating from high tension power lines and step down transformers can carry from 33,000 to 400,000 volts or more. And even in our neighborhoods, powerlines can be carrying from 11,000 to 22,000 volts.

People living near high tension power lines commonly complain of: perpetually lacking energy, nauseousness, dizziness, asthma, perpetually feeling stressed. In 1979, American researcher Nancy Wertheimer found a significant increase in childhood leukemia of children who lived nearest to step down transformers.

Safe levels of Electromagnetic Frequencies in Electricity, Who's Right?

You do the comparison. Here are the governmental standards for the allowable “safe” output of EMF’s from electrical equipment. (Measured in milliGauss (mG), at a distance of 30 centimetres from the equipment):

Russian Safety Standard - 1.5 mG (milliGauss)
Swedish Safety Standard - 2.5 mG (milliGauss)
Australian/US Safety Standard - 1000-5000 mG (milliGauss)

Dr. Soma Sarka, India. ...Found that exposing mice to the same "safe" levels of EM radiation caused a "rearrangement" of the DNA in their brains and testes...(ibid).

"...the investigation found (enough) evidence of a causal link between EMF's in domestic situations and the incidence of cancers, particular in children, to recommend that EMF's should be included on the list of class 81 carcinogens"... (American EPA internal report 1990 titled, ‘Evaluation of the Potential Carcinogenicity of Electromagnetic fields’).

"…the causal link between electromagnetic fields and cancer has been convincingly demonstrated... "... (Swiss Federal department of the Environment report on biological effects of 50Hz alternating current AC, 1994).

Radio Frequency Energy
(Radio/TV Waves, Mobile/Cell Phones, Radar…)

Radio waves or Radio Frequency (RF) Energy has frequencies or wavelengths that can range from 3000 cycles per second (3 KHz), to 300 billion Hz (300 GHz). Mobile Phone radio frequencies (microwaves), have frequencies ranging from around 300 million waves per second (300 MHz) to three billion waves per second (3 GHz). Mobile Phones send and receive frequencies ranging from 800-900 megahertz. Portable phones use radio frequency signals in the 1,850-1,990 megahertz portion of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum.

Our bodies reach peak absorption when we get into the ultra-high frequency (UHF) ranges, which is where TV/radio and mobile phone transmissions occur. The government “scientific” standards in the US and Australia, for the “safe” transmission of these frequencies, are based on thermal effect, (the frequency’s ability to heat tissue), the same way a microwave oven cooks food. In other words, “if it doesn’t cook you, then it must be safe”. Hello, is anyone home?!?! Microwaves are what cooks food in microwave ovens.

"Australian standards (AS 2772) governing mobile base stations is inadequate because it protects the public from heating associated with radiation and not with the more subtle biological effects that are indicated by present research" Dr. Cherry (1995 NZ). The New Zealand Education Dept has decided not to allow mobile phone towers to be situated near schools, as a result of the work of Dr. Neil Cherry.

Mobile phones are literally frying people’s brains. Driving with mobile phones is especially dangerous. Not necessarily because of the distraction, but because brain function is impaired greatly while talking with a mobile phone next to you head.

Dr. Neil Cherry (Lincoln University in Christ Church NZ), has measured accelerated aging, increased cell death and cancers caused by radio frequency microwaves from mobile phone towers. And wards that headaches, fatigue, lethargy, nausea, dizziness, depression, arteriosclerosis, cardiac problems (heart disease), and even Alzheimer’s can result from frequent or prolonged calls on mobile phones. They can also cause mineral and hormone (calcium, serotonin…) imbalances resulting in depression, anger and even suicide.

George Carlo, (a public health scientist), found that rare tumours on the outside of the brain, have doubled among mobile phone users, particularly on the right side of the brain where phones are usually held.

