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The Crystalline Body

In the human body model of 3D there is a brain and heart, energy centers called chakras, organs, muscles, bone, infrastructure and this is all connected by a tube system-arteries, veins, lymph and nervous system. In the old system, energy was filtered through the chakra system. It was easy for the chakras to be influenced by exterior stimuli and they would need frequent realignments, or recalibration. It was easy to upset the balance in the system. It was easy to fall into ill health. There were vulnerabilities, this allowed advanced implants and other things to create blocks and imprison the light from entering the body.

Now that the Earth has fired up the connections in the Emerald Crystal Veins and Selenite crystalline grids, there is energy pulsing directly to Gaia, through the golden crystal and out to all energy points on the Grid. This results in a circuit of energy circulating back out to the Central Sun. This pulsing is an infinite track, and cycles or pulses out as a heartbeat to Source. This connects us directly to infinite love from Source. It is this love that is pulsing to the Earth. This love from Source, in Higher doses, directly coming to us, is transforming every Creation on Earth. Everything is being effected down to the cellular structure.

Our bodies are also receiving High energy directly from the Central Sun. This is causing our bodies to transmutate. The energy from the Central Sun is causing a fission in our cells in our bodies. This fission is a mini nuclear transmutation. What once was sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, and others is switching from alkali metals to liquids, synthetics, such as halogens, and noble gases. Our base substance is evolving elements. Our atoms, forming our bodies, are now made of other elements. The Cosmic Rays bombarding our Planet and Bodies are also made up of these new elements. Everything in the Universe is in a reciprocal recombination. The old base atoms are combining in new ways. The genetic makeup of these atoms are changing at the level of cellular division. New cellular pathways are being formed. It is this reforming of the cell that is changing the body over from being a dense metal to being liquid light. Liquid light does not carry disease. Liquid Light does not die, it is immortal. Liquid Light vibrates faster and exists in Higher Dimensions. Those not ascending, by choice, move to an environment which can support their metallic based body structure, a place like Herculobus. Those choosing ascension will experience the transmutation into a crystalline liquid light body structure.

The transference of the body into crystalline looks and acts differently than our old body template. Now there is a central shaft running from the crown opening at the top of the head, down to the opening at the bottom of the base chakra at the perineum. This shaft is a transducer. It receives and transmits light and love frequencies. This shaft is the central core of which every grid line of energetic pathway in the human body exits from and enters to. It is like a rail system in the body. The infrastructure is made of pure golden light, in which all colors are possible. The crystalline atom structure transmutes the light out to the body, around the body, and back to the core shaft. There no longer is waste. All things no longer needed by the body exit out of the body, through the shaft, and become more light. It is returned to creation. Now energy, instead of pulsing through the dense energy centers, rides up and down the central core shaft. It pulses through the energy centers, as before, but now is refined light. The vector for this light is love and it is what we refer to as The Source, OR The Force. This is the light love energy that connects everything to All That Is. In this model disease no longer exists. In this model, bodies can no longer be controlled by implants, chemical mind control, or other means, as in the past. Surgeries will evolve to being Light Surgeries.

The body will be capable of more now. There will be fewer limitations on what we can do. We will have the adept abilities we have only dreamt of until now. Telekinesis, levitation, teleportation, resonate telepathy. All of this is on the level of light transference. We now have the body to accomplish these, and more. Every point on the grid, that which now acupuncturists access with needles, is an energy exchange point. The light love force energy pulsates through these points of entry, these portals, through the body. Healing now means accessing these light grids and keeping them flowing in harmony with everything else. Light healing techniques will be predominate.

How does this interface with positronic antimatter? What is the interface between matter and antimatter in the new crystalline structure.

The brain inside the new crystalline structure has no limitations as it interfaces with the intelligence of All That Is. The new crystalline brain is positronic and etheric. The antimatter light transference connects at the portal energy points to the matter parts of our bodies in a holographic representation which still appears to be solid, but in no way is. It is like a grid lattice of light, and at each connection is a portal which transfers light, in an event, from matter to antimatter, in an instant.

With the positronic etheric brain I am seeing 144 grid points. How do we ground with the Earth? Through the grid points, or the column?

There is a superconscious connection from the crystalline brain, through the Cosmic Light Body, the crystalline body structure. There still exists an emotional body, mental body, auric body, etheric body, and God Blueprint body. These bodies can come out of harmony, the can experience traumas. We become one with our environment as the central column transmits and receives the Force, through the shaft. We ground into the Core Earth as well as the Core Milky Way. It is through the Earth Grids and the Universal Grids we are grounded. When we are done with one life experience, we will not "die". We will shed off the matter part of the body and travel as a light body to another location on the Grid. Practicing the adept abilities is by having the matter parts of the body coordinating with the antimatter parts.

Is there a Cosmic Anatomy, like the Cosmic Pineal which has locus on the Cosmic and Celestial levels and is there a critical mass which precipitates Cosmic Ascension? Will these become integrated or buffered? This has to do with the human galactic and angelic interfacing at octave levels?

There is a critical mass for the crystalline model to be adopted. This has been achieved. All will have the crystalline model now, all who chose to remain on the ascended Earth. There is a buffering of energy and each person receives, at the perfect time for them, according to their own individual choice, how much and what they will receive. This goes back to the Universal Law: You must ask, you must allow.