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                             I share this Teaching from Djwal Khul, the Tibetan Master  

Beloved ones who stand to make the human aura congruent with the Divine:-

Understand that there are surrounding the body of man concentric forcefields as envelopes within envelopes; these are energy molds that determine the quotient of light that can be contained within the human aura.  Just as the causal body consists of spheres of light surrounding the Presence, each sphere noted by a certain frequency depicted as a ring of color, so around the body of man, lines of flux indicate layers of frequencies which can be magnetized as you expand your awareness of God.

Beginning at the point in the center of the heart, concentric rings of fire can be expanded in the aura of the initiate who pursues the Presence of the Flaming One. As the I AM Presence releases the light of God in man, these energies expand outward from the heart in ever-expanding rings like those that form when a pebble is thrown into a pond. The soul that descends into the planes of Matter has then the potential to be a point of contact for solar hierarchies; for inherent within the soul's own energy field are the electronic matrices that enable it to become a center for the distribution of the light that is needed to nourish and sustain a planet and its evolutions.


Sitting in meditation, visualize these concentric rings of light emanating from the center of your heart and realize that each successive attainment in cosmic consciousness anchors the light within your aura. The layers of the aura that are filled with light mark the levels of initiation - of the neophyte, the postulant, the acolyte, the disciple, the adept, and so on in the hierarchical scale. When each layer is filled with light and the soul moves in its expanding self-awareness to the point where it magnetizes more light than the capacity of the layers, the aura is translated from the human to that of the divine; and it is not long before the soul is elevated in its expression from the planes of Matter to the planes of Spirit - for the world can no longer contain it.

As you increase the intensity of the aura through meditation and application of the sacred fire by giving mantras of the Spirit such as the Transfiguring Affirmations of Jesus the Christ, which he taught to his disciples, you not only increase the dimensions of your aura in time and space, but you find that your aura becomes a means of communicating with new dimensions of the Spirit even while it transports your soul into higher frequencies of Matter.

Whereas your communication with beings and energies in the planes of Spirit may occur in periods of meditation and invocation, soul travel occurs most often while your body temple is at rest during the hours of sleep.  For, you see, the aura that you build as a reflection of your awareness of God in many planes surrounds not only the physical form, but also the etheric, mental, and emotional vehicles. The aura then serves as the forcefield of light that has been called, the seamless garment. This garment adorns the etheric body as that body becomes the vehicle of the soul in its journeying in other octaves of Matter.


To develop the aura, then, is to prepare the place of consciousness where, by the law of congruency, you can receive here and now in the planes of Matter those ascended masters and Christed ones whose light bodies will mesh with your own because your aura has taken on and become the frequency of the Holy Spirit that is individualized by various members of the Great White Brotherhood. To be sure, it is the dimensions of life with which you identify whereby the attainment of your cosmic consciousness is measured.

The action of the law of congruency is indeed wondrous to behold ! As the magnet of the heart in its rising action is the equilateral triangle that compels the descent of the triangle of Spirit, so that very six-pointed star will magnetize to your heart an identical momentum of light that is held in the heart of one or more ascended beings. 
(I will continue this Teaching in another post.)


                                                              The Inter-laced Triangles in the Flower of Life
                               The Inter-laced Trianges represent the human soul reaching up to Godhood,
                                                                  and Godhood reaching down to meet it.
                                                              This is a simpler form of explanation, only !
                                                                                         Namaste  ~