N. Pearce found that Electrical workers in New Zealand had a higher incidence of leukemia, particularly those who were exposed to radio frequency radiation in their work repairing radio or television... (N. Pearce et al, Case Control Studies of Cancer in New Zealand Electrical Workers. International Journal of Epidemiology Vol 18, No 1. 1989, pp 55-9)

Dr. Bruce Hocking conducted a health study in a 4km zone surrounding Sydney (Australia) TV towers. Dr. Hocking found that children living within a 4km radius of television towers had a 60% higher incidence of leukemia than children who lived further from the towers and there was a far greater risk of dying from the disease. Dr Hocking also found a slightly increased rate of adult cancer in the study area than beyond it.

In Sept. 2004, 11 school children on the south coast of England, suddenly and simultaneously developed nosebleeds and nausea, for no apparent reason. The school later discovered that that very morning, a new installed mobile-phone tower, that was installed only 750 meters away from the school, had just been switched on. Need I say more?

Ionizing Radiation

The most prevalent ionizing radiation exposure that we can encounter today comes from X-rays. Ionizing radiation can be potentially lethal. “…When an X-ray hits an atom, it can knock electrons off the atom to create an ion, an electrically-charged atom. Free electrons then collide with other atoms to create more ions. An ion's electrical charge can lead to unnatural chemical reactions inside cells. Among other things, the charge can break DNA chains. A cell with a broken strand of DNA will either die or the DNA will develop a mutation. If a lot of cells die, the body can develop various diseases. If the DNA mutates, a cell may become cancerous, and this cancer may spread. If the mutation is in a sperm or an egg cell, it may lead to birth defects. Because of all these risks, doctors use X-rays sparingly today”. (Information courtesy of ‘How Stuff Works’:

Geopathic Energies (GeoPathic Stress)

The earth is a living creature, and has many geo-electromagnetic energies and fields. As we become more in tune with mother earth and the land, we are becoming more aware of these energies, many of which can be stressful to our energy fields. So we should be more respectful of them and know where to place ourselves on the planet for optimum health and earth synchrony.

The origin of the word ‘Geo-Pathic’ is derived from Geo (earth) & Pathogenic (to create illness). Or in other words, negative effects that can arise from exposure to the energies emanating from the earth. Geopathic stress can occur from Ley lines, and other natural energies that arise from the earth that get distorted because of weak electro-magnetic fields created by subterranean water ways, mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. Also from underground waterways that have picked up EMR as it travels under high tension powerlines/mobile phone towers...

Other forms of Geopathic stress are due to earth abuse (deforestation, pollution…), and old energies that are stuck on the land due to massacres, wars…

Ley lines are natural lines of energy that travel across the globe, that can be stressful due to their high energy, and pick up toxic energies, including EMR, nuclear radiation and other energies. Many of these lines and intersecting lines are extremely powerful energy zones, often marking sacred sites, and vortexes (dimensional spiraling energies). The word ‘Ley’ is similar to the word ‘light’ and the middle English word ‘lea’ meaning “pasture land, a meadow which is open to the sun and therefore, often drenched with light”. These ley lines, mark the “ley of the land”, or describe cosmic roadways that ancient people would have traveled upon. These lines are the earth’s energy or meridian system. And Vortexes are essentially the earth’s acupuncture points.

Ley lines (aka “Dragon lines, Michael and Mary lines, Song lines…”), emanate from within the earth and vary in width from 1.75 meters (5.5’) wide, (the width of the Roman roads) and are approximately 5.75 Km (3 miles) apart. The smaller “Hartman lines”, run north/south and are 7.5cm (8”) wide and about 1.75 meters (6’) apart. The “curry lines”, run northeast/southwest and are narrower, carrying considerably less energy than the “Hartman” lines.

Hartman lines are named after a German MD by the name of Ernst Hartman, who in 1950, pioneered the field of Geo-Biology (the study of how the earth affects our health). Especially significant to their studies, was the necessity to not have one’s bed placed over Ley lines, vortexes and underground waterways. Ley lines aren’t necessarily damaging, but they are highly charged, so you don’t want to sleep over them when you need to be able to relax.

