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       ~**~   As soon as you honor the present moment, all unhappiness and struggle dissolve, and life
begins to flow with joy and ease.   When you act out of present-moment awareness, whatever you do
becomes imbued with a sense of quality, care, and love  -  even the most simple action.
So do not be concerned with the fruit of your action  -  just give attention to the action itself.  The fruit will
come of itw own accord.  This is a powerful spiritual practice.  In the Bhagavad Gita, one of the oldest
and most beautiful spiritual teachings in existence, non-attachment to the fruit of your action is called
Karma Yoga.    It is described as the path of  "consecrated action. "

       ~**~   When the compulsive striving away from the Now ceases, the joy of Being flows into everything 
you do.  The moment your attention turns to the Now, you feel a presence, a stillness, a peace.
You no longer depend on the future for fulfillment and satisfaction  -  you don't look to it for salvation.
Therefore, you are not attached to the results.  Neither failure nor success has the power to change your
inner state of Being.   You have found the life underneath your life situation.

       ~**~   In the absence of psychological time, your sense of self is derived from Being, not from your
personal past.   Therefore, the psychological need to become anything other than who you already are
is no longer there.    In the world, on the level of your life situation, you may indeed become wealthy,
knowledgeable, successful, free of this or that, but in the deeper dimension of Being you are complete
and whole now.   ~**~       ~  The Power of Now   by   Eckhart Tolle  ~


                                                     ~          KARMA    YOGA          ~

       ~**~   Karma Yogs basically consists of entirely selfless service, where the ego is given up
to the desire to serve the divine in every thing, be it man, animal, plant, or an inanimate object.
Karma Yoga is also the path of doing the right thing, following one's personal Dharma, and
accepting destiny as it comes.    If the Karma Yogi is a householder, he would accept that role
as much as he would accept the role of a servant to any in need, without seeking any remuneration
in the shape of wealth, satisfaction, name or fame.    ~**~              ~   ~

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