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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang gabi! Good evening!

False prophets have suddenly cropped up like gazillions of mushrooms during the past decades. They comprise a class of Terrans which humanity was forewarned about by Master John the Beloved 2,000 years ago. The ‘false’ signifies the deceptions and delusions of this class of clairvoyants, so let us try to understand them on the basis of Theos Sophia or divine wisdom.

In the Letters of Mahatmas to A.Sinett, even before elucidating on the septenary law and other universal laws, the mahatmas—Master-Adepts of the spiritual Brotherhood—already elaborated about Spiritualism, as the phenomenon was called in the 19th century. Spiritualism refers to spiritist mediumship, a craft that arises out of a persons partially activated Astral Body even while s/he is in wakened state. Up until the end of the Letters, the mahatmas kept on elucidating on Spiritualism, with precautions that are akin to John the Beloved’s apocalyptic forewarnings.

The spiritist medium is capable supposedly of summoning dead spirits of relatives who can then talk to their grieving kins before they move to their next existential station. In the 19th century, Spiritualism became a fad and bordered craze, so that even Initiates and scientists alike were challenged to study the phenomenon and infer what can come out from the studies.

The Astral Body is the seat of emotions, feelings, and extrasensory perception called 3rd Eye. This was the very body, together with the traits it engendered, that was developed by the 3rd ‘root race’ of Lemurians. While the Lemurians were a bit more mentally alert than their predecessor races, their minds were feeble compared to the 5th ‘root race’ of Aryans that is our predominant race today.

Remember that the Law of Evolution is very particular about the movement of races, on a cyclical pattern, towards more advanced phases across time. Each ‘root race’ has its own subphase of descent from a purer form, down to physical perfection or so of the middle family races, till the latter races degenerate into Absolute Evil, after which their phase out will be undertaken by the One Universal Principle in execution of the law of balance.

The Lemurian (3rd ‘root race’) and Atlantean (4th ‘root race’) races reached their heydays and have already degenerated, and so the universal law is exact or precise concerning what will happen to them: they were deprogrammed and replaced by their respective succeeding races. Such is what befell both races, as the Aryan was bred to replace the Atlantean. The Aryan races are now on the degenerate phase of Absolute Evil, and so it isn’t difficult to forecast the deprogramming of these races that will take place very soon.

However, there are traits from the past that could move on to the present family sub-races, such as those astral endowments of the 3rd root race. As we are still in the descending arc of the 5th root race, we experience the Kali Yuga phase, with Fallen Ones influencing thoughts of the uninitiated at the astral level. Thus, Evil Masters and minions can disguise as Ascended Masters, Avatars, Archangels, and what-have-you among those beguiled, delusional channelers who are psychically endowed spiritists in reality.

Mahatma Kooth Hoomi was very precise in his identifications of the entities that guile Spiritualists, as follows: elementaries, asuras, incubus/succubus, demons, and spirits of dead animals. Even the spirits of dead animals, acting as group, can communicate with the Spritualists and disguise as dead relatives or whatever. Elementaries are astral shells left by the departed ones; asuras, those of negative elementals; and, incubi/succubi, those people who were Desire-driven and so attached to profane life.

The same entities, notably the elementaries and asuras, normally present themselves as Inner Guides or ‘guardian angels’. The mahatmas were very clear about the matter.

As the 4th Evolutionary Round ends, during the ascension phase of the last subraces of the 7th root race, there will be a brief nirvana state unto the remaining humans. At that state alone, those who are fixated to the lower faculties, notably to the astral or Desire seat, will perish. Upon the start of the 5th Evolutionary Round, the likes of Plato as exemplar of humans will be the average man (thinking being), and the population drastically reduced.

[Philippines, 02 May 2011]
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