You absolutely do not want to live on or near vortexes. Vortexes are sacred spaces, to be used for meetings and ceremonies only. (In northern Queensland Australia, a woman slept over a vortex during her pregnancy, when the baby was born, it’s umbilical cord was wrapped around it’s neck 7 times. Underground waterways would not normally affect us negatively, but they often run under high tension power lines and pick up high amounts of EMR, which radiates up into our homes and on to our lands, affecting trees, plants and animals.

Signs of Geopathic stress: Loss of physical strength, chronic fatigue, chronic sickness, sleep difficulties, aching muscles and joints, emotional over-sensitivity, hyperactivity, aggression… and weak immune system. Geopathic stress can also be the cause of high levels of paranormal activity.

Geopathic Stress has been found to be the most common factor in serious & long-term illnesses & some psychological conditions. Scientists at Dulwich Health Society, UK, studied over 25,000 people with ill health & concluded that the following groups are Geopathically Stressed (GS):

100% of people who get secondary cancer.
95% of people who get cancer.
95% of children with hyperactivity etc.
95% of people who develop AIDS.
80% of parents/caregivers who abuse children.
80% of people who get divorced.
80% of couples unable to have babies.
80% of women who have a miscarriage.
80% of babies who died of Cot Death.
70% of M.E. (Post Viral Fatigue) sufferers.
70% of people who are allergic to food/drink.

In other studies doctors in Europe, who between them have investigated over 10,000 cancer patients, found 92% were living in a Geopathically stressed environment. Geopathic Stress does not CAUSE any illness, but lowers your immune system & your ability to fight off viruses & bacteria. It is a weak, but continuous stress on the DNA. Over a period of years it seriously disrupts metabolism on a molecular scale. The most common indication of Geopathic Stress is resistance to treatment (either conventional or alternative).

How to Protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMR/EMF…

The general rule for safe energy balance and maintenance is, ‘if it’s natural, then you are safe’. “If it’s man-made, watch out!” Aside from making sure not to live in high geopathic stress zones and doing your best to stay in energetically healthy environments, unless you live in the bush, in a cave, off of the grid…, electromagnetic frequencies and radiation are unavoidable, especially if you have to spend any time in front of computers, work in metal buildings loaded with electricity, computers, etc., be around power lines, cell/mobile phone towers, using portable phones, mobile phones…. You will need to harmonize these frequencies (EMR/EMF…) and energize your energy bodies and immune system with the use of Tesla’s Energy Harmonizers, ( Sacred Geometry, crystals (Iron Pyrite, Tourmilated Clear Quarts…), Slim Spurling’s Energy Harmonizers, or other means, and clear the radiation that you have absorbed from your energy fields with the use of toning, invoking the Violet Flame, pranic clearing/healing…, smudging or other healing techniques.

Another excellent aid is utilizing the Flower of Life, bringing a Flower of Life through your body or energies to clear your energies. Wearing the Flower of Life as energizing jewelry, energizing water with a picture of the FOL… The Flower of Life is also excellent to deal with geopathic stress energies. Bring a Flower of Life up from the earth to balance out the debilitating energies. Offer this FoL to the Devas of the land to help them clear these energies. (See Christian Hummel link below for more information).

I highly recommend getting yourself a ‘Personal Pendant’, which constantly attracts Prana (chi, life-force, tachyon…) energy to your thymus gland, which energizes and strengthens your immune system in general, but also so that you are able to withstand the pressures of EMR/EMF. There are various sizes and strengths available for adults, teens, kids, babies and even for pets. As you can image, my energy bodies are extremely sensitive. Aside from the daily bombardment I receive from being around electricity and computers every day, I receive a constant download of Light, all of which can take their tole upon my energy bodies, physical electrical system and immune system. Prior to purchasing my personal pendant, I had fairly regular physical difficulties (sciatica, sinusitis, throat problems, muscle soreness…). I had to regularly receive Japanese acupuncture treatments to rebalance my energies and boost my immune system. But since getting my personal pendant and incorporating the other technologies, I rarely need an acupuncture boost. As soon as I put on my personal pendant, I could feel it energizing my Thymus, it is amazing and easily felt. During sessions, I am almost always guided to recommend to the client to obtain a personal pendant to maintain balance in their energy bodies and help them more easily be able to deal with this chaotic world.

I highly recommend that you protect yourself from the debilitating effects of portable phones and mobile/cell phones, by outfitting them with a “Phone Tag”, (There are many other mobile phone protection devices out there on the market, many of which I have tested with kinesiology. Some are affective to a certain degree, while others wear out eventually. None of these that I have tested are as affective as “Tesla’s phone tag”).

And don’t even think about cooking your food with a microwave. Everyone knows, or should know, not to stand near microwave ovens while cooking. The microwave oven was invented for military use and the debilitating affects of eating microwaved foods are countless. In Russia, the microwave has been banned because they know how toxic they are. The Swiss, Russian and German science community have determined that eating food heated from a microwave oven causes long-term permanent brain damage.

Teslas Energy Harmonizing Discs, ( for relieving the debilitating effects of Geopathic stress and the “Electron Stabilizer” for stabilizing the chaotic nature of alternating current in your house, there are other ways to clear this radiation and keep your body and house clear of EMR.

Sacred geometry is also excellent for both energy maintenance, protection and clearing. I have geo-jewelry on my website that is also excellent for keeping your body and energy fields in alignment around EMR fields and other energies, and for aligning your energies to Sacred Geometry
and Creation Alchemy (Link below). You can also put an active electrical cord through a CubeOctahedron, which is somewhat affective to stabilize electricity.

To protect yourself from computer radiation, if you have not already, get rid of your old cathode ray screen and get a flat screen. Additionally, there is a ‘Computer Disc’ to harmonize any remaining energies, which are also taken care of with the “Electron Stabilizer”. Additionally, wearing a ‘Personal Pendant, and/or a ‘Tantric Star’ (double Star Tetrahedron, with an Octahedron inside), an Octahedron, or ‘Heart Star’, is beneficial to help your body stay energized and deal with radiation. You can also put tumbled tourmilated clear quartz stones (clear quarts with black tourmaline within), tacked around your screen. And/or put a big one in front of the screen. You can also get a big Amethyst crystal to keep you focused while working.

You can test the effectiveness of all of these and other technologies with the use of kinesiology, by asking your body if you are being affected by EMR/EMF, Geopathic Stress…, and how affective certain technologies are at alleviating their affects. Or you can have someone who is experienced at muscle testing to test you to see if your energies are weak, say if you use a mobile phone, and if you have a mobile phone tag or other protection device, to see if your energies are stronger with the use of the technology. Similarly, you can even ask your body if a certain technology, say a personal pendant, if it will help your immune system and help maintain your vibration around EMR/EMF…

A very basic self muscle test is to put your left index and thumb fingers together. Now connect your right index and thumb inside the hole you have created with the left hand. Now hold the left tight while you test an energy affect, or ask a question…, by trying to pull your right fingers through the tips of your left, pulling them apart. Another similar method is to try to push your left ones apart by spreading your right finger and thumb apart.

For example, test the affect of your mobile/cell phone by turning it on and putting it near your body. If you can pull the fingers through fairly easily, or push them apart, then your energies are weakened by the phone... Another test is to look at a high tension wire or even your television, and do a test to see if you are strong or weak. And you can ask if a certain technology will help your energies… Or you can ask your body questions, if the answer is yes, you will be strong; no, you will be weak… Pendulums are also excellent.

I recommend taking at least a basic muscle testing (kinesiology) course, so that you can test yourself and others on basic levels. In general, kinesiology is quite accurate, but a more complex knowledge of kinesiology is needed to test some people who’s energies are switched or have other imbalances in their energy fields.


You can dowse your house and the land around your house for Geopathic energies. You especially do not want any under your bed or near where you sleep, so make sure you are not sleeping near electromagnetic fields coming from electric wires in the wall or on top of Leylines, water-ways... Turn off all appliances around your bed, and if possible, turn the power off by flipping off the breaker to the power in your bedroom. Or obtain an “Electrical Harmonizer”.

If you have underground waterways, Ley lines, Hartman lines, vortexes… running through your house, or radiation coming from power lines, TV/radio/mobile phone towers, a Tesla “House Plate” will take care of these energies. Additionally, you can also get assistance from the Devas and Faerys to take care of these energies and redirect the harmful affects around your house. Using Toning/Light-Language, setting up columns…, is also helpful. Putting your Doody, urine and menstrual blood on the land around your property is also a wonderful gift for the land and is also an energy column creator/maintainer, excellent for energy protection. This action is utilizing energy alchemy which basically states, “this is my sacred space, all negative energies are not allowed here.” (Please see my related article, “God-Goddess Alchemy”.

Dowsing rods are easy to make. Just find two old wire coat hangers, cut bend… so there is a shorter bit to hold inside your hand, and a longer bit, about a 36cm/14” long. You can also put the handles in two empty pens or small copper tubes, cut to size. Begin by tapping your high-heart/thymus chakra (just above your sternum on your chest) 4-5 times, (men using right hand, women using left). This corrects the polarity of the body if it is out of balance, and facilitates proper connection for guidance. It is also excellent to stimulate the immune system. Also make sure you are hydrated well. Hold the dowsing rods loosely, straight out so they will move forward and back easily without flopping forward or back. Ask your dowsing rods to please check for electricity, geopathic stress, ley lines, underground water…, or whatever you want it to check for and tell the rods to cross when you hit these energies. If you are sensitive enough, you can also just use your own sensitivity and your hands as dowsing rods. Now walk towards the area you are checking. Your rods will cross as soon as they hit the energy zone. You will be able to see the width and direction of Ley lines, waterways, vortexes…

Infinite Blessings of Divine Health, Vitality, Prosperity and Divinity!


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For the relief of the effects of EMR/EMF and Geopathic Stress, check out:
Teslas Energy Harmonizers - which attract and transmit Photonic/Tachyon/Life-Force… energy, which strengthens the aura, thymus and immune system, raising one’s vibration, and negate the negative effects from EMF, EMR & Geopathic Stress (ElectroMagnetic Frequencies & Radiation), from electricity, computers, mobile phones, power-lines, underground water, leylines…

Phone Tags (mobile/cell phone &cordless phone protection)

The Phone Tag is used for altering the frequencies from chaotic to coherent, that are coming to & from mobile/cell & cordless phones, small beeper systems, and other hand-held electrical devices… EM, Microwave fields & EM radio frequencies are believed to cause negative bio-energy effects.

Treating a mobile phone with a Phone Tag renders it biologically harmonious to the user & anyone nearby. The microwave/radio frequencies that radiate from the phone have been tested in Europe & found to affect people biologically up to 9 metres (29ft) away. There have been hundreds of tests done all over the world showing the harmful effects of mobile phone

Aura Photos of the Effects of Tesla Products:

The technology for Teslas Innovational Technologies was created by Nicola Tesla, the discover of alternating current, who realized the damage that 50 hertz (cycles per second), alternating current electricity, was going to have on our bodies. When he realized this, he wanted 50 hertz electricity repealed, and was on a charge to facilitate this, but the business men were already making a fortune, and would not stand for this, and had him killed. Luckily, he created this technology to offset the damage, and prior to his death, passed the plans on to Ralph Bergstressor. Eventually this technology, was perfected and produced by Teslas Innovational Technologies, using titanium discs as the carrier for the photonic and life-force energy that harmonizes EMR/EMF and Geo-pathic stress, so that our bodies are not affected negatively, but positively from these plates.

For more information about Nikola Tesla

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Christian Hummel (Geo-Biology) -

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