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Erle Frayne D. Argonza
Brotherhood of Light

08 September 2012

Maluwalhating gabi sa inyo! Pleasant evening to you!

What would be the dominant work paradigm for the immediate future? Ra, messenger & teacher, staff at the Darjeeling Council, forthcoming Guardian, will elucidate on the subject of on the paradigm of WorkLife Balance, as this will be on the ascendant during the New Age of Light.

The New Age of Light, to re-echo, will last a full 21,000 years as we Brothers (masters) already heralded to the public (see Guruji Krishnananda’s past prophecies as messenger). That would be a very long time frame for world planning, but quite short for Divine Planning, so we Brothers will try as much as possible to level off with the Golden Age habitués regarding their expectations and conduct of work planning.

Before I proceed to the nitty gritty aspects of the Sharing Economy, let me pronounce the news that WorkLife Balance will be the dominant paradigm for the Golden Age. This Brother was himself a practitioner of WorkLife Balance as a professional, and so he fully supports advocacies for WorkLife (to shorten the term). For the advocates of WorkLife, it will be the mainstream paradigm, so do re-chart your compass of action in the new context.

The crystalline body of Golden Age Terrans will have very long lifespan, to re-echo. It will need just four (4) hours of sleep per day. Sleep at 1 a.m., wake up at 5 a.m. That would be your routine if you make it ‘up’ there to the 4th Dimension (4th Density + 5th Density).

The body won’t need no further organic inputs or Macrobiotic foods (carbo, protein, fats), as they won’t resonate with the new body. So, the time spent to preparing breakfast will be off. Rather, the short time from waking time to 7 a.m. can be spent on (a) physical exercise regimen (even for just 3 times weekly) and (b) yoga meditation (kriya, raj, agni, whatsoever school you practice).

Work will last for only four (4) hours daily, as the planetary policy will so mandate. You can therefore report by as early as 8 a.m., with the hope that your work area is just walking or levitating the distance to the destination (you can levitate short distances such as a block, train for it and do it).

By 12 p.m, homeward bound will you be. Sleeping hour is a clear 13 hours away yet. How will you productively spend your time?

Well, first of all, it may be time to do some domestic upkeep right after 1 pm (after briefly resting for an hour). Then, by 3 pm, time to be with your tot child who just brought home some take home assignments, or is catching up on certain lessons.

Then, after 5 pm, it would be time for prayers and brief meditation, and then move on to your spiritual readings. There is much time by then for spiritual works, including readings on the wisdom of the masters.

A family time from 7 through 8 pm would be productive too, done in your receiving room or maybe in a family room where there also is audio (stereo) and visual aids (film clips, perhaps an equivalent of television, others). At past 9 pm, the whole family can proceed to the study or library, and spend time reading and some sharing of thoughts.

Children may need a lot of more sleep than adults, so you can do your story telling on your tot by 10 p.m. You and spouse or soulmate can then have time for privacy. It will be up to you two what to do in private. Remember, there’s still 3 hours left to sleeping time.

Just don’t forget to do your last night prayer and meditate again for at least 30 minutes before sleeping time. This would be part of your total meditation time of 1 hour and 15 minutes daily.

Those hours accounted for, you can plan ahead and take up graduate studies and special studies as part of your self-development. There is no more reason for you to be lackadaisical on mental development through advanced studies and readings, as they provide fresh tools for work and expand your access to your manas (concrete mind) and buddhi (abstract mind).

You also have time to meet up your spiritual group every week, do some social service, harbor art hobbies, and conduct related creative works as hobby (not for ‘money’ making as there’s no money in the new economy). Isn’t this situation what you’ve always been dreaming of?